The GO Mammoth London League is one of the fastest-growing netball leagues in the capital, incorporating a professional approach with competitive fun into their weekly games. North London GO Mammoth league in Tufnell Park consists of four teams: Pretty Tuff, Tuf Totties, Northern Lights and Tufnell Tigers. Netball is predominantly played by women, beginning in England 1890 and derived from an early version of basketball. According to the International Federation of Netball Association, over 20 million people play netball in more than 80 countries. Hello I am a 22 year old Physiotherapist and was hoping to join a netball team, I am a keen player and played for 3 years at University and would love to get back into to the game and meet some new people. There are only a few animals that are more elusive then wolves and that makes them difficult to find and photograph.
I have observed and photographed wild wolves in Denali National Park in Alaska, Banff National Park, along the West Coast of British Columbia and in the North West Territories.
Pair of wild white wolves I watched chase caribou (300 mm F4 + 2X teleconverter, Canon 50D - total of 960 mm hand held) and a close up of a wolf print beside my hand. As a nature photographer there is no greater pleasure then photographing a wild animal in its natural habitat and it is something that good nature photographers strive for. I have visited the Northern Lights wolf center four times in the past few years, once in Autumn and three times in winter. Tuk - controlled situation in the Blaeberry valley photographed while on a walk along a narrow creek.
You would think it is easy to take great shots of the wolves because they are so close, but you would be wrong. Hair samples viewed under a light microscope with polarizing filters and a quarter wave plate.
Photographing captive animals may not be for everyone and certainly if I thought the animals were not treated well I would not support them. Going for a walk with two wolves from the Northern Lights Wolf Centre (Maya left and Wiley on the Right).

Even wild life photographers that photograph animals in the field can make mistakes that affect the survival of the wild animals. Movie - A visit to the Northern Lights Wolf Centre in Golden BC and walking with wolves by R.
Participants must be over the age of 18.  Current players describe the league as great fun, reasonably priced and well organised. Tufnell Tigers and Northern Lights both had an explosive start, with each team achieving a win and a draw.
So far I have only been able to take a few respectable photographs of wild wolves and it is something I plan to work harder on in the future. I prefer to walk with with the wolves in winter as they are easier to photograph against the snowy background and their fur is at its thickest. Also if photographers do photograph captive wolves I believe they are obligated to indicate this along with their photographs and\or movies out of respect for the trainers and for other nature photographers that have captured pictures of wild wolves. But what some don't realize is that the images are sometimes donated and used to help the species and protect their environment.
In one instance I know a photographer that inadvertently showed the location of where he photographed wild wolves and hunters who identified the area subsequently came in and killed the wolves. It is estimated there are about 4,000 wolves in Alberta and about 8,000 wolves in British Columbia. Autumn is also a beautiful time to photograph the wolves against the changing colours n the Blaeberry valley. Wolves are not only symbols of the wild but one of the most beautiful wild animals perhaps because we relate to dogs as pets or perhaps because they work together as team much like humans. I have done this with some of my photographs of a swift fox and have donated many of my wildlife photographers for various conservation groups such as CPAWS. So it appears prudent that in some instances where hunting is allowed that photographers should not reveal where the animals were photographed for the protection of the animals. In Alberta your best chance to view a wolf is in Banff National Park along highway 1A and in Jasper National Park along the Maligne lake road.

The beauty of the experience is that the wolves are not restrained in any manner and you walk in wilderness area - so the wolves could take off if they wanted to. Unfortunately wolves are still hunted in BC and Alberta and hunters are allowed to bait the wolves. In regard to photographing captive animals I believe if the animals are well cared for and used as ambassadors to help their species survive through education then I have no regrets in photographing them.
Even for seasoned nature photographers finding and photographing wild wolves is challenging - it takes a lot of time and some luck.
Also pay attention to the background and avoid sudden movements so you don't spook the wolves. Wolves play an important role in a wilderness ecosystem and their importance is only now becoming realized after they have been reintroduced back into Yellowstone National Park. However, I do feel that photographers, magazines and web sites that post photographs of animals in controlled situations should reveal so out of respect for those photographers that have captured pictures of the animals in the wild and so as not to mislead others into believing they too can capture such pictures. Usually the best season to see and photograph wolves is in winter where you can see their tracks and the snow makes them more visible.
If you move slowly and carefully the wolves will even come up close and sniff you (watch the movie below). Zoos and Aquariums may play important roles in education, but I also believe that certain animals such as wolves, bears, and Killer whales should not be kept in captivity simply for our entertainment. I also believe rehabilitation centers preform a valuable service though sometimes rescued animals can not be released back into the wild.

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