Although my Panasonic DMC-TZ10 (ZS7 in the USA) has somehow fixed itself, it still occasionally gives me problems.
For four more days, Costco has what appears to be a super deal on the Nikon D90 with two lenses.
Hi, the D90 is a great camera, but if you want to buy something really new with a lot of more potential try the Nikon D7000 or the Canon 7D.
You concern about having to swap lenses to zoom is a valid one, I personally don’t mind swapping lenses around, but that depends on the images you want to create and how you want to use a camera.
Before Carraol’s post I had been looking into the D7000 as well since Costco has it, too, on sale (with an 18-200).
Then I noticed that the Canon DSLRs have the really good video (1080 instead of 720 and even more fps than the D7000), like the D7000, but they cost quite a bit less. The only problem with video on most dslrs is that they can’t autofocus as the focusing systems work via the mirror and of course the mirror is out of the ligh path when recording video or taking a picture.
I do take videos at concerts, but they won’t let you bring in anything fancier than, say, my TZ10. More than a year and a half has passed since this original post on the D90, and it remains the most visited blog entry.
Click "Like" to have updates to the blog automatically delivered to your Facebook news feed. Looking for other tips of how to do this I saw many comments saying that the WhiteBalance should be locked and also saw many people saying that left long exposures.
In the next few days I’ll try to timelapse the Lake itself, the view there is amazing and I’d like to do it right (or better) this time!
You can do the capture to a laptop with an Eye-Fi Pro card that is set to the automatic transfer mode. Thanks, just threw it together, works a treat, now just need to get it into Photoshop and export and movie, thanks! The other night when i tried to make a timelap my Nikon d5100 just turned off after only have taken about 90 pictures.
Lasse, was the interval time long enough to compensate for the exposure time + time between exposures? I can’t figure out how to make a video from picture using windows vista on my laptop. I am trying to learn the time lapse for when I have the camera on the tripod so that I wont have to touch the camera as it shoots shots.
Hi I just bought a nikon d5100 and I’m trying to do a time lapse but the interval shooting mode is not available to use do I have to change setting to get this to work.
Nikon's "Fabre Photo EX" is a relatively low-power stereoscopic microscope that makes up for any other shortcomings with its ability to mount a Nikon DSLR camera on its back for high-resolution imaging of microscopic bacterial fashion models.
The observation optical system features 20-times magnification, and the actual field of view is 11mm in diameter. As someone who’s had to use an inverted microscope for a significant quantity of time, I think this approach is a bit backwards (no pun intended).
If they Lowered the price to $200-300 it could be useful but at that price point it’s just crazy. Boing Boing uses cookies and analytics trackers, and is supported by advertising, merchandise sales and affiliate links. The successor to the very popular Nikon D3200, the D3300 is a powerful DSLR with a lot of features to improve your photos over those taken in Auto mode. First, we'll give you a quick tour of the key controls, and then we'll explain how to use them for different effects. Starting at the top of the camera, you'll find a dial on the right side for a range of shooting modes. S – Shutter Priority: You set the shutter speed using the Command dial on the back of the camera, where your right thumb rests.
A – Aperture Priority: You set the aperture using the Command dial, and the camera sets the shutter speed. The D3300 offers a number of special Effects shooting modes, such as Super Vivid and Miniature. If you decide to set the ISO manually, try to go no higher than 1600 for everyday shooting, and no higher than 3200 for low light and evening shooting. Using Aperture Priority again, go for a higher setting of f9 or greater to produce a deep depth of field.
The D3300 has three light-metering modes, controlled from the settings menu that is accessed by pressing the "i" button.
This option pays more attention to the center of the image, but also considers the rest of the picture. Use this to have the camera measure just a small spot in the center of the image, ignoring the rest.
Three settings — White Balance, Picture Control and Retouch — determine how colors appear in your photos. White Balance judges the overall color of the light in a scene in order to interpret colors accurately.

Retouch is a better way to use color effects, as it applies them to a copy of the photo, leaving the original unaltered.
In addition to those problems, sometimes photos look great on the LCD screen, but when I get them onto my computer monitor all of the detail disappears and I’m disappointed with the result.
I won’t be carrying it with me everywhere, but on certain outings I suppose carrying such a beast around won’t be too bad, will it? From what I can understand from following your blog, even though you never owned an slr you do have an understanding of how things work, so I believe that the technical side of the thing won’t be an issue. When I go out with mine I usually go with the mindset of creating good ( well I try ?? ) images so I’ll do what I must and spend as much time I need finding the subjects, angles that work best and then put the lens and whatnot that is needed to get the image I want, but sometimes I also just want to go for a stroll and snap some quick pics here and there.
I have been jumping on board the 18-200 mm lens idea (instead of 18-55 which will be somewhat limiting at times) even before Dave’s comment. My son has a really nice video camera (which he never uses), and I have yet to even borrow it a single time. You probably don’t want to buy a D90 at this point with the other available cameras that have since been released.
I need to know if I can have the images sent to a laptop or something that can hold all the data. The shooting magnification varies depending on the connected camera, but it will be about 45-times without the intermediate tube, 56-times with one tube and 66-times with two tubes when a Nikon DX format camera (A4-size print) is used. There are some things you can do.Acting in Films Differs From StageActors must vary their styles for stage and film. The camera adjusts the shutter speed and aperture, and gives you the option to adjust a few other settings (which we'll explain). The one we found most useful was the Easy Panorama effect, which automatically stitches together multiple images you have shot into a wide, panoramic photo.
You adjust ISO manually by pressing the "i" button, then selecting ISO from the settings menu. An aperture of f5.6 or lower produces a shallow depth of field that blurs out the background, keeping focus on your subject. Having more of the scene in focus is also useful when shooting a group of people or any scene with important subjects at varying distances from your camera.
Most of the time, you can leave this on Matrix mode, in which the camera judges the light in several parts of the image and picks the settings for an even exposure. Turn the Mode Dial to EFFECTS and then press the MENU button to access the Picture Control settings. Low light photos, in particular, can look funny or at least not be true to the scene I was trying to capture. Leaving the issue of portability aside, my other concern is having to swap lenses every time I want to zoom a shot.
All I would say, is see if you can get a good deal on just the body and then get yourself the 18-200 zoom. I they tho that they rely half silvered mirror method which reflects some light up to the focusing and allows the rest through to the sensor.
40sec…would it start taking pictures at that time and, would it go into some standby modus? In my first attempt I’ve got the video that its showing as my website, so far I have to keep in mind that the Focus must be Manual to get always the same subject. My friend is painting a mural on my kids wall next week and he wants a time lapse video of him doing it.
Here are the main controls for the Nikon D3300 and how you can harness them to get better pictures. You can raise the ISO in dim or dark lighting situations, but this produces graininess, called noise, in the images, so proceed with caution. If Matrix isn't giving you the results you want, you can try Center Weighted or Spot Metering mode, or adjust the exposure compensation. But in low light, photos can have an orangey cast that you can fix using a custom white balance. We recommend staying with the default SD (Standard) setting, as this produces the most-accurate and true-to-life colors.
Then select Retouch to apply effects like Monochrome and Color Sketch, plus Filter effects that can enhance some (or all) colors.
It cuts out the 100s of pages typical of user manuals and dedicated photography books, and gets straight to the point.
Less light for the sensor usually translates into reduced quality also with the light having to travel through even more glass i would be sceptical of it being much good. However, as you get more comfortable with photography, Manual mode can help you get difficult shots in which you want a particular effect that the camera can't execute on its own. One thing I would like to better understand about the D3300 is why under extremely bright light it will use a higher-than-expected ISOs (~320)? I have fewer complaints with my LX3, but the lack of zoom (24 – 60 mm) limits its usefulness. But thats just my own take.To be totally honest,If u want to record video, get a dedicated video camera.

It contains your agent's contact information, your measurements, your skills, previous experience and education.Now your agent will make sure it has all the necessary contact info, but it's up to you to find the right photographer to take a picture that makes you stand out from the crowd. Then point the camera at a white or gray object, such as a piece of paper, and press the Shutter. If not swapping lenses over is as important as picture quality then the 18-200 is your baby. I was and bought the sigma one 2nd hand for ?100 and beyond 200mm it is way too soft to be useful.
Just remember to switch back to Auto White Balance or measure a new white balance when you move on to a different setting.
In one review for this model I note a comment that the camera in AUTO mode is set to assume the flash is ON regardless of whether it actually fires, and that zooming in when this is the case can result in blurry photos. Frustrated with having to change from the 18-55 lens to the 70-300 lens on a regular basis? Black and white tends to bring out your features more and enhance your look.Finding the Right PhotographerThere are many ways to get a headshot done. It is true to my experience that with the kit zoom lens, even in very bright light (not backlit), I'm having a horrible time getting the camera to focus short of leaving it in sports mode or mounting it on a tripod.
One of the most cost effective of course is to take it yourself or have a family member do it. This is not advisable, as a professional photographer knows how to use lighting and shadows to bring out your best features.
Does this suggest a faulty lens, faulty metering or both?One type of shooting scenario that seems particularly difficult with this camera pertains to shooting birds.
This makes it nearly impossible to capture a bird in a tree in focus short of a completely unobstructed view. Of course you will want one that is knowledgeable in headshots.Check out the photographer's credentials and style.
Take a look through their portfolio to see the type of work they are doing and are skilled in.
Not all photographers will have the style you are looking for and you want to be happy with what they can provide before you pay any money to them.
Unless the bird is sitting perfectly still and I use the center-point method, I don't get good focus shooting into a tree even when the subject is brightly lit.Does the aforementioned difficulty have to do with the fact that the D3300 apparently has only ONE cross-lined AF sensor (at the center)?
Generally I find that with any subject using any other AF method other than center point is lacking.
Ask them if you are to pay a deposit first, then the remainder at the end of the shoot, which is what is normal.
Taking a bird in a tree off the center AF where the cross-link is located generally results in loss of focus quality!
Make sure you know if there are two fees; one for the sitting or shoot itself and one for the actual pictures. Photo shoots can be somewhat long as you will want as many pictures taken in different outfits are you can.
A headshot usually contains both the headshot, a head and shoulders photo and a full length shot. It's best if you get along well as you will be spending a few hours together.Bring several outfits with you. If you don't have many clothes changes, bring accessories to change up the look of the outift. They won't all be on your resume, but it's always a good idea to have as many choices as possible. This is your first impression to an Agent, Casting Director or Director and you want it to be the best it can be.If You Are the PhotographerIf you wish to be a professional photographer and take headshots, you will need some technical knowledge of cameras. A professional camera will be needed, as one of the cheaper digital cameras won't give you the range you will need to take fantastic shots. An SLR or regular film camera, or a high end digital camera of at least 12mp will be needed.
You want to make sure your subject has the proper lighting so your pictures don't turn out dark.When you are in a shoot, make sure your subject is comfortable.
Take your time, changing your angles and having the model switch positions often to give you candid shots. Take as many as you can to give you a good choice.If you develop your own photos, make sure you don't overdevelop the negative if using film.
If using digital, make sure the photo is cropped properly when printing and the picture has the feel you want.Headshots are important for actors, so make sure you have the ones that make you look as good as you can.

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