The newest  varieties of the iPhone has the ability to record very high definition (HD) videos which is resulting in them getting more extensive usage, firstly as a cell phone and now as a means of capturing great memories in the making.
While the camera of an iPhone is recording a live video, tapping the camera button on the upper corner of the screen instantly takes a picture of the object(s) in focus, without hampering the recording of the video.
The capturing of a snapshot does not in anyway pose a threat to the recording of the video in progress, neither does the screen flash or the camera’s snapping sound become a part of the video. The clicked picture from the video can be located in the usual place – the Camera Roll and Photos, from where  App You can locate the snapped picture in the Photos app and Camera Roll as usual, from where you can use it however you want to and do whatever you want.
There is one thing which needs to be kept into mind though, especially if the iPhone’s camera is being used for professional purposes. Talking of resolutions, a video captured by an iPhone needs to be saved to a device manually to keep the original high definition resolution intact. 002We all know the fact that HTC is the company that spent no less than two years praying the benefits of larger pixels for capturing more and this was the big selling point behind its lower-resolution UltraPixel camera from its previous One M8 flagship.
However, the results were truly disappointing and that is why the company decided to go on the exact opposite direction by cramming in no less than 20 million smaller pixels to obtain greater resolution. Is the new camera from the company’s latest One M9 flagship offering us what we truly need? Sometimes when you are in the middle of recording a video, an ideal photo opportunity might appear and know that this could be a tough decision.
The handset’s native camera app has the ability to snap a photo while you’re recording a video and the procedure is much easier than you might imagine.
Then, tap the Recording done icon to stop recording and enjoy your photo and your video as well. Loredana has graduated Communication and Public Relations and works as a copywriter for over three years.

Apple has added a new feature in the iPhone 5 that allows its users to capture photos while recording video at the same time. For cell phone news,tips and updates follow us on facebook or twitter or stay tuned to our blog by subscribing to it. ‘Subscribe‘ can be found a little below the top right corner of this window. Why they did not make this feature available for all iOS devices eludes me, but who knows, on the next iOS update, they could make this available for everyone. A self-important pompous arrogant bastard who has an attention span of a 3 year old but is tech and gadget savvy enough to write a blog about it. The resolution of the picture would be that of the video, and not with the full 8mb like in normal picture taking with the iPhone 5. Regardless of the ability to capture great videos, there are times though when you would also want to take snapshots of the action which is already being captured in video, and this can be done in the iPhone. The photo captured by the camera during the video recording will be saved at a resolution which is lower than the standard resolution of picture when clicked by the camera normally.
Mailing the video is easy from the iPhone itself, but during the process of mailing the video is compressed and thus its resolution reduces by a great extent. On our site you can find various guides on this topic, so don’t hesitate to read them and today I want to tell you something else that the device’s camera is capable of and we are sure that you are going to love to take photos while recording a video! Should you stop filming, snap the photo and go back to recording or should you simply continue and forget about the photo?
She uses technology every day ( just as anyone else having her age ), but somehow things turned into something more than that.
This come come to use when the user is recording a video and suddenly happens to want to take a photo. Whenever the user wants to click a picture while recording a video, it is sufficient to tap on that camera button (or white circle).

Immediately, the screen will turn white for a moment which indicates that a photo is captured.
However, the quality of the image captured in this way is lesser than the photo captured normally in camera mode. While recording video, simply tap the small camera icon on the lower left of the screen and it will automatically grab a picture of what you are recording without having to pause or stop your video recording. You can easily find the option if you pay attention to the details, the same button which needs to be tapped to spin the camera from the back to the front lens turns into a camera button while the video recording is going on. That is, say for example in an iPhone 5, a video records normally at a resolution of 1080p and thus, a photo clicked during a video recording will save at 1080p resolution and not the normal 8MP which is the resolution at which normal pictures are saved. Well, let me tell you that if you are the owner of a HTC One M9, this is not actually a problem as long as you can do both. She just loves to discover more about what’s new and interesting, so why not combining that with her passion for writing? The start or stop record button (the red one) will be appearing on the bottom of the screen. Beside this record video button, a camera button (or a white circle) will be displayed on the screen. This takes place because of the fact that the camera while recording a video only snaps and saves a frame of the object(s) in focus and does not click a separate picture which results in the change of the resolution. Here, on Android Flagship she contributes articles regarding the best choices that you could take when it comes to the latest Android releases and not only and she promises to keep you updated.

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