After Listening to Sam's trouble in Chapter 4, you will be getting your hands on with his Experience where you take control over Sam and inside the Cell with Hector Alcazar who help you to escape the Prison. Another small Walkthrough where you will be taking control over Sam Drake to escape the Prison with the help of Hector Alcazar. Once the Soldier triggers the alarm and opens every cell your main Mission starts so keep shooting all the cops and do not forget to pick up the ammo which will be highlighted as soon as the enemy drops.
Alcazar's soldier will blow off one of the walls so either you keep following Hector or simply take them all down.
After you head outside breaching the door it's time to continue following Hector and you will see a machine gun shooting at you from the top of the tower. Add to this a consignment of pepper spray and you'll have yourself a Lucknow pepper-spray drone.
Unruly crowds in the Indian city of Lucknow had better watch out – pepper-spraying drones are on their way.
Lucknow police chief Yashasvi Yadav said this week that a team of cops has just finished flight tests of five recently acquired multi-rotor copters, all of which have been modified to carry the inflammatory spray.

Speaking to news agency AFP in a manner that suggested Yadav was really rather happy with his newly acquired equipment, the police chief said, “The results were brilliant. The new machines, which carry high-res cameras and up to 4.4 pounds (2kg) of spray, each cost around 600,000 rupees ($9,600) and will be ready for use by the start of May.
The city, whose population of just over two million makes it India’s eighth largest, has had its fair share of protests recently, some of which have been broken up using water cannons.
We’ve been enjoying some amazing video footage from quadcopters over the last year or so, and marveling at some of the incredible things they can do, but is this where things turn ugly for the multi-rotor machines? Pepper spray is a common part of a cop’s armory, and is usually administered by hand from a small can or bottle. In this Walkthrough try to gain all the control over Sam and explore the Prison world all over. These enemies are pretty basic so try to aim and then shoot and avoid rushing while shooting.
Nathan decides to help Sam as he has found him after so long and does not wish to lose him again.

Spraying it from a drone takes the use of the agent to a whole new level, in every sense of the meaning.
Thus Completing the Fifth Chapter of Uncharted 4 Thief's End and you can either continue to the next Chapter 6 - Once a Thief or check out our Uncharted 4 Wiki Page for treasure, journals locations and Much more.
The question is, now the idea’s out there, will police departments in other countries soon be placing orders for pepper-spraying drones of their own? Soon the Soldier will try to blow another Door, but there will be backup coming and these guards are a little difficult so try to take cover and then shoot.

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