In other news today, Get a whole new take on weather forecasts with Sunshine and Now you can Pimp Your Screen on the Apple Watch. As a 20-year-old single mom who was beautiful, working, and living in my own apartment, I felt as if I had it all together. Back then, I was no Miss America ladies, but I had a shape that would stop traffic, the face and smile of an angel, and a voice that could soothe the most aching soul. I got up, fixed my daughter a quick bowl of cereal with bananas and an apple on the side, and then she was off to the sitter, while I headed to work.
One volunteer emerged from the sidelines, and it was a family friend that we will call Uncle Cletus. I thought, it's Uncle Cletus, he's been drinking, and it will only take a second.  Okay, let me insert caption of "don't be so naive," right here. However, it was too late, he charged at me, attacked me, and the rest has become a part of my painful mental and physical history. I was threatened and feared for my life if I ever told, so I never said a word for many years. Even after getting back to my family, I endured years of being in the same room with him for family functions, because I was mentally afraid that something might happen to me or my daughter. You need to know because I don't want your daughters, nieces, sisters or friends, being naive about certain situations. As I reflect on that night, the warning signs were there, but I did not pay attention to them. I will also say that women must take self-defense classes, report it when something like this happens, and seek professional counseling. Don't allow years to go by as you're held hostage by bottled up hurt, anxiety, and fear of what may happen. Dawj is a professor, strategist and lover of food, wine, travel, dogs and all things empowering! The app for iPhone has great features that keep you in-the-know with breaking news and top stories.

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Dawj Sangster encourages women to seek therapy after an assault, and live a fear-free life.
Okay, I was all of that and more--and it had taken quite a while for me to get to that place. I decided that my daughter would stay the night at Grandma's house, so I had to go get her clothes from my house.
He was seemingly drunk--but I needed a ride--and I just wanted to get the clothes and head back to the group and party for a while longer. I headed for the bedroom to get my daughter's clothes, and showed him where the bathroom was located. You need to know because someone out there has experienced the same horror and she is still living in fear of what may happen if she tells. Never ride in the car with someone who is intoxicated because you risk losing your life and theirs. Now bringing enhancements to give you even more when you are on the go, the CNN for iPhone app supports an Apple Watch complication and time travel.
My typical night consisted of dinner with my daughter and a lift to the park to play with her, before taking her to grandma's house, while I played until the wee hours of the night. However, I could not find anyone from the group to take me because they were having just too much fun. Even though you will see the headline faded, you can still go directly to the story with a tap.

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