Here are the apps and accessories you’ll need if you want to use your iPad mini as a phone.
Jawbone Era – A great headset that also has an accelerometer and application processor. Blueant Q2 – This headset is a great voice controlled headset wtih A2DP music and GPS voice prompt streaming. Motorola CommandOne – This headset not only has a dual-mic for noise reduction, CommandOne also uses bone conductivity so you can hear the conversation better.
Places that sell iPad Mini? You can get them at any Apple store, Target, Best Buy or Walmart. Gogo in-flight wireless says you cannot make a phone or video call while you are in the air. I bought the iPad mini with 4G LTE on Verizon wireless and plan to use it as my primary mobile tablet for work thanks to the Verizon Share Everything Plan.
Carrying the full size iPad is a commitment, especially if I don’t plan to take a bag.
Productivity increases with a good keyboard, and the ZAGGKeys Flex keyboard will add that when I plan to work on the iPad. I also plan to use the iPad mini as a personal hotspot when I need to work from a notebook in a car or on-the-go. With 4G LTE connectivity I am able to stream music and entertainment which I would otherwise want to download to my iPad. Users on the Verizon Share Everything plan can add the iPad mini for $10 a month, including use as a personal hotspot at no extra charge.
The iPad mini with 4G LTE may not earn a spot in every users’ gadget list, but it looks like it will fill a hole I hope the Nexus 7 would have.
This very brief tutorial will show you how to take a screenshot using your iPad, and how to transfer it to your PC or Mac. I was right in the middle of submitting my first app and couldn’t remember this process. I have the same problem as Joe – How do you change the orientation of the screenshot picture from portrait to landscape?? Ever since I got my Gen-1 iPad back in the fall of 2010, I’ve been yearning for a way to take screen shots with it.

I’m probably the last sentient being in The Milky Way to know the iPad has it’s own built-in process for taking screen shots of itself. I have tried it several times but the iPad simply goes to sleep and is very difficult to wake.
Thanks, i’m a business user, just starting to give demos on iPad, and this is really helpful. My question: do you have any idea how I can change my iPad’s settings make it to make screenshots in jpeg format, or how I can fix this problem?
Please can you tell me how to attach my cv to an application or download it to a Jobsite I am registering with.
I just tried it a few minutes ago and my iPad mini didn’t just go to sleep, it turned off completely. Rygterne har svirret i lang tid, men alligevel er det meget begr?nset hvad der egentlig er sluppet ud omkring den kommende iPad Mini. Vi ved endnu intet med sikkerhed, men dette er vores bud pa hvad vi kan forvente af den nye iPad Mini – hvis det overhovedet bliver navnet. Afsluttet – Konkurrence – Vind hele den komplette Sons of Anarchy-serie pa DVD i eksklusiv boks! Om eReviews.dkDette er stedet hvor du bliver opdateret pa de seneste trends i IT og elektronikbranchen. Tilmeld dig Vores nyhedsbrev og modtag nyhederne direkte i din mailboks - sa gar du aldrig glip af hverken test, anmeldelser, artikler, guides eller nyheder! By 2016 people are expected to have 2 mobile devices on their person almost all time; some of us do that already with a smartphone and a tablet like an iPad mini.
Not only can you open up the Google+ app to be part of a hangout but you can also use a phone number to call into if the video services do not work or bandwidth is short.
The company started off as an alternative text messaging service – now they offer voice calling.
A lot of these options can also turn a laptop, Kindle Fire or other Android device into a phone as well.
When I find myself away from the computer I often want to work on posts, and the larger 7.9-inch display provides a larger keyboard for better mobile productivity. This setup won’t replace my MacBook Air, or an Ultrabook convertible, but it will allow me to be ready to write without lugging a notebook around and worrying about battery life.

The first is for connectivity wherever I am without the need to drain my phone’s personal hotspot.
Just fill out the address you want to send it to, give the email a subject and enter any info you want in the body of the message. What logical reason is there for Apple to restrict importing screenshots via an iTunes sync just like any other photo (that the screenshots are in the same location as).
One question I have though, is it possible to turn the screenshot from profile view to horizontal view in Photos? I finally resorted to dragging out my camera, propping up the Pad, taking photos of the screen, and uploading the images to my Mac for processing. When you see the screen you like to capture displayed on your iPad Mini, press the home button and the lock button at the same time. When you take your fingers off the buttons, you will hear a camera shutter and your iPad screen will flash as the same time which means you have successfully captured the screenshot on your iPad Mini.
Best part is when your phone is down to 5% and no charger (like the ZAGG Sparq we reviewed) to be found you can use the other device to do things like make calls and text messages. All you need is a wireless connection and possibly a set of headphones or Bluetooth headset. They were usually under-exposed images with my forehead, chin, and the front of my camera prominently superimposed on the iPad’s screen. I would happily attach my docs using my laptop, but the reason I got an ipad in the first place was because my laptop broke and I just thought well an ipad should be able to do so much more.
I have google drive, cloud on, Dropbox yet I still can’t attach any document to anything or download docs to any website.
I’ve been using this crude, time consuming method for nearly two years now and I’m sick of it.

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