Experiencing the rumblings of the Spirit as we look to a God-honoring revolution of ministry in the midst of culture! Richard Rohr’s last published book, Immortal Diamond, has been formative in my heart and life over the past weeks. A month ago, when we were preparing for Easter, I spent an evening in our faith community’s worship gathering talking about “McGuffins.” Sounds odd, doesn't it? Psychologists, theologians, counselors, pretty much all self-aware and truth-seeking individuals know that this search is real. Most of us live out two distinct identities over the course of our lives – that which we build from the very beginning of our self-awareness; that which is focused on accomplishments, degrees, awards, recognition, roles all of which promise to bring a sense of importance, and other factors that stoke the fires of our EGO.

Even for those who have a professed “spiritual journey”, it often is the same dynamic at work with a religious mask.
Here’s where we need to end this devotional – “when you and me have found our absolute reference point that is both utterly within you and utterly beyond you at the very same time,” that is the reality that grounds our being and soul. As a final step before posting your comment, enter the letters and numbers you see in the image below. When the speaker and the listener are in two different places, bring is used for movements both towards the speaker and towards the listener (when the listener is in the location to which the item is being brought). Sign up for our free e-mail newsletter and you'll get a useful idiom and an update about our site every week.

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