Festival-goers rejoice, as you can now take videos and pictures of livesets with half the schlep. The Session is also waterproof, so you can feel safe bringing it to a Steve Aoki set amidst his absurd antics. The shooting button is located on top, and the Session turns on to start recording when you tap it.
A time-lapse photo shoot can be initiated with a 3-second press-and-hold on the main button.
This pocket-sized camcorder has been in production for 3 years according to GoPro CEO Nick Woodman.
So, now, you are looking for a compact yet reliable action camera that you can bring anywhere and anytime? Polaroid Cube claims to be the world’s most fun and cutest lifestyle action camera due to its superbly tiny, cubical shape. If you are running on a tight budget and want to save some, then Polaroid Cube can be a nice choice. Taking photographs of the ground from an elevated position has been around since the 1850’s where they used balloons to take pictures from up high.
Sport cameras are now being used to shoot unprecedented action shots and video by mounting them on helmets, cars, motorcycles, and even animals. The second component to the new world of aerial photography is a flying machine that can carry our GoPro, but is not a full size plane or helicopter. Another innovation to help keep the camera steady while your drone is bouncing around in the sky is a camera gimbal.
In my opinion, this one tool makes all the difference in aerial shots and video from a drone. Now we have our three core components needed to start taking aerial photos and videos, but just how can we see the pictures and videos we are shooting if the drone is hundreds of feet up and away? Flight data can also be displayed with your video, containing data like altitude, speed, distance (from the receiving station), battery levels, and even a home icon to help direct you back to your takeoff point. To view the 4K version below, click the settings icon at the lower right of the YouTube player window and select the highest resolution available. The still image quality from the GoPro HERO4 is pretty impressive for such a compact little camera. I personally have had the greatest success with still images from my GoPro cameras by grabbing stills from the 2.7K Medium FOV video that I normally shoot. So far I have been quite pleased with the performance of the new GoPro HERO4, especially when compared to the past generations that I’ve been using in my drones. With the GoPro cameras I prefer to grab stills from the 2.7K Medium FOV video I capture, which are much more pleasing, yet still offer plenty of resolution for social media, web work, and even average sized prints. If you are more concerned with still image quality, there are much larger drones available that can carry mirrorless ILCs from Sony or Panasonic, and even full-size DSLRs from Canon, Nikon, etc.
So, if you are tired of dull pictures and video shot from the ground, grab a DJI Phantom 2 with the H3-3D gimbal and add a new GoPro HERO4 Black. Bruce Chambers is the owner of An Aerial ViewPoint, which specializes in capturing aerial photos and video. He has also been flying RC planes and helicopters for over 45 years and enjoys designing his own aerial platforms.
He feels the new drones are the perfect marriage of IT, RC, and Photography; and the three combined have become a total obsession in his life.

Safety issues will likely restrict drone use severely in years to come… and there are shots that can be drone done that are nearly impossible elseways. About Steve’sFounded in 1997, Steve’s Digicams strives to introduce new readers to the world of digital photography and inspire others to do the same. On Steve's Darkroom, we will be showcasing some of the best photos on the Web; everything from examples of excellent professional photographs to the entertaining shots that make you smile. For the ability to take footage from multiple viewpoints, get the GoPro Jaws Flex Clamp Mount to hook onto the front of your handle bars or a nearby object, so you can take a look at your form from afar.
Although its quality and resolution have slightly suffered, GoPro has come out with a new miniature camera, the Hero 4 Session, that packs on an almost non-existent 40% of the previous Hero 4 Black’s weight.
However, if you want to take singular or burst photos, you have to download the GoPro app and program these changes into your phone or tablet’s settings.
Due to some essential, drawn-out business decisions, some tradeoffs had to be made in order to accommodate the camera’s minuscule size. Any price, ratings, availability and save money information displayed on Amazon Site at the time of purchase will apply to the purchase of this product. Even now most commercial aerial shots or videos are done from an airplane or helicopter, at the cost of renting a plane or copter, pilot and fuel. So now we have a powerful and lightweight HD camera to take up in the air, but we still need a better, more cost effective way to get it up there. Like the image stabilization system built into many digital cameras today, this gimbal reacts to the drones motion and keeps the camera perfectly still and gives the effect that the camera is floating in the air.
The gimbal keeps the camera steady in pitch, roll and yaw, allowing you to take stills and movies that look like they were taken from a tripod in the air. The GoPro HERO4 has both HDMI and analog live video outputs, through a micro HDMI or mini-USB port.
These files, which are extracted using Adobe’s Premiere Pro CC software, offer less barrel distortion (aka fisheye), while still offering a pleasing amount of detail. I personally feel that the GoPro cameras are best suited for video recording, versus stills. Video quality is similar to past models like the HERO3+ Black, with the main benefits of the new HERO4 Black being the additional frame rates one can use.
Then run your live video out through at VTX Transmitter down to a ground station monitor or goggles, and you have a photo rig that can capture stunning aerials for all to enjoy.
He started his interest in photography shooting weddings during his early high school years.
A little over 6 years ago he discovered Multirotors (aka Drones) and it was love at first sight. Aerial Cinematography using drones is now a new frontier for photographers that want to show a whole new perspective from above. Looks actually cool in those pictures but can imagine that it’s really distracting and unwanted in other situations. This innovative design conveniently clips and mounts onto slim and strange shaped objects, and the adjustable neck allows you to get the shot just right.
It measures at less than 1.5 inches on every side, and is perfect for bringing through festival gates in your fanny pack, or even in your pocket. Battery life has been a ubiquitous complaint among GoPro owners, so this nifty mechanism will surely attract a slew of unsatisfied consumers. The second button only holds a singular function of turning the Wi-Fi on and off for these connectivity purposes.

The firstly mentioned product boasts somewhat pricey tag with cool specs and awesome feats while the latter one seems to be a lot more friendly towards the wallet.
The maximum resolution for vids is also considerably higher, as you can record things at 1440p in 30 fps. Otherwise, you should aim for GoPro HERO4 Session – the performance boost is too valuable to be missed here!
Today we have a new choice that may change the way we view the world from above and revolutionize aerial photography and videography. With the live video output from the GoPro we can send video with a wireless transmitter down to the ground.
Wireless equipment for analog video is much cheaper and has plenty of range for our needs for now. While I often use still images extracted from the video, I rarely use the actual still capture mode of the camera. These machines are much larger than the Phantoms I use with GoPro cameras, and their cost is considerably more as well. Since then he has been working in IT as his main career, while doing photography as a side job and hobby. Bruce wants to show you 'Your World, from Above' and his company, An Aerial ViewPoint, is shooting pictures and videos of businesses, homes, weddings, cell towers, construction sites, insurance inspections, and disaster recovery.
While the battery life only lasts between one and two hours for each video, turning it off and on will stretch its endurance even further, as its test run had it outlasting a fully charged GoPro Hero 4 Black and Hero+ LCD.
Additionally, it only takes 8 MP still photos, which is a resolution your phone can easily match, or sometimes beat. Polaroid Cube features 6 MP camera armed with CMOS Sensor in order to provide crisp images.
You can also choose 1080p or 720p to increase the frame rate, 60 fps and 100 fps respectively. One of the leaders in Multirotors is DJI Innovations, and the perfect model to carry a GoPro 4 is their DJI Phantom 2. The instant I start to turn the drone with the transmitter, the gimbal starts to react, making the H3-3D one of the smoothest gimbals out today. The video transmitter or VTX sends the video to a video receiver on the ground that can then be connected to video goggles, a smart device, or a LCD monitor for viewing. Photos taken from this setting have a lot of fisheye effect, which for many shots can be unwanted and quite distracting.
Since you are limited to the Wide FOV setting, you have a lot more fisheye effect to deal with, which can be distracting in some photos. GoPro HERO4 Session is already designed to be waterproof up to 10 m deep by nature without needing additional housing, and it features a convenient, practical one-button control. Philip Bloom, a heavyweight in the world of digital videography, echoes these sentiments…saying that 4K resolutions are not yet a necessity. It also comes with a waterproof case and can be mounted at almost anything thanks to the bundled accessories. Just kinda confused on what setting to choose that will best suit my 1080 timeline and really make my video pop.

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