Sony announced that the PlayStation VR will release in October 2016 for a recommended retail price of $399. The company said PlayStation VR represents “a transformative experience in gaming, and we wanted to take the time needed to launch with a broad variety of content and a sufficient supply of hardware”. More than 230 developers are currently building content for PlayStation VR – from smaller independent teams to larger studios at the industry’s top publishers. Security researchers have discovered how to remotely unlock hundreds of millions of cars, including almost every car Volkswagen has sold since 1995. By sharing and liking a dubious Facebook post, like the “Two arrested over 80,000 ballot papers” article, you could face legal action for engaging in the “chain of publication”.

Tor has published a Social Contract, in which it sets out its principles and what its goals are. Former Twitter CEO Dick Costolo secretly ordered employees to filter out abusive and hateful replies to President Barack Obama during a Q&A session, reported BuzzFeed. New images have popped up which give the public its first look at many of the monsters from the upcoming Jack Black-starring movie version of the classic Goosebumps series.
Goosebumps Looks Like Scary-Good Fun I’ve been reading the Goosebumps books and watching the old 1990s series with my son lately (it’s on Netflix right now), and they’re both great fun. The movie looks like it will be as well, so look for more on it here as we get closer to its August 7, 2015, release date.

Stine as he must face these creatures as they escape from his books and enter the real world. And yes, they’re being led by old Slappy himself, the ventriloquist dummy from hell… IGN got a first look at the film at Comic-Con over the summer, but now Sony has unleashed the creatures as part of its Create a Meme promotional effort.

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