This app allows you to make your device your own by letting you choose your own wallpaper image. Use your own images as lock screen wallpapers, with only a few seconds of loading time*, an impressive improvement from what used to take minutes with alternative methods! Normally, the lockscreen wallpaper cannot be changed on a Kindle Fire without root access and changing system file permissions.

The next best method requires a rotating wallpapers app originally created for other android devices to change their wallpaper images at a set time interval.
It could take a month to decipher the differences between the Nook Reader, Nook Color, Nook 1st Edition, Kindle, Kindle Fire, Kindle 3, Kindle DX, Kobo, Sony Reader Touch Edition, Sony Reader Daily Edition, BeBook Neo, Apple iPad and the seemingly endless list of others.
Cutting through the confusing eBook clutter and staying ahead of the industry’s trends has become a (necessary) top-order for us at CPL!

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