HDR photography is traditionally done by taking multiple photos with the exact same composition but with different exposure settings, then merging them all together as one photo.
Since the iPhone will take three photos every time you trigger the shutter, Apple has included an option in the Settings app that lets you keep the normal photos -- meaning the photos you would've taken if HDR was turned off. Following the above instructions will have HDR up and running without any effort on your part. Everyone is familiar with the tap-to-focus feature of the iPhone's camera, but what many people don't realize is that not only is the camera focusing on your subject, but it's also exposing for this area of the photo as well. The built-in HDR feature of the iPhone's camera is a great, but there's no denying its limitations. I still have an iPhone 4 (for a few more weeks, anyway ;) ) - I think for outdoor photos it is amazing. I wasn't too thrilled with the location I chose to take photos of my car for this article, which is why I chose jammer148's photo for this section instead. Your average person will take a photo of their car by stepping back until their vehicle fits in the frame, then snap the picture.
Some of the most interesting aspects of a nice car is in the details, so make sure you get some photos focusing on them.
Most professional car photographers use wide angle lenses when photographing cars because it adds dimension and a creative look to their photographs. HDR photography with cars is very popular and can result in an interesting look, so make sure you experiment with this idea. We recently had a car photography photo contest and received a lot of great submissions, so make sure you take a look at the official car photography contest thread in the forums for inspiration. Now that you're all prepared for taking the most spectacular photo of your car, put it to practice!
I love my DSLR camera but having the iPhone on my hip & ready for action is always fun!
How to hide recent and favorite contacts on the app Thanks to their inclusion on the iphone and ipad app switcher screen double click the home recents or both right off hide recent and favorite contacts How to hide recent and favorite contacts on the app. Did you know that cody rhodes randy orton fanfiction is most likely the hottest topics on this category? Did you know chirie apartament o camera timisoara olx is one of the most popular topics on this category? Did you know that phim sieu nhan than kiem is one of the most popular topics in this category? When you step outside on a sunny day and view a scene that has both really bright area and very dark, shaded areas, you are living in a setting with a great dynamic range -- a huge range of light intensity levels. This act must be done with the camera sensor -- which is only capable of capturing a certain range of light intensity at any given time.

For example, a photographer will set up his camera on a tripod, take one photo that is exposed for the darkest area of the scene, a second photo exposed for the mid-range section, and a third photo exposed for the brightest area of the scene.
When you enable HDR, the iPhone will take three photographs at the same time, with different exposures, and layer the best parts of each one to create one photo -- all in a matter of seconds.
With the Camera app open, you should see a button at the top of the screen that says Options.
However, I've learned through much experimentation a little trick that will improve results -- exposing for the darkest part of the scene.
I don't have an explanation as to why, but exposing for the darkest part of the photo seems to produce better results than to let the iPhone choose an exposure automatically. The picture itself will turn out very desaturated but go to your Photos and use the Auto-Enhance and it will spice it up to make it really cool looking. Do you regularly dedicate hours of your time to washing and detailing your beautiful vehicle? How can your viewers soak in the beautify of your car if it's surrounded by a distractions like messy garages, driveways, parking lots, or car dealerships. If you own an external wide-angle lens accessory for your iPhone, bring it along for your car's big photo shoot. If it's a sunny day with lots of harsh shadows, I definitely recommend using the built in HDR feature in your iPhone's Camera app. HDR stands for High Dynamic Range and refers to a scene that includes both bright and dark elements -- the sun, reflecting off water, with deep shadows in the tree lines, or even a regularly lit person standing against the glare of an open window. Even the most expensive and most professional cameras on the market are not equipped with sensors that can capture all ranges of light in one photograph.
The photographer will then edit these photos in sophisticated software, such as Photoshop, and blend them together so that all the properly exposed areas of the three photos are merged together as a single photograph.
There are definitely noticeable improvements when using this feature, but it turns out that you can do more than just enable HDR to produce a better image.
The algorithm that the software uses appears to do a better job at recovering bright areas of a photo vs dark areas.
The second photo was taken with HDR enabled and the exposure that the Camera chose automatically. The App Store has a plethora of various apps dedicated to HDR iPhoneography that provides features like creating HDR effects on non-HDR photos from your Camera Roll, more sophisticated algorithms for merging photos, filters, and more. Have you secretly dreamed of hiring a photographer to take professional photographs of your most prized possession? In every car magazine, the photos of car are showed off in locations that enhance the overall appearance of the car, not that distract from it. If you don't, you can achieve a similar effect with panoramic photography apps like Autostitch.

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A quick search for "HDR" on Flickr will provide a lot of great examples of the types of photographs that are created with this technique. For the third photo, I tapped on the left part of the screen where the grass is darkly shaded before taking the photo. How about those alloy wheels, fancy sport shifter and pedals, and detailed stitching in your leather? But if you're interested in getting creative with more drastic effects, head to the App Store and try out some apps specific for HDR photography. Unfortunately, unlike the human eye, camera sensors need a little extra help to get that done.
This installment of iMore's photography series is all about cars and how to get the most spectacular photos of your car with your iPhone's camera. I'm not going to deny that this will probably be the hardest part about getting an awesome photo of your car, but it's so worth it. Any level of dirt on your car will stick out like a sore thumb, so make sure you give it a good washing before taking it out for photos.
The above photo was taken by the winner of our car photography contest winner and he used the app HDR Fusion to achieve this look. So, in this week's iPhoneography column, we're going to discuss more details about HDR and how best use your iPhone's camera to get the most dynamically awesome photos ever. In my case, most of the dirt appeared on my car while getting to the location, so I recommend bringing some car wipes and touch-up cleaning supplies with you to take care of situations like this.
You can't predict what will happen -- like getting stuck behind some jerk who sprays you with windshield-wiper fluid (I hate that!). Everyone knows what the outside of a Corvette looks like, but not everyone has had the opportunity to sit in one and take in all the details -- show them what they're missing. Little things like turning the wheels of your car will also add interest and dimension to the final photograph. I recommend taking a look at some car enthusiast websites and magazines for inspiration before taking your car out for its big photo shoot.

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