Apple’s 6S Plus may have lots of underlying changes, but is more an evolution of the 6 Plus.
Both phones have top-notch build quality, but the iPhone is the more attractive with its softer rounded edges and screen whose edges also curve slightly to meet the edges.
We prefer the button positions on the 6P, with the volume rocker and power next to each other.
While we hate proprietary connectors, Lightning is so common that even if you forget your cable, chances are someone can lend you one. We have yet to properly test the 6P, and certainly not yet under identical conditions to the iPhone. Scroll down, and enter all of the relevant information into the Incoming Mail Server fields. With that in mind, let’s look at price, build and design, screens, connectivity and cameras. So from a design perspective, no-one will know whether you’ve got a 6 Plus or a 6S Plus unless you opt for the new Rose Gold finish. On the iPhone, the power button is directly opposite the volume up button which means you sometimes turn it off when attempting to increase volume or use that button to take a photo.
It will take a while before USB Type C is ubiquitous, but it’s a welcome improvement over microUSB.

The ability to achieve different things depending on how hard you push makes it surprisingly fast to send a message to a favourite contact, or jump straight to selfie mode in the camera app.
The 100 percent sRGB coverage, high brightness, high contrast and wide viewing angles make it a joy to look at photos, watch videos and play games. There’s quite a wow factor associated with combining the 2560x1440 resolution with Super AMOLED technology. Both should deliver decent quality in different light conditions, and improve upon their predecessors in low light especially.
It can briefly flash up to three times brighter than normal to illuminate selfies, or add a little fill-in light when needed. Theya€™re tempting upgrades from older Nexus phones and iPhones, but ita€™s worth remembering that their large dimensions arena€™t very pocket friendly.
If you tapped Other to use the email that is set up through your HDM custom website, tap the first option at the top of the following page: Add Mail Account.
On the page that follows that, you'll be prompted to put in all of the information relevant to your email account. The information should be identical to the information entered into the Incoming Mail Server fields. If you receive an error indicating that you Cannot connect using SSL, then tap Yes to continue without SSL.

In fact, the 6P is virtually identical to the 6S Plus in size, despite the bigger, higher-resolution screen. Make no mistake, the Nexus looks and feels like a flagship phone in a way none of its predecessors have, and it’s no more expensive than the Nexus 6.
It won’t matter a jot for people who predominantly use headphones, but better sound is always nice to have.
It’s still early days, but app developers will undoubtedly add support for 3D Touch over the next weeks and months. If you have an email set up through your HDM custom website, tap Other at the bottom of the page. The difference between the two is that POP requires you to download your messages onto your device before viewing, while IMAP simply reads the message off the mail server.
When setting up an email account through your HDM custom website, you will be using IMAP, so tap this next.

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