This week I went on a quick trip to Hawaii to meet the GoPro team (all of whom were incredibly talented, amazing people) and learn to use the camera properly. Here’s a few key pieces of advice to get you started, with more GoPro tips coming throughout 2015 as I take the pledge to capture more and more moments on my GoPro Hero 4.
The GoPro head strap is also great if you want to capture your own perspective and show people what you see through your eyes as the lens can be tilted to show just that. Fogging occurs in the camera housing when there are drastic changes in weather or the air is humid. Because of the wide angle of the lens, its important to know where to aim when trying to take that perfect selfie shot.
Due to the small nature of the camera, it tends to act like a car with sharp breaks if you don’t make a conscious effort to keep it steady to create a smooth, crisp shot. GoPro video footage is inherently big in size, so its a great idea to compress your files to save space on your laptop or hard drive. Brooke founded World of Wanderlust as a place to share inspiration from her travels and to inspire others to see our world.
I’ve been thinking of buying the Go Pro 4 Silver, specially for my upcoming holiday to Thailand.
Thanks for sharing advantage travel photography just you are presenting best ideas and almost your thinking. I’ve been debated between buying a GoPro for my travel blogs and a regular point and shoot camera. If you’re looking for a unique way to share your travel adventures with friends and family. We’ve been using it for years, as witness this picture of my wife and I  on top of Pikes Peak.
We have the perfect bundle to take care of 100% of your needs - you'll be ready to go out of the box. Featured ReviewHead Tennis Coach Marty Coynes, Bloomsburg University  "This mount is so functional it puts to shame any others. Rommel Cinco, parent of an up and coming 10 yr old player, uses the QM-1 at all his son's tournaments. Coaches, Parents and PlayersImprove your strokes, play smarter and win more tennis matches. Testimonial“I want to commend you on the craftsmanship of the pole camera holder you sent me. With its incredibly wide angle lens the GoPro Hero is often my go to camera when I'm doing street and documentary photography.
Change the way you look at your GoPro Hero camera with these photography tips designed to help those of us that don't jump out of space ships.
For one, you are never going to put an interchangeable lens and its DSLR companion in your pant pocket. You have to pay more attention to your lens with the GoPro when it is not in one of its many protective casings.I didn't realize my GoPro's lens was smudged until I reviewed the pictures at the end of the day.
Above: While you do need to be close to your subject with the GoPro sometimes you can get too close.
Above: The thing you love about something (or someone) can be the thing that causes you the most grief. Above: Here's a great shot to give you an idea of how effective the GoPro can be on the street. For the ultimate in taking selfies, check out this adjustable rod to hold your iPhone while you take pictures! Creates More Distance: By adding an additional 3-5 feet in distance between you and the camera, many animals feel comfortable to approach. Because the GoPro camera doesn’t have a zoom, the camera needs to get close, very close, to the animal. Shooting the Sally Lightfoot Crab – it moves so fast that it actually walks on water! Besides the Galapagos animals, we’ve had good success shooting animals with the GoPro on a selfie stick. Underwater photography is growing in popularity and there are so many techniques involved in capturing everything from surfers and whales to waves, the reef or simply the water itself.
For the moment I’m going to focus on split water landscape photographs because these are my favourite and are a great way to creatively showcase a destination from a unique perspective. Split water photographs depict a scene half above the water and half under the water at the same time hence creating the effect you’re looking through goggles at the underwater world whilst still keeping an eye on what’s happening up top. In a tropical environment they can showcase amazing water clarity blended against a white palm drenched beaches, aka paradise, or in a lake or creek it can used to show the contrast of a rocky mountain landscape against peaceful shallow water. Derived completely from my own experience in the water, below are some tips and techniques on how to capture split landscape photographs. I shoot with a Nikon D800 and chose to protect it with an Aquatech Underwater Sport Housing which is a solid, watertight little beast that’s never failed me and gets looked after like it’s my pet. You’ll find companies like Aquatech, Nauticam or Ikelite will have an underwater housing to fit your specific camera model and this is one of the reasons they work so well is that everything is aligned and fitted just for your camera, not just a generic bunch of buttons that will sometimes work.
Because at first I wasn’t keen to put my D800 under the water I purchased my Aquatech housing with two back pieces, one that slots in for a D800 and one that fits better with a D300s that I used as my test camera to get comfortable with the thought of dunking it. Prepare everything before leaving the house and then you won’t get distracted when you’re standing amongst an amazing landscape. Before entering the water hold your housing in the water for a minute or so to check for any bubbles inside. I like to use AP mode to give the slightly blurred effect either above or below the surface whilst the area in focus is completely sharp and clear. To ensure you have clarity both above and below the water level you’ll need to adjust your settings. If you’re photographing waves or something moving then perhaps increase your ISO to ensure the image doesn’t blur.
Sit the housing on the top of the water then gradually dip it under until you see the lens is sitting half in and half out of the water, if your head is in the first few shots to ensure you’re sitting the camera at the right level then don’t worry!
A little tip, if you’re looking through the viewer your eye will most of the time be just above water level so it gives you a good indication of where the front of the camera will be sitting in the water. A split shot to showcase the depth of the water and the little turtle gliding by in the South Male Atoll, Maldives.
My tip is to turn around really quickly in a circle whilst swimming and click away until you’re dizzy, the results won’t be super accurate but they will surprise you! If you want to line up the shot with a landscape then just face the shoreline and swing from left to right which will create a little wave with your camera and the ‘bend’ of the wave should curve gently over your lens. Landscape photography is all about capturing a scene and depicting it in your own way with a vision that’s unique to your eye. It’s no secret an underwater housing for your Digital SLR camera is a substantial investment so perhaps to get the hang of the technique and see if it’s for you grab yourself a GoPro or similar camera that’s not as expensive.
A split selfie taken with a GoPro in the Maldives with my Aquatech housing…this was my first attempt at using both cameras underwater at once haha! When I’ve visited tropical locations like the Cook Islands, Maldives or Whitsundays I always take my housing with me because these destinations revolve around the water so I believe it’s essential to capture this angle. Lake Hawea, New Zealand in winter…you can use split underwater shots to showcase any destination warm or cold!
Next up I would love to use it in a city environment like a harbour or river with giant skyscrapers behind…my dream underwater shoot?

Otherwise if you’re already in the water and creating split landscape photographs I’d love to see them and if you’re on Instagram use the hashtag #thewanderinglens so I can have a peek! By clicking Confirm bid, you commit to buy this item from the seller if you are the winning bidder.
By clicking Confirm bid, you are committing to buy this item from the seller if you are the winning bidder and have read and agree to the Global Shipping Program terms and conditions - opens in a new window or tab. By clicking 1 Click Bid, you commit to buy this item from the seller if you're the winning bidder.
This is a private listing and your identity will not be disclosed to anyone except the seller. The Selfie Pod Sport is an awesome gopro selfie stick designed for all of you extreme sports needs, such as snowboarding, skiing, wakeboarding, skateboarding and surfing.
The Selfie Pod Sport is our strongest, longest selfie stick, making it ideal for use with your smartphone, GoPro or other small cameras. The Selfie Pod Sport comes with a solid locking head for capturing the perfect angle, and a wrist wrap to ensure your phone or GoPro stay secure.
I listened to every piece of information made available to me, read every booklet like I was studying for an exam, and gazed at some of the incredible footage created by the GoPro production team. Because the camera is purposefully built for action sports and adventures, it can handle quite a lot of anything, really. If you want to capture a selfie, you should instead point the lens toward your chest to avoid capturing a large amount of sky above your head.
However a great feature on the GoPro that is often overlooked by beginners is the timelapse mode. What are your top tricks for using your GoPro that you’d like to share with other readers? Now in it's third year, World of Wanderlust is home to a collection of the world's best experiences, destinations, tours, hotels, restaurants, and lifestyle brands. It would ofcourse be a quite a bummer if i’d have to take an extra camera along for this duty.
I must say this will be extremely helpful as I have struggled to figure out how exactly to operate my GoPro camera in the past. Especially being a newbie to the go pro world, proud to say I was able to go through with it and edit and complete my first video ?? Thanks for the tips! WHILE SUPPLY LASTS!The Muvi Bundle includes a Muvi K-1 Wi-fi Camcorder, QM-1 Camera Mount, and 16 gb SD card!! The GoPro Hero is an incredible resource for photographers who actually hold their cameras and walk the streets as mere mortals. With the GoPro Hero I can capture an entire room of people meeting over coffee prices in Guatemala. The GoPro's fish-eye lens worked perfectly with the large and very circular dresses worn by these models. Blind shots or no-look shots are very easy with the GoPro Hero since you can pretty much be assured that your subject is somewhere in the picture.One draw back with the GoPro is that you cannot control the camera settings.
The other thing is that when you do use your GoPro naked the lens is always exposed to potential damage. After seeing several photos that showed the smudge I looked at my GoPro and saw where the problem was coming from. When taking pictures of people (or doing selfies) be sure to stay at arms length to avoid distorting people's faces. But you don't have to be an astronaut or adventure seeker to make the most of what this wide angle wonder can do.
Keep this in mind and compose your shot with minimal sky to avoid large white areas in your pictures. Because most of the islands are National Park, the animals roam freely and have become accustomed to being around humans. I'm a partner at Storyteller Media, a content marketing company for Canadian travel brands. However you choose to use the effect in your photographs it’s a fun way to look at the world and will encourage you to think outside the box whilst shooting and get seriously creative…trust me, it’s addictive.
You don’t want to put your precious SLR camera in a plastic bag housing and find it immediately fills with water. There is nothing more frustrating than paddling out into the ocean to find you’ve either forgotten to turn the camera on or you’re low on battery or have no memory left. You’ll notice almost immediately it things don’t look quite right like when I didn’t screw tightly enough and water poured in through the lens…luckily Nikon’s are tough. The little bit of added exposure is simply to illuminate the section under the water in the image, sometimes I’ll bump this up depending on how dark or deep the water is. Again it’s a hit and miss based on the weather, sunlight and depth of the water but most settings you can change while you’re underwater using the buttons on the back of the housing. If you’re in flat water then it shouldn’t take too long to do but if you’ve got waves around you have to play their game and time your shots perfectly for your desired effect. If the water is clear and you wish to showcase the details above the water then simply focus the camera before putting it under the water. To mix things up a little bit wait for a wave or some movement in the water to get either sparkles in the water against the sunlight or water droplets and creating a split that’s a little more creative. After a few attempts you’ll find knowing where the split is formed on your camera becomes second nature and you’ll be able to click away faster. Because of the clarity and brightness of the water the movement of the fish didn’t blur despite the ISO remaining at 100. It’s a matter of researching the location, the waves and spending enough time to work out your timing and purpose for each shot. It first happened when a wave passed by me just as I was taking a split underwater image, the wave came from right to left and created a horizontal cut across the photo with the water with a neat little bend in the middle.
I’ve had some of the best moments of my career taking split underwater photographs because you’re amongst the elements, outdoors and the scene changes so rapidly that it provides an adrenalin rush you don’t get in a studio or city.
Then once you think you’ve got it down, are addicted to underwater photography and love it as much as I do look to purchase a housing specific to your model of camera so you can start producing some high quality images.
On a recent trip to New Zealand in winter I also packed it to play around with the mountains, creeks and frozen water…also because I just wanted to splash around in gum boots and see how numb my hands would get. Packaging should be the same as what is found in a retail store, unless the item is handmade or was packaged by the manufacturer in non-retail packaging, such as an unprinted box or plastic bag. Import charges previously quoted are subject to change if you increase you maximum bid amount.
When I first opened the box of my new GoPro, I was eager to get outdoors and start taking some of the best photos of my life. Don’t worry if it does do flying through the air, but do make sure this happens in an area where you can pick it back up!
If you have the new GoPro Hero 4, you are even able to review footage and photos immediately after you take them in the LCD screen. I know alot of the previous Go Pro camera’s werent great for this cause of the semi fisheye lenses (from what I read). I thought a way to get it solved was to take a video instead, then snap a screenshot via gopro studio.
I’ve been using my GoPro for videos but I want to start trying to take photos with it.
We now have a distributor in the London area and you can contact him directly for a quick and convenient transactio!

And with the same camera I can take landscape pictures that show everything my eyes can see. When taking pictures with any fish-eye lens you need to pay attention to how you frame your shots. You can read more about my gear list if you're interested.I tell you this to point out that even though I really like the wide 15mm focal length of the Canon 15-85mm, a lot of times 15mm simply isn't enough. No other point and shoot camera comes close to bringing into frame both volcanoes, the lake and ultimately us. Here's another picture taken in Santa Cruz at Lake Atitlan in Guatemala.When editing this picture in Picmonkey I was not able to salvage the blue of the sky because there wasn't any blue to begin with. With an interchangeable DSLR lens, you can place a protective UV filter in front of the lens to protect the actual lens from damage in the event of any accidental mishandling.
The fish eye lens can distort your horizon line if you do not have it (the horizon line) in the center of your picture. Keep these GoPro Hero photography tips in mind and you can create some pretty amazing pictures with very little effort.
Or, expose more for the sky but know that what lies beneath may be underexposed.When using the GoPro as a street camera you probably don't want to put it in any of its many casings and accessories because the additional bulk that stuff creates will negate the fact that the camera is small and inconspicuous.
In both cases, I wouldn’t have felt very comfortable with stuffing my arm into those openings. As with most things, the cheaper the equipment the less use you’ll get out of it and the less reliable it’s going to be. I suggest never really going above +1.0 for your exposure though as you’ll start to overexpose the half above the water and take away any colour detail. Otherwise if there is reef, fish or something interesting underwater dip the camera under and focus before bringing it back to the surface. I didn’t realise that it was a normal DSLR in a casing – I thought it was a super fancy camera! If you reside in an EU member state besides UK, import VAT on this purchase is not recoverable. But I didn’t take the time to learn how to use the camera (it is noticeably different to anything else on the market and takes some getting used to), so after a disappointing few first tries I near enough gave up on this being the answer to my prayers for better travel photos.
This is a great tool for beginners, as well as some of the action shots that don’t require the photo burst (better if the shot you are trying to take is a quick action).
While you see a picture perfect edit at the end of the project, it is important to remember they too had oodles of unwanted footage that didn’t make the cut and have used a variety of tools to edit their final product.
A fish-eye lens will make a straight tree appear to bend if the tree is composed on the edges of the frame. And even at that close distance the GoPro still was able to bring in some of the other unique headstones. To solve the problem in the picture above I could have tilted the camera down just a bit to get a straight line across the horizon. That said, if it's raining, put your GoPro in its water-proof case and shoot with confidence knowing that your camera is well protected.Forget zooming in. But the selfie stick has improved my animal photography in other places too. See some examples at the bottom of the post.
Remember to hold the focus once you’ve set it to ensure it doesn’t reset and focus somewhere unwanted.
More often than not something unexpected will occur whether it’s a big wave, school of fish or a friendly turtle floats past. The Selfie Pod Sport has sections which lock at any point, which means your footage will never be compromised by them spinning or sliding and you can get the perfect picture.
So for instance, that first picture of you on the scooter… That’s a still shot?
Knowing that the center of the frame has the least amount of distortion, the models face was placed there to avoid having her face appear twisted. Had the camera exposed for the bright sun the man would have been underexposed and most likely so dark that it couldn't be rescued in editing.You can't control how the GoPro will expose your shot but you can compose your shots by avoiding the sky as much as possible to avoid getting a white sky if your subject is in the shadows. Once you’ve got the hang of shooting underwater shots it’ll be fun to chase down these subjects and creatively capture them but to begin with don’t stress if you are on the wrong setting or can’t focus quick enough, it’s all about learning and adjusting the next time around.
It is the perfect Selfie Stick for skiing, snowboarding, skateboarding, swimming… in fact any thing you do where you want peace of mind that your awesome footage will come out just the way you wanted it. For photos, be sure to play around with edits on the colours, exposure, crop and other basics. You can see my Canon 60D in the background as I show one of the kids a picture I had taken of him.
When using a GoPro as a street camera keep in mind that you have to get close to your subject. You can see the picture above with the girls in the dresses to see how the sky lost a lot of its blue in order to better expose the girl and her dress. It weighs very little and can easily fit into almost any pocket.Before you ask about the sky and colors, yes this picture was edited for additional color and pop using the online photo editor PicMonkey.Still with me? You'll be surprised how close you can (and need to) get to your subject with the GoPro.When taking pictures of people, a good rule of thumb is to stay arms-length away. The GoPro goes with us on every shoot and has proved to the best way to show our interview set ups on Picture Power's Facebook page.
Since everything about the GoPro is pretty much point and shoot, it is often necessary to do a little editing to bring the picture to life.You can see more GoPro pictures like this in an article about a colorful cemetery in Panajachel, Guatemala. And it is an incredibly easy way to avoid walking around crowded streets and unfamiliar surroundings with a bag filled with thousands of dollars worth of gear. Not sky.Look at the bottom right hand corner of this picture and you can see that it looks a little faded or maybe even smeared. Had the camera been back just a few feet more the models would have gotten quite a bit smaller and made much less of an impact.See more GoPro pictures from Guatemala. The focus is not as clear in the bottom right because when I took the GoPro out of my pocket and either my hand (with all the sweaty oils a hand can produce) rubbed against the lens or the lens met something in my pocket that left a smudge mark on the lens.If you use your GoPro naked as I do you have to pay attention to the lens in ways that you often wouldn't need to with an interchangeable lens like the Canon 15-85mm lens.
In the meantime,  Picture Power serves as a resource for you to sharpen your photography skills.
Keep in mind that while the GoPro will create some eye-catching compositions for your pictures it will not, with any consistency, create picture that pop with color. But the fact that every shot is exposed by the camera, you run the risk of not getting everything the way you want it.
Assume anything in front of the camera is within the GoPro's frame.On a similar note, pay close attention to your shadow during the morning and evening hours when shadows are long.
But in many cases, something (in this case the women in the boat) is better than not taking the picture at all. If you are not careful, your shadow will easily be captured by your GoPro.The GoPro is great for landscape photography. Everything is automatic with the GoPro.When you are shooting with a naked GoPro keep in mind that the lens is exposed.

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