So if you own a phone which has a pretty good camera, you are probably looking for various accessories which could further improve its use. The camera pairs with a free iPhone app to allow the users to control the aperture, shutter speed, ISO and the rest of the hardware. The single drawback with this lovely gadget is that it’s quite expensive, as you will have to shell out a nice $599 to get it.
Subscribe to TechPPSubscribe to our email newsletter for useful tips and valuable resources. I thought it might be fun to do a page on trick photography examples with images from Evan Sharboneau’s site. To fully appreciate the images on this page click on each image which will then open in a new window. It’s quite natural to believe that you need a top-of-the-range Digital Single Reflex (DSLR) camera, costing thousands of dollars plus lots of fancy equipment and years of photographic experience, to take pictures like this. The camera is not at all important but understanding how a digital camera (any digital camera) works is. Of course you do need to be able to take a decent well constructed and focused photograph as explained on our home page. The secret with all digital photography, including trick photography, lies in mastering the “manual” setting on your current DSLR camera in conjunction with shutter speeds, ISO settings and the image you are trying to capture.

The most common trick photography photos are of those ones that show streaks of light – sometimes referred to as light drawings – which are taken simply by leaving the shutter open for a longer length of time. Not true, you can take thousands of trick photography pictures by adjusting the setting on your existing camera. In a minute I will give you the link to Evan’s website where you will see more of his trick photography examples of which only about a third needed Photoshop. Obviously if you do have Photoshop (or any similar software) it gives you more scope but you can get away with Photoshop CS2 to CS5 or even Photoshop Elements 10.
Trick photography photographs are brilliant for entering photo competitions – every one loves something different. For more information and to see more of Evan’s images click the banner image below which will take you to his official website.
How do you know if you are buying the Apple Lightning to SD Card Camera Reader with USB 3.0?
The boxes almost look identical, but if you look at the base of the box you will see USB 3 (top) in brackets if you are indeed looking at the newest version.
Next up I wanted to test the difference in speeds importing 200 RAW photos shot on my Panasonic GX8 DSLR.
I know I’m not the only one who almost forgotten he still has a traditional camera lying somewhere.

But there are also gadgets which simple attach to your device and let you enjoy their features. This is a pretty small and comfortable to use camera, measuring 2.65-inch and weighing just 108 grams. Even if you can control it almost completely from your iPhone, it still features a physical shutter button.
The images on this page were all shot with a Nikon D50 DSLR – the second generation of Nikon range which was introduced in 2005. While no longer manufactured the Nikon D50 is still occasionally available on eBay for as little as $230.00.
The basic principles of photography apply and if you understand how light works with your camera, you are creative, have ideas and a vivid imagination you are good to go. And as our smartphones are getting better and better at taking pictures, the number of those who still use a camera more is decreasing fast.
The camera can move 60 degrees in either direction for angled shooting, and it also allows you to take some really high-quality selfie pictures.

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