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Need to learn the basics?  Check out our ‘Beginner’s Guide to Picasa’ complete with  show-me videos. Den siste tiden har en ny type skadelig programvare som kalles crypto-ransomware (krypterende utpressingsvirus på godt norsk) blitt stadig mer utbredt.
Browse through the settings and become familiar with how to locate them and note what changes occur when you change settings.
To really notice the difference in setting changes, sit in one place and snap photos of the same inanimate object or scene to see the differences in how the shots turn out.
Focus on your subject when taking a photo, and avoid the distractions of having special effects or borders or frames in the photo. You handle your cell phone all day, making it very easy for the lens to become smudged or dirty.
The white balance on your phone should generally be set to Auto, however, there are usually adjustments that can be made for certain conditions such as cloudy or sunny weather, or incandescent or fluorescent lighting conditions.
Try to avoid zooming in when using a mobile phone camera feature, and instead, get closer to your subject. When taking a photo with a camera phone, remember that you may get a bit of a delayed reaction, unlike with a regular camera. If you are in the market for a new camera phone, visit your local mobile phone shop and check out the latest features. I am totally agree with you that having special effects or adding borders lines surely works as distraction.
I hardly see anyone using a real camera these days, and my digital camera is accumulating dust somewhere in my house(forgot where I put it) ?? Glad you enjoyed the post, Scarlett. I think a mobile phone camera is more than enough if you are not a professional photographer. To learn how to use the camera features is very important but the phone itself is even more important.
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In my charger the flat metal pins that you plug into the wall outlet were attached directly to transformer.

Advanced: If you remove IR filter from your webcam you can completely cover the lens hole with IR film like this one and make lens 100% invisible for the human eye.
We have so much capability in our laptop computers these days – like that little video camera built right in to the lid.
Picasa makes it OH-SO-EASY, just click one button and you can start talking into the camera.
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Om du klikker på en av disse, er sjansen stor for at du sprer lenken videre fra din egen profil.
Slik skadevare tar ganske enkelt filene dine eller hele PC-en som gissel, og bakmennene krever betaling for at du skal få tilgang igjen. Just as with any other devices, you will first need to learn how to use the camera function properly in order to achieve great shots. Most camera phones have options for making changes to resolution, flash, auto focus, shot type, white balance, color effects, and self timer options. For example, when changing the resolution settings and taking a shot of the same subject with each resolution setting, you should notice a difference in lighting, and in the crispness and clarity of each shot.
These fun effects can usually be added later, so stick to capturing the best shot possible. Frame your subject, and remember, what you see on the screen is what you get, so frame it how you would like the shot to look. If possible, have your subject hold still just a bit longer to allow for this slight delay, or else your photo may blur. Some of the newer models can capture some truly great shots, so if this is your primary camera, you may want to upgrade to a better camera.
A fun loving person, he writes about a variety of topics related to computers and technology. Most likely they took those pictures while they were walking or they didn’t manage to steady the camera. It should be something that is big enough to hold a camera and look natural with a cable attached to it.
Of course you spy cam will record IR only (which means everything will be black and white and weird looking).

Connect USB end of the webcam to a 15 foot USB extension cable and you can set up your spy camera about 20 foot away from computer.
I used Logitech webcam for this project, so I just launched Logitech QuickCam and checked that I can see myself. Keep in mind that if using this as your primary camera, you may wish to use the highest resolution setting, which allows you to make quality prints later. If the photo looks strange, try taking one with and one without the flash and compare the difference. I do get some people that send me pictures from their phones that tend to be blurry or out of focus fairly often. Also remember – when you took apart web camera you needed insides and did not care about braking plastic case. You need to figure out how to position circuit board and where should you drill a hole for the lens. Do this with all of the settings on your camera to learn how each change effects the outcome.
That is why you may want to drill a small hole first (about 5-8 mm) and see if it gives you a good view angle.
Walk in front the camera – you should see monitoring switching to recording and notifying about recorded snapshots.
You can your static snapshots there right away, but there is a little delay (10-15 min) before you can see video. I like to watch videos instead of snapshots because it gives me a quick overview of the activity.
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