This My Little Pony Party was so much fun to plan, mostly because my daughter was so dang excited for every detail of it.
As guests arrived I had a coloring page for them to work on while we waited for everyone to arrive. While they were coloring each girl was invited to come and select a My Little Pony temporary tattoo and we put it on her cute little hand.
I purchased this Pin the Cutie Mark on Pinkie Pie game for just a few dollars at Zurchers, but here it is on Amazon. After bingo we played Pony, Pony, Horse (just like Duck, Duck, Goose) but all of my photos were blurry – thanks to those fast runners! I had a hard time finding My Little Pony charms so I turned to Etsy and found a shop selling really cute charms for just a few dollars!
After opening gifts we sang happy birthday and ate the delicious treats I outlined in this post.

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The contents of this blog, including text, original photos and ideas are the sole property of the author. She and I would sit together and browse all the fun ideas on Pinterest and the party practically planned itself! This is my go-to party starter because the excitement level is so high that this gives them something to do those first 10 minutes instead of running wild through my house. If you’ve been around my site much, you know that I use her free bingo cards for just about every holiday. The girls got to string a bracelet with colorful pony beads and a My Little Pony charm to complete their Friendship is Magic bracelets. I had planned on playing Pony, Pony, Who has the Pony (like button, button, who has the button), but we ran out of time!

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With 12 little friends coming to the party, I knew that it needed to be simple enough that I could manage it all myself.
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