Many people only notice our Moon at night, when there is considerably more contrast between the Moon and the night sky. Understanding how and when you can spot the Moon is a matter of knowing the different lunar phases, specifically the relationship between the Sun, Earth and the Moon during each phase.
In the diagram ita€™s pretty easy to see that when Earth is between the Sun and the Moon, we see a full moon.
Based on the orbital geometry of the Moon, there will certainly be times where the Sun will partially illuminate the Moon, during the day and at night. In the meantime enjoy the transition from waning gibbous to waning crescent over the next week and get your telescopes out during the weekend of the 25th. Therea€™s no reason why you shouldna€™t be able to see it!A  As long as the moona€™s at 45 degrees the sunward side of the Earth and ita€™s lit reasonably youa€™ll be able to see it.
And if you can see the moon in your sky (whether it be day or night), rest assured that the people on the opposite side of the earth at that moment CANNOT see it in their sky (whether it be night or day). On other days, the moon is rather far from the sun, and may be on the complete opposite side of the sky. Today 4 march 2016 I saw the moon here in Australia Melbourne at around 2 PM ( which is 4 AM Berlin time)I was wondering why because I checked the moon for Berin and it was to rise at at 3.36 AM.
Dearest Human on earth, Sun and Moon can give Electrical for us.Do you know and understand 1-where are living from the sun and moon. My comment if world human have been using solar so many in the earth, should maybe earth more warm? My daughters homework asks her to draw shape of moon each night for 2 weeks but we cannot see the moon every night. Can't believe there are actually people who don't understand that they can see the moon during the day too.
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An intense low pressure in the upper levels of the atmosphere in combination with abundant amounts of tropical moisture have brought heavy rainstorms to portions of the US Gulf Coast, from Florida to southeast Louisiana over the last couple of days. This site does not host any of the howtos or images, and rather link to pages accross the web. Learning to draw is a great activity that encourages the creativity of children as well as adults. Being the second brightest object in the sky (after the Sun, of course) and with Venus visible during the day to trained eyes, ita€™s no real surprise that the Moon is visible during the day.
The image below shows the simple geometry responsible for each of the Moona€™s distinct phases.
What makes the lunar cycle even more interesting is that the moon rises about an hour later each day, and yet invariably, a full moon rises near dusk and sets near sunrise. Since it's so close to the sun on those days, it rises and sets close to the same times when the sun rises and sets.
On those days, the moon appears full or nearly full on account of its position relative to the earth and to its light source (the sun). Try going out every night at the same time--say 7:00 PM, and notice whether you can see the moon, and where it is in the sky.
It's flat, look at videos of normal none fish eyes lens, no curvature on the earth in 360 degree angles.
Must be a bunch of people living in cities, with their eyes glued to computer or television nearly every waking hour of their day, never bothering to look up at the skies.
Anyone can improve their drawing skills by following simple free step by step drawing online tutorials.
Since it's on the opposite side of the sky at those times, the moon rises in the east at more or less the same time that the sun is setting in the west.

If you catch it near the beginning of the lunar cycle, you'll see that it's in the west as a crescent (crescent always means it's fairly close to the sun). Also while I understand you see noon in daylight during day, tell me why in videos you can see night moon (not daylight moon in picture at top) and the sun both above 'so called horizon' of our globe! Check the to different times and you will see that the moon is visible in Melbourne and Berin at the same time. Start by learning the basic concepts of drawing and improve your drawing technic as you go along. Since it's close to the sun and it's just a thin crescent, it may be hard to spot during the day.
It will stay up more or less all night, and finally will set in the west at more or less the same time that the sun rises in the east. And also a full moon, we are told in the order left to right, moon - earth inbetween - sun. You may be able to catch it in the west just after sunset, or (if you're an early riser) in the east just before sunrise.
The earth is far larger than the moon so when we have the sun from the right across to the earth with the moon to the left, how is the full moon light when the earth is nearly four times bigger than the moon.
From that point you'll have to wait another couple of weeks before you can see it in the west (at 7:00) again.
Wake up people nasa are liars and man has never been to the moon, also nasa admits in videos about van Allen radiation belt no human or space craft has crossed it yet, you would have to get to the moon or any further.

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