Kodak Black AZ251 has a 3.0 inch LCD screen with 230k dot resolution and is easy to see in bright light. Kodak Black AZ 251 has the look and feel of a small DSLR, although it would not really be small enough to carry in your pocket.
The maximum angle of view on a FX format camera is 114° whereas the same on a DX format lens is 90°. The rear focusing technology ensures that only the rear elements of the lens moves which ensures that the overall length of the lens never changes.
Nikon’s Close Range Correction (CRC) technology ensures that the lens can eliminate the issues of close range focusing and performs equally well in both near and far focusing distances. This lens has 1 ED glass element and 2 aspherical elements reducing color fringing, increasing color saturation and also reducing the chromatic and spherical aberrations.
The Manual to Auto mode ensures that manual precise focusing can be achieved even when the lens is trying to auto-focus. With this megapixel, one can alter the photos by cropping, zooming or enlarging without losing out on quality.

It comes with 32 shooting modes which allows you to take great pictures in nearly every shooting environment.
With a price tag of just $149.99, it offers great picture taking features without breaking the bank and is definitely value for money.
This technology gives Nikon’s Macro lenses a lot of edge over the other lenses in the market tailor made for close range photography. Ideally the lens is suitable for the purpose of landscape and extremely great quality architectural photography. The shooting modes include Auto Scene, Sport, Beach, Sunset, Fireworks, Night Landscape, Sketch, Snow and more. If you are not at the point of buying a DSLR and you are way past the tiny point and shoot, then this is a great choice! It is also perfectly suitable for the purpose of creating soft background blur when shooting close subjects. It comes with a 25x optical zoom lens and 4x digital zoom which ensures an amazing clarity for any kind of long distance photography – be it sports, nature or special life events.

It also provides the Panorama mode which enables to create detailed images of expansive vistas.
The lens is a 35 mm equivalent of 24-600mm wide angle lens, which helps to capture more in the frame.
The Face detection technology helps in isolating subjects in-frame and optimizes conditions to take high-quality pictures. It also comes with optical image stabilization which reduces the effects of camera shake and the ISO ranges from 80 to 3200.

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