The comparison to the last generation devices extend to the design, which is almost identical to the Hero3+ Silver, but with the new 1.5-inch touch screen on the back. The battery has been reduced in size and has been moved from where the new LCD is to the bottom of the camera. Performance is very similar to the Hero3+ Black Edition but with an upgraded sensor, which you’ll also find on the new Black Edition.
Its highest recording resolution is 4K at 15 frames per second, 2.7k at 30fps, and 1440p at 48fps.

In the end image quality is top notch, arguably the best on the market for action cams, though stabilisation is still an issue and can negate this quality. GoPro still have not spent the time they need to improve still photos, with poor zooming quality, and although a Night mode has been implemented, it’s far from perfect. Doom 4 Teaser Trailer Revealed, Leaked Cancelled Doom 4 Trailer Shows a Very Different Game! Clash of Clans Makes Supercell Around $5 Million a Day, Supercell’s Frequent Updates Keep the Game on Top!

Comparably the Silver is about on the same level as the Hero3+ Black Edition, which was last year’s top end device, so it it is well worth snapping up. This is a welcome addition, allowing users to playback their footage right away, without having to transfer it to another device.

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