How to take photos of fireworksWhether you use a smartphone, compact camera or dSLR, get great photos of fireworks on the Fourth of July.
A smartphone that has manual exposure options in the default camera app will give the most control. Compact There is not much to mention when shooting on a compact, unless your camera has manual exposure controls.
You can also trick the camera into behaving like it has selectable shutter speeds by using program mode, turning off the flash and setting your ISO low. Another option is bulb mode, which keeps the shutter open as long as you hold the shutter button. Post-processing Don't forget to take advantage of editing and processing your photos after the fireworks show is over.
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The 2013 festival will showcase multimedia works by fireworks design teams from Canada, Japan, France and South Korea. A total of 100,000 fireworks will be set off in the span of two hours on Saturday night in Yeouido, one of the city’s business and media epicenters. In addition to showcases by Korean fireworks designers, teams from Canada, Japan and France will blast their own award-winning creations into the night.
For this year’s event, 600 staff have been recruited to clean up the inevitable island of trash that will be left behind.
More than one million visitors are expected to turn out for the festival, while 3,000 police and staff will be on standby.
To enjoy the full effects of the multimedia display, organizers say visitors should sit outside by the river rather than try to score a high vantage point from a Yeouido skyscraper.

Due to expected traffic snarls, visitors should use public transport to get to the festival.
Although restaurants and viewing platforms on Yeouido skyscrapers will offer good views of the fireworks, organizers say visitors should sit outside to get the full effect of the music, smells, noise and special effects. Rather than pointing your smartphone or dSLR toward the sky and hoping for the best, keep these tips in mind before setting off to watch the holiday light show.Set up Get into position early. Set your ISO to a low value such as 100 or 200, focus at infinity or on an object that's roughly on the same plane as where the fireworks will be.
This will force the camera's shutter to stay open for a longer period of time in order to gather more light.
It's best to use a remote release for bulb mode, otherwise you can introduce camera shake into your images. It's not all about what's happening in the sky; try and contextualize the fireworks by including some of the surrounds. Consider boosting the contrast to make the background a deeper black; or increase the hue and saturation to make the fireworks pop, suggests Hern. Au?erdem geben wir anonymisierte Informationen zur Nutzung unserer Website an unsere Partner fur Werbung und Analysen weiter. For the best results, scope out the area beforehand and work out where the fireworks will be set off so you can have the best vantage point. Otherwise, you can invest in a portable solution like the GorillaPod GripTight that's compatible with almost every handset.
As your aperture is fixed on a mobile phone, the shutter speed will need to be a little faster than on a dSLR to avoid blowing out the image. Otherwise, if you are stuck with a camera that has automatic or program modes only, try and find a scene mode that is dedicated to fireworks or use a night mode with the flash deactivated. As long as the camera is stable, you should get a shake-free shot.dSLR Learn to get comfortable with manual mode on your dSLR. The Tamaya Kitahara Fireworks team from Japan will create a Japanese garden in the sky and French team Ruggieri is setting their streaming lights show to opera music. It's also handy to figure out how the wind is blowing so you can avoid the smoke which can affect the look of your photos. You need to keep your camera stable because the main trick to firework photography is keeping the shutter open for long enough to capture light. Experiment with a one second exposure, and reduce or increase as needed to capture the light trails from fireworks.

Remember that fireworks are a very bright light source, so anything longer than a few seconds may result in overexposure.
Landscape shots can look great, but portrait orientation works well too so you can capture a longer trail of light. Another tip for minimizing any blur caused by camera shake is using the self-timer option once your smartphone or camera is on a tripod. This is especially useful when using a smartphone as touching the screen to take a photo introduces a lot of movement. Try downloading a third-party app like Manual Camera for iOS, Camera FV-5 for Android or CameraPro for Windows Phone for more flexibility. The shutter speed needs to be at least a few seconds' duration in order to capture the fireworks properly.
Dreamstime stock photographer Betsy Hern also suggests to bring a flashlight, which works in two ways.
Another option is to take a video of the light show and extract still images of the best scenes. Experiment with 3 to 4 seconds to start with, increasing or decreasing the time depending on your results. It will only give you the equivalent of a 2-megapixel image for full HD, or 8 megapixels for 4K, but it is something to consider if you want both photos and videos of the show. To avoid camera shake from pressing the shutter button, use a remote shutter release or the self-timer option on your dSLR. Other accessories you might want to add to your firework photography kit include clip-on lenses for your smartphone like the Olloclip or Zeiss Exolens. If your default camera app has a night mode or even a dedicated fireworks mode, enable it for better results. The world is waiting to listen to your voice, the voice which has kept you suppressed so far.

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