The beauty and the magic of the night sky is taken to a new level when properly combined with a beautiful landscape. In the past few years I was fortunate enough to capture some photos that have something to say. The first photo tells us the story of a new astrophotographer trying to catch Earth’s celestial companion aligned with one of the most important monuments of the ancient world, the temple of Poseidon. The second photo is a story of a cataclysmic storm that took place a few hours during the total lunar eclipse at June 15 2011. I you think that it would be helpful to include something more, I’m open to suggestions. 1) I have seen in one of your startrails shots that there is a little star effect at the end of the startail which I presume, the last shot was taken using a much smaller aperture. 2) I am trying to stack images of the milky way using Deep sky stacker (I do not mount the camera to track the earth?s movement) but all my attempts are unsuccessful. Hello Chris, I just saw your Halloween picture on APOD congratulations A great composition. No Man’s Sky‘s lofty, procedurally generated universe offers an unfathomable number of places to visit. No Man’s Sky players start on an unexplored planet, with a relatively simple and thin mandate: Head to the center of the universe. When you’re not looking at amazing vistas or using your binoculars to scan strange plants and animals — and name them when you’re the first player to have ever seen them — you’ll be smashing rocks with your gun, picking flowers, and generally amassing the various chemical elements you need to construct technologies you need to survive. Each new place might give you the resources and items you need to build something new, allowing you incremental gains to travel farther, survive better, and see more. The demo we played was set at about five hours into the game, and started with us standing on an icy planet decked out in red coniferous trees. It appears, at least in this grouping of small planets, that while you might be the first person here, you’re definitely not the first sentient being to find this place. Recognizing that No Man’s Sky is a survival game — spread over a huge universe — is important to understanding it. A cave might seem like a good place to lie low for a while, but you also have to worry about other hazards, like the creatures that might live inside them.
Head inside one of these buildings and you can speak to its alien inhabitants, should someone be in there. When you’re not looking at amazing vistas, you’ll be smashing rocks, picking flowers, and amassing chemicals essential to survival. The aliens that popped up in the hands-on demo seemed to be traders, although Murray said there are other races of different types.
Murray said there will be a lot to learn about these aliens, but mostly, it seems they’ll provide information and trading opportunities.
In the demo, Murray showed off a Grand Theft Auto-style “wanted level” that players can soup-up by doing things that are off-limits. There will be information to uncover about these drones for players who are interested, Murray said, that’ll shed light on the motivations of the race that created them, as well as what those robots are up to in the universe in the present. Apart from those drones and aliens with which to trade, though, No Man’s Sky will be a solitary experience, it seems.
But both of those games include actually playing with other people, while No Man’s Sky’s website describes the experience as being “parallel” to those of others. Thirty minutes is not enough time to really get a sense of No Man’s Sky, and trying to describe it becomes a conundrum. My name is Chris and my idea of having fun is to be out in the cold, in the middle of the night taking photos of the stars! My equipment was humble, a cheap 70 euro telescope coupled with a mid range DSLR tied with a rope(!) to a small tripod. Typically you will be shooting in nice sceneries away from the city lights that cover the most of the star light (if not all!). They don’t have the flexibility of a zoom lens but they are generally sharper and faster than zoom lenses.
Set it wide open to capture as much photons as you can in the short period of time before trailing start to show.

If you plan to shoot startrails have in mind that your camera should operate continuously for hours.
I know it helps to start with a dark sky, and I suppose you are possibly stacking images, but what are you specific camera settings for that shot? The problem is that you only have 30 – 40 seconds before the star trails start to show in your photo.
I started experimenting with photography about 1 year ago and i have tried LOTS of different styles.
I am curious to know where that spooky house is and whether you will be publishing any more shots of it.
This is how developer Hello Games has described the ludicrously ambitious No Man’s Sky. There are 18 quintillion planets to discover, and each is unique, generated by algorithms within the game.
They show worlds decked out with space dinosaurs and lizard-turtles, wandering through bright-red grass under blue-green skies.
On the starting planet, the short-term goal is to survive and explore, and to gather the resources needed to build stuff that will take you further. Murray said the game is balanced such that you can expect to spend your first two to three hours just on that first starting planet, finding what you need to leave it. The primary hazard here is extreme cold, and before you get far, you’ll need to gather some items from the nearby terrain to fashion a module for keeping out the cold, at least temporarily. Technology provides most solutions; everything you carry, from upgrades for your running ability, to protection against toxic substances, to a jetpack, has to be built along the way as you discover it. Planets have predators, and the icy planet was home to a snow leopard-looking creature that would attack us, but was fairly easily scared off with a few laser bolts.
Some seem to be stations controlled by alien races; others are automated factories and facilities in service of strange robots that seem to span the galaxy. But don’t expect to become lifelong friends, Murray said during an interview with Digital Trends. Some are militaristic, some are driven by commerce, some are explorers, and those different aspects will affect how players deal with them — but all those dealings will be conversations, it seems.
To that end, you won’t happen across cities full of bird people — that’s contrary to the aesthetic and experience Murray and Hello Games want to create, which he described as being like Star Wars episodes IV, V, and VI: more of a Wild West, frontier vibe than one of futuristic cityscapes. They’re self-replicating, autonomous, and apparently left behind by an ancient race of aliens with the intention of protecting the universe.
Mostly, they’re an antagonistic force that keeps players on their toes: Attack a freighter in your ship or blow open the door of a factory to loot it, and there will be consequences. The procedurally generated universe of No Man’s Sky is a shared one, it’s true, and you might see names created by other players on things they’ve discovered.
For one thing, players start alone on distant planets in a huge universe, so the chances of ever running into anyone are slim anyway. The mechanics of playing the game make it seem a lot like other contemporary titles: the exploration of Fallout 4, the crafting of Far Cry Primal, the emphasis on using everything you can just to stay alive of The Long Dark. The Moon, the planets, the constellations and the Milky Way are not only favorite photographic targets but also source of pure inspiration! The photographers are story tellers and the story of the twinkling stars is perhaps the most exciting!
I use a crop 1,6 camera (canon 550D) and most of the time I take photos with a 15mm fisheye lens.
Where I live, Washington,DC, if I travel 3 hours to a dark site I can barely make out the galaxy naked eye and can’t pick it up in a photo.
Leave a bright flash light or your car light a few hundred meters away and try to focus on that or if this is not possible maybe a Bahtinov Mask would help. And then you hop in your ship, aim it at the sky, and seconds later blast into orbit, with freighters dropping out of lightspeed and fighters swooping in on attack runs.
In fact, as Hello Games founder Sean Murray told Digital Trends during our first 30-minute hands-on time with the game at a Los Angeles PlayStation event, those great-looking trailer moments will be made all the more incredible once the player has earned them — by trudging around the same world for a few hours, or the same solar system, to construct the stuff needed to venture out into the universe. The next two to three hours will be spent just in that first solar system, exploring it to find what you need to move on. One of the blueprints already available in the demo let us fashion a grenade that could carve chunks out of the ground, possibly exposing deep caves full of mineral resources and offering protection from the cold.

During Murray’s brief presentation, he ran across carnivorous plants on another planet, making for a completely different, unknown threat. Learning those languages will take time as you find word-by-word translations throughout your travels.
Murray said that you might offend an alien’s honor, but he’ll never fight you to the death; instead, he’ll harm you by not selling you that thing you need. Shooting drones, attacking factories, and blowing up spaceships kicks up your wanted level and triggers ever-scarier robotic bad guys who come and try to bring you down. Since everyone is working their way toward the center of the universe, where the odds of intersecting are higher, and Murray has mentioned before that potential interactions with other players would be suitably momentous, it’s possible this is something the developers are being specifically unclear about to maintain a sense of mystery. Although I had often stood studying Orion on many occasions, so that I knew very roughly how it was aligned and which main stars it was composed of, because after staring up at every detail for a long time, I would then go home and look up the information for my observations in astronomical charts and catalogues. Have in mind that at night sky photography most of the action takes place at the sky, therefore you should have a wide field of view to include the foreground and a large part of the sky. Usually at this kind of photography we only shoot the celestial objects without an earthy foreground as it will blur from the mount’s motion). I create a new layer in photoshop with the last photo of the star trail sequence and I blow up the stars. I’ve clicked on the link for the tutorial and it just takes me back to the gallery page. Anyway, i am looking forword to get myself a fisheye adaptor (x0.45) , since fisheye and ultra wide lenses are REAAALY pricey.
One developer during the demo compared potential interactions with other players to those in Dark Souls — notes left behind for others to find, principally — or Journey, in which there are brief interactions with other players. For reference whilst painting though, I still needed a reliable guide for the precise details.So using a photographed colour-plate in an Astronomy book, I added the constellation in afterwards.
In a light polluted area or in a moonlit scene you will probably use a lower ISO like 200 or 400. If you move the camera even slightly to review a photo or to change a battery your photos will be misaligned and the final result blurry and inaccurate. This has to do with my personal shooting style and with the fact that in night photography you have to consider the fact that your main subject is the sky, so if you want to include both the landscape and plenty of sky, then you need wide field lens. I’d like to get some pointers on how you created the shot so I can incorporate some of them into my own images.
Just so you know, fisheye adaptors cost about 30€ and you can attach them in front an existing lens. Say the right things and you’ll gain “standing” with that particular race; offend an individual and you might lose face among his people. If it doesn’t, set the focus manually close to infinity (strangely at DSLR cameras stars do not focus perfectly at infinity…) and then do some try and error attempts adjusting the focus and inspecting the photo until the stars are sharp dots. If you want to go further and shoot for hours consider an AC Power Adapter or a big external 12V battery coupled with an adapter cable. It is situated on the left-hand side as we view it and forms the Eastern corner of the Constellation. Downwards from Betelguese at a forty-five degree slant towards the west [on the right] is Bellatrix, 244.6 light years away.
Between the two at a distance of 1100 light years, [approx 350 parsecs] is Orion Lambda, otherwise known as Meissa, a name derived from the Arabic Al-Maisan [The Shining One], though it is actually a conglomeration of several stars when seen in magnification. Messier objects are a set of astronomical objects first listed by French astronomer Charles Messier in 1771. Messier was a comet hunter and was frustrated by objects which resembled, but were not comets, so he compiled a list of them in collaboration with his assistant Pierre Mechain to avoid wasting time on them.

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