The announcement of the HERO4 Black, Silver, and lower-priced HERO might have leaked a few days early, but now we've got the official launch today. The biggest difference between the two HERO4 models that we've seen so far are the higher frame rates on the Black edition, and the touchscreen display only on the Silver edition.
I think its practically the same, except the battery is slightly smaller and gets loaded from the bottom now. Don't like that you can't change your field of view on the 4k options, your stuck with the wide.
Your logic is flawed, you would need a much more expensive aerial drone to have to ability to make the GH4 air born. I understand the physical limits of the memory buffer for not being able to shoot 240fps, but why not do something like a 15 second burst, similar to how the Sony FS700 does its high speed capture.
My assumption is that they did not include the touchscreen on the Black edition to keep the heat down when filming at higher framerates and higher resolution.
Either way, I'd still take the higher bitrate and 4k over a preview screen, though it would be nice to have them both, and I suppose you could always add the screen attachment or use the app for framing if you really need it. The A9 chip that they used in the black edition was bigger then the old one used in the 3+ so once they crammed it into the same case there probably wasn't room. Hero 4 Silver states it can do 2560 x 1440 at 48fps whereas Hero 3+ seems to only offer up to 30fps at that same resolution (taken from B&H Website). Screen on the Hero 4 Silver might reduce battery life + cause more heat (so maybe noisier footage for long durations?). Nick Woodman, the founder of GoPro, said he was inspired to start the company after his surfing trip to Australia in which he was hoping to capture quality action photos of his surfing, but couldn’t, because amateur photographers could not get close enough, or obtain quality equipment at accessible prices. Only a week ago the company presented their latest model – the Wi-Fi enabled HD HERO 3. Enjoy this series of crazy action shots taken by GoPro athletes and fans, watch the video in the end and then do it yourself. The latest and upcoming upgrade of the GoPro Hero 5 will be packed with a lot of breakthrough features and this includes two major debuts in the GoPro range of action cameras. It was also gain the capability to capture 3D videos that will dramatically enhance the user experience, particularly while filming adrenaline filled moments and extreme action filled sequences, according to Youth Health Mag.

GoPro Hero devices are considered a favorite among active people who love being engaged in extreme sports. With the 8K resolution recording capability, the GoPro Hero 5 will feature a marked upgrade, compared to its predecessors and will set a new benchmark for upcoming action-cameras to accomplish.
Similarly, the upcoming device will be able to record 4K resolution videos at 60 frames per second. Meanwhile, there are several other improvements like that of 2800mAh battery, which is considered to be a 150% improvement from GoPro Hero 4’s battery. The device further includes HDMI ports, Bluetooth 4.0 compatibility, and Wi-Fi compatibility along with a waterproofing technology which allows it to withstand a depth of 60 meters. The GoPro camera founder started his company surfing in Australia with a $35,000 loan from his mother. Extreme sports people, adventurers and anyone else that use the GoPro action camera to record their activities for bragging rights and nostalgia.
The GoPro Dual Hero Case has been designed to hold two GoPro Hero 3+ Black edition action cameras and is priced at $199. The GoPro Dual Hero sync cable also controls the shutter release triggers on the cameras at the same time for photos, and makes sure both GoPro cameras are operating at the same settings. It's unclear why the Black model wouldn't also get the touchscreen since it seems to be their flagship, but it's possible that they wanted a more significant way to differentiate the two products more than just specs.
I'm sure they wouldn't want to upset those of us that invested in the DJI quad copter systems and other aerial rigs.
If you are going for an economy aerial system, you can't beat the DJI Phantom 2 (which could not handle the GH4, as you probably know). Granted you still won't get Red or GH4 quality, but at least it will get rid of the fisheye. In use on my DJI Phantom 2, the GoPro Hero 3+ Black works best in medium or narrow field-of-view mode. It's not like GoPros have ever had excellent battery life to begin with, and I assume adding a screen causes significant drain. Would be interesting to see how low they could get it if there was a fair few people interested.

To promote the camera they also released a 5-minute video that will raise your blood pressure to the maximum and just make you want to chase adventures.
The present day mainstream full HD resolution video is 1080p and 4k features an increase in resolution to 2160p. With a new battery life, the GoPro Hero 5 can record two hours of video on a single dose of charge.
With an enhanced Bluetooth compatibility, the upload speed of GoPro Hero 4 will be increased. Might be interested in a new GoPro Dual Hero Case that has been created to enable 3D recording of your exploits. The system includes a USB sync cord to ensure both GoPro action cameras start and stop recording at the same time.
As we said before, the HERO is very similar to the HERO3 White, but is coming in much cheaper at $130. This means that the 4K will not be usable for me with most aerial work (with only ultra-wide available). Even a tiny screen will also create some heat, or at the very least, hinder heat dispersion. Apparently; reports indicate that this will be made possible with a new A10 processor that allows the GoPro Hero 5 to capture 8K videos at a lower frame rate.
We've also heard that the ProTune is capable of up to 60mbps, so it's possible we may see recording quality improvements depending on the frame rate. Especially with a $500 price tag, I rather go with an option like the GH4 for the lowest end of 4k aerial. Ultra-wide lets too much of the blades and frame into the shot, and is more prone to blade 'flutter' in the lighting. Beloved by professional skiers, cyclists, skydivers and surfers it also suits the needs of everyday people because it’s affordable and easy to use.

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