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Taking photos at night is challenging, and taking photos of your friends and family at night is even more challenging!
Here are seven step-by-step tips to take better photos of your friends and family at night and low-light, shot with the Canon EOS 760D, and my friend Cordelia Daphne. Compare the photo above with this photo below, taken at the same place, but at a later time. By subscribing, you indicate that you have read & understood the SPH's Privacy Policy and PDPA Statement. We thank all our supporters who have helped us garner these prestigious media awards in the industry! One of the reasons enthusiasts purchase digital SLR cameras, is to take night photographs in and around the city without them resulting in blurred or shaky images. If you have a tripod handy, set the ISO to the lowest setting your digital SLR camera will go. If you absolutely need to hand hold your camera, the only choice of SLR settings you have for night photography is to set it to P (Program) and up the ISO to 800 - 1600.

I recognised this instantly and reshot the photograph using a slower shutter speed of 15 seconds.
If you don't have a tripod handy, the other option is to up the ISO to 800 or 1600, then keep the shutter speed fast. The ISO was kept to a high image quality 100, while the shutter speed set to a slow 30 seconds. A frequently asked question beginners often ask is, where should they focus for night shots. Besides the usual techniques like increase your ISO and shutter speed, there are other simple things that anyone can do to get better shots at night. However, as you'll soon find out, it's not as easy as setting your digital camera to automatic and shooting the image. This allows the camera enough time to let light in to the sensor, without increasing your ISO setting. This time the SLR camera was given more time to allow the light in to the sensor, resulting in a clearly focused night shot that you can see below. However, the quality of the night shot will be grainy or noisy, and is usually not recommended.

The night photograph was taken from a 260 meter-high Sydney Lookout Tower where tripods were forbidden. Whereas on some SLR models, like the Nikon D40 for example, shutter priority is displayed as the letter S. This should ensure your camera automatically sets the aperture to capture the whole scene in focus and not just closer objects.
The trick to successful night photography is to get much more light into your camera for a decent-looking image, as seen in the image above right. From there you will be able to judge how slow the shutter speed needs to be for the rest of your photo's on that particular night. Increasing the sensitivity will however reduce your picture quality and may still not give you a quick enough exposure to handhold.
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