And then we have the recently-announced Amazon Kindle Fire, which is a $199 content consumption tablet that’s squarely aimed at every sucker who spent $500 or more on an iPad just so they could surf the web from the living room. And so Apple will return to its rightful place, the same it has in the PC market: rock bottom at 5% worlwide!! Porsche has function as well as style mate.  At least when people by a Porsche only for fashion it has something under the hood for when the excitement over the fashion wanes. I run win7 on a quad core with SSD and it flies, just like I’m sure mac os and linux will fly as well on great hardware. Well no mate, Foxconn China and a host of others manufacture Apple just the same as everyone else ….
Because of this, a company that couples its software to its hardware is doomed to be a niche product forever.
First, I don’t know where you are getting your numbers, but the Apple share of the worldwide computer market is 14% and climbing. There is even a computer repair place near me that will build a Hackintosh for you or convert your Windows system if it has the correct motherboard and BIOS.
As a software developer, I don’t care that Apple, maybe, sells more computer hardware than any other single Windows vendor. WHen IBM was looking for a reasonable OS for it’s new desktop systems, the hired Microsoft to develop something.
Both Apple and Microsoft may be relegated to minor players if something truly revolutionary come out. You can say all you want about macs, but the fact of the matter is that they are a niche product. When Win8 is finally released (late as usual) they will find that Apple has moved the target once again.

Tell you what, I’ll bet you anything you care to put up that you are not just wrong, but dead wrong. The success and market share of Windows, Games and the PC (meaning a computer not a Mac) drives PC hardware technology otherwise why would Apple switch to x86 Intel?
Could it be Apple is profitable because of the followers who buy Apple only because its Apple, and not because of product function or specs?
Over the years I worked with many graphic designers who had to use, or own a Mac, but at home they secretly preferred a PC.  Secretly? As long as Apple is the company selling Macs, they will continue to be the best, most reliable, user-friendly computers on the market. Better to just throw it all out there, let you guys digest it, and then make your own decisions. The key to me is what external hookups will it have , via a mini HDMI, to hook to a HDTV or other type of specs that would make it a Ipad killer, that is what I am waiting to see. I have an iPad from work, and my daughter has an Android tablet, so I’m quite familiar with both. There are a thousand reasons you might want to take a screenshot on your Kindle Fire, Kindle Fire HD 7, or Kindle Fire HD 8.9. If you have an original Kindle Fire (if it was purchased in late 2011 through late summer 2012) then the process to capture a screenshot is long and complicated.
A window will pop up showing your Kindle Fire screen and you can hit Save to capture a screenshot. And we’re not counting server market yet which Microsoft is also have a healthy market share. Ask journalists (no, real ones), photographers, designers, teachers… people using them out in the field.

At the low end of the market it will scoop up a lot of impulse buys and second tablet purchases.
Microsoft is desperately trying to buy market share with struggling alliances such as the Nokia deal, and bully market share by threatening lawsuits against all competitors based on vague patents, but their share just keeps dropping anyway. As long as you hold them down at exactly the same time, you’ll see an animation and hear a sound indicating that you’ve captured a screenshot. The fact is, most of the Apple products look rather plain unless you go for the minimalist look. They are using exactly the same set of hardware components… The only difference is that the HW designer and the OS author is the same for the Mac. Win 8 might be a big hit, but I’m leaning toward Vista 2 (or Me 3?) given the ice cold reception thus far. Now go to the Photos app and you’ll see a Screenshots album with your captured screenshot in it. And of course the Mac Aluminum unibody is just to irresistible… The case is the only major hardware improvement over PC makers. Below, we’ve outlined several methods to take a screenshot on your new tablet, split up by the Kindle Fire model you have. Either way, the Kindle Fire will be a blow that Apple can not counter for months to come — and when Windows 8 emerges, the iPad might simply be reduced to another shiny gadget that Apple zealots loyally add to their gadget arsenal.

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