These days it is possible to take spectacular pictures of the night sky with regular cameras and equipment.
Unfortunately city lights prevent us from seeing much of the sky due to a phenomenon called light pollution. Exposure time set according to the Rule of 600 to avoid star trails due to the Earth rotation. Then I start taking pictures and refining the ISO and exposure times until I'm satisfied with the result. Exposure time: 60 seconds, using Magic Lantern, since the 60D does not allow programmable exposure times longer than 30 seconds.
I went out the city to star gaze tonight and my camera would not set to the bulb setting even with magic latern or the settings you recommended.

For example, I took the above picture with a Canon 60D DSLR and an entry level 8mm fisheye lens (click on the picture to see a larger version). You obviously need a tripod or some other form of support that can keep the camera fixed through the exposure. You want to do this after sunset and on days when there is no moon, so that the only light comes from the stars.
The idea is to use the smallest ISO (since the higher the ISO the higher the noise) and keep the exposure time near the value indicated by the rule of 600 to avoid star trails.
There are nice DIY solutions on the internet like barndoor mounts or little mounts based on mechanical clockwork (purus mount).
In this article I'll give you a few simple rules you need to follow to maximize the chances of getting breathtaking deep sky photographs.

A short lens also enables longer exposure times before stars show trails due to the rotation of the Earth. Even though the night seemed near pitch dark to my eyes, you can see in the picture that there was some light pollution coming from the right. For Canon shooters Magic Lantern provides programmable exposure times in bulb mode, so you don't have to keep the shutter pressed.

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