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As well as being the host to an array of high performance parts including the Intel Core i5-460m, it is also listed in the “Superior Mobility” category on the Asus website giving it the best of both worlds really.
Even with the high price tag, the U36JC sports a very uninteresting design, but the black, magnesium-aluminium chassis definitely isn’t something to complain about because, although unattractive, it also provides a very strong and robust chassis for the expensive hardware it houses.
As with most Asus notebooks and other products, we can clearly see the Asus logo on the lid. If we turn the U36JC over, you can see a decent amount of ventilation is available for the U36JC. If we go ahead and open up the U36JC, you’ll clearly see that the plain black design carries on through out. Both the power button and the fast-boot Express Gate environment buttons are located on the left and right, respectively.
Well, as well as the usual left and right mouse buttons, Asus have decided to implement a fingerprint scanner, in the usually empty space in the centre, that works very well! The keyboard layout has been completed relatively well, with various function buttons available for a variety of tasks. By pressing the Fn (Function) key and one of the corresponding buttons, you have the ability to take screenshots, control your media player, put the laptop to sleep, control the WiFi Adapter and loads more.
4:42 pm March 3, 2009 By Roland Hutchinson Asus has shown of a new dual screen laptop concept at CeBit, which they have been working on for some time, and instead of featuring a single screen and a keyboard, it has two screens, one of which can be used for a touchscreen keyboard.
The dual screen laptop is designed to be flexible, and users will be able to select a virtual keyboard and use it like a traditional laptop, or as a tablet PC.
Whilst this is only a concept at the moment, Asus do have a semi working prototype that they are showing off at CeBit, so I am sure it wont be long before we see either this laptop, or something vcery similar from Asus using this technology. How screenshot ipad ipad mini, This tutorial show screenshot ipad, transfer pc mac. How screenshot ipad ipad mini, This very brief tutorial will show you how to take a screenshot using your ipad, and how to transfer it to your pc or mac.

As the name suggests, laptops which use touch screens as input mechanism are called touch screen laptops. A laptop with touch screen has a comparatively reduced and compact size and so, is very easy to carry. A touch screen laptop has a better speed and reliability in comparison to conventional laptops.
Since touch screen laptops have many advanced and efficient features, everyone expected them to carry a heavy price. The future of touch screen laptops appears bright, as more software applications are expected to be compatible with touch-screen technology. If you are a tech-savvy business person or student with a busy lifestyle, a touch screen laptop will prove to be your ideal companion. It could be said that the U36JC from Asus has a very high price tag, but when you take a look under the hood and see what this baby’s running, you’ll definitely understand why it’s so high. Because of the increasing popularity of notebooks around the world, the gap in the market for a high performance, light and durable notebook is something that hasn’t really been tapped into yet. Obviously, due to the fact that this is classed as an Ultra Portable laptop, there is no optical drive on the U36JC; this does cause a few problems if you wanted to install games such as Call Of Duty or Crysis. And, obviously with all laptops you have the touch pad located in bottom centre of the main body and the keyboard just above it. Express Gate is a linux distribution with basic networking functions and basic functionality, including a Firefox based web browser, a few games, and image viewer, Pidgin Instant Messenger and a few other features.
It runs in the background works by bringing up the fingerprint software when you enter a password on a webpage.
There is quite a bit of empty space on either side of the keyboard that I feel could have been put to better use though, perhaps a few more “special” buttons for making tasks simpler during your stressful day at work.
Although regular laptops do have a mouse pad and a USB port to let you connect to an external mouse for easier navigation, they do take a considerable of amount of time to carry out simple navigation’s. However, as surprising as it may sound, touch screen laptops are extremely cost-effective and affordable to a common man.

Currently, these laptops are available only with Windows operating system; however, there are rumors stating that an Apple Macintosh touch screen laptop model is in the works and will be introduced shortly. It then asks if you want it to remember passwords and lock them to your thumb or fingerprint. You can use your fingers or a stylus to open files, paste and copy, drag and drop and move or resize windows.
Since a touch screen laptop does not require a mouse pad, it allows the laptop manufacturers to increase the touch key sizes and ensure that the keyboard doesn’t appear jammed.
However, if you wish to have a more up to date and stylish touch screen laptop, you may have to shell out a little additional money than required for the general laptops. The touch screen technology used in this laptop enables the use of two fingers to navigate the multimedia applications.
Apple has recently introduced the iPad, however it is more useful for reading books, viewing movies etc rather than as a fully functional laptop computer. This feature allows you to have ultra secure passwords without the need to remember them because they’ll only be accessible to you, using your fingerprint.
A touch screen laptop allows you to sketch using a stylus or take notes in your own handwriting. With touch screen laptops, as you tend to use your fingers when selecting the options, there’s no need to worry about clicking the wrong option. With touch screen laptops expected to become more common, their prices will surely come down. Most touch screen laptop computers also have efficient handwriting software, using which you can translate both cursive as well as printed writing into digitized form. Besides, the handwriting software eliminates the requirement for typing skills, as it simplifies the process of writing in cursive or printing on screen to execute commands.

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