Function and Range Switch: This switch is used to select the function and desired range as well as to turn the instrument. Open the circuit to be measured and connect probes in series with the load in which current is to be measured.
If the resistor to be measured is connected to a circuit then TURN OFF POWER and discharge all capacitors before measurement.
Determine whether the transistor is NPN or PNP type and locate the Emitter, Base and Collector Leads.
To avoid electrical shock, hazard or damage, do not measure voltage exceeding 1000V or 750V above earth ground. Before using the Multimeter, inspect Test Leads, Connectors and Probes for cracks, breaks or crazes in the insulation. Before attempting to open the case of the Multimeter, be sure to disconnect test leads or probes from any energized electronic circuit to avoid electrical shock. Battery Replacement: If the symbol of battery appears on the display, it indicates that the battery has to be replaced.
Santosh left his job in 2014 and started his own Private Limited Company that deals and supplies PCB Assembly and Rework Tools, Equipment and Consumables.
Hot Air Blower for Mobile Phone Repairing – There are so many Hot Air Blower for Mobile Phone Repairing but which one is the best. Mobile Phone Repairing Tools – Learn about all tools and equipment for mobile phone repairing.
BGA Reballing Kit for Mobile Phone Repairing – These BGA Kits are needed to repair BGA IC on PCB of a Mobile Phone. Hi: I have already explained this in my other articles on How to Repair Mic and How to Repair Speaker. Stabilizing your camera with your elbows, maximizing points of contact, adjusting for vertical shots, controlling your breathing, and modifying your stance are just a few of the ways you can achieve sharper photos without using a tripod.
Apparently, you’re not aware that popups are acts of hostility toward website visitors.
All pieces of advice seem to be correct with the exception of the one when taking a portrait orientation. Celso: I’ve been wondering the same thing as soon as I saw the picture — what is it with so many photographers turning the shutter up in portrait mode? We are always looking for more interesting and insightful photography tips and techniques to share with our readers.
Whether you want to capture friends and relatives making funny faces on Skype, or need accessible photos of online resources or programs, screenshots benefit users in many ways.

Microsoft’s decision to not include a Print Screen key on either its Touch or Type Cover accessories makes taking screenshots less straightforward than on a computer. To take a screenshot, press and hold the Windows icon button located at the bottom of the tablet.
Although we mentioned how the Type and Touch Covers don’t feature a Print Screen key, they do allow you to capture screenshots using a basic button combination. How to use Multimeter to check voltage, Ohms, battery, continuity etc is more or less the same. In order to extend the life of the battery of the Multimeter, this switch must be kept in the “OFF” position when the instrument is not in use. If the voltage to be measured is not known then set the Switch to the highest range and reduce it until satisfactory reading is obtained.
Voltage will appear on the Digital Display of a Digital Multimeter along with voltage polarity.
Insert the leads into the proper holes of the hFE Socket on the Front Panel of the Multimeter.
If the resistance is lower than 100 Ohm then there will be buzzer sound which means that continuity is OK.
Just set the “Range Switch” to RT Position and the present room temperature will be displayed.
Simply take some time to practice these techniques, and they’ll become second nature.
I started my photography training 18 years ago, and I’ve been automatically turning it down right from the start — same as everybody I ever worked with. I too was trained to turn my camera to the right when shooting in portrait orientation (or vertical as we called it). It have what some would call a large nose and you would think that shutter down would be what I naturally default to but after 14 years it is still very uncomfortable.
With a simple press of a computer’s Print Screen key, you essentially have the ability to capture anything and everything occurring on your desktop at once. Despite the fact the fabled Print Screen key didn’t make the jump to tablets during production, most tablets feature their own method for capturing an image of your display, often via a button combination or tool. Instead of using a designated key, you need to perform a simple button combination to execute the command on a Surface. With the Windows button pressed, simultaneously push the lower volume rocker on the side of the Surface.
Clicking New turns your cursor into a set of cross hairs you can then use to create a capture field encompassing the portion of he display you want to capture. Simply drag the resulting cursor over the desired area before releasing it to capture your desired screenshot.

With a Type or Touch Cover attached to your Microsoft Surface, simultaneously press and hold the Fn key, the Windows button, and click the spacebar. Command+Shift+Control+4 — your mouse cursor will become a cross hair, letting you select the region of the screen you want to select.
The only difference is that a digital Multimeter has a digital display of all the readings. The other way forces your arms to rest against your chest which is far more stable than having one of the arms totally hanging in the air!
My nose actually gets in the way sometimes and inadvertently presses buttons on the back of the camera. For Microsoft Surface users, this fact is especially true given there are three separate methods for capturing screenshots of your tablet’s display. At this point you should notice the screen dim, then brighten again as if you took a snapshot with a camera. Once it populates in the search results, you can either left click the icon to open the application on your desktop, or right click the icon to pin the application to your tile menu or taskbar.
You’ll notice the screen dim then brighten again, thus signifying a successful screenshot. An analog Multimeter has a needle-type pointer that moves to a reading while testing any device or electronic component. Whether you’re utilizing a Touch or Type Cover, or use the tablet by itself, our comprehensive walkthrough will have you taking screenshots on your Surface in no time. Once you successfully finish capturing the screenshot, you can view it via the Screenshots folder in your Photos application or within My Pictures folder. To do so, try pressing one the following button combinations after you hit the initial shortcut keys. I remember working for a photo studio a while back and we got a system to take passport pictures where the camera was permanently and in a fixed way attached to a tripod with the the shutter up. I hated it, and after a little while I started to get massive problems with my right shoulder — to the point where I couldn’t lift my arm anymore without pain and I had to see a doctor.

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