Here is something we can learn from olenazaskochenko about the techniques and story behind this awarded photo. It was dark winter day with first snow, I was planning to shoot some snowy images, but when my model and I came to downtown, snow almost melt, and it was just a nasty dull cloudy morning. It was a winter, and I wanted to shoot something with christmas lights, something wich would have some christmas spirit inside.

I did some clean up skin for face and added brights and contrast all over the image, overall it didn’t need too much processing. As portrait photographer I use long lens 85mm and as stock photographer, which demands much quality for each image – always use fix lenses, because they give sharp and clean picture.
I wanted to shoot something bright, so I chose carousel lights as background, I said to model to imagine, if you come to the magician, and he said, Make a Wish.

At sunny days I use UF filter, it also helps to add some darkness, so I can use wider aperture to blur background.

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