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Getting Pokemon Go “Our Servers Are Humbled By Your Incredible Response” Error? The image is then stored in your camera roll, and you can get it the same way you get at all the other photos on your iPhone. If you’re one of the million lucky souls who has spent a few minutes today tenderly lifted an iPhone 4S out of its lovingly-crafted, pearly white packaging, perhaps after spending hours in the driving rain outside an Apple Store, you might be stuck with a rather odd question: what now? Good news for those who love to personalize their iPhone with the photos depicting their significant other, kids, dogs, kittens and what have you: with iOS 7 Apple has gone beyond adding a bunch of new wallpapers, having implemented cool new enhancements to really bring those wallpapers to life. If you’ve ever seen an Android device in action, surly you must have noticed how swiping between Home screens slowly pans the background image left and right, creating a sense of depth. Doing so allows for a head-turning effect – moving your device around pans the background around to either side of you.
And because iOS lets you take amazing 240-degree photos, you can imagine the stunning effect as the wallpaper moves freely with you.
On a final note, let me just point out how even the simple task of personalizing your iPhone with wallpapers has a system-wide impact on the user experience. Take, for example, the Phone app where touching a circular keypad button shows the Home screen wallpaper underneath for a fraction of a s second. Also worth pointing out: due to the extensive use of translucency in iOS 7, your wallpaper choice actually impacts the subtle shades which can be seen behind your apps and content throughout the system. As much as I love motion backgrounds in iOS 7, Apple has really knocked my socks off with those panoramic wallpapers – I have no doubt in my mind the feature will get a lot of people excited.

Im saying the ideas are pretty basic…just because it came out in Cydia doesnt mean apple didnt already come up with the idea and chose not to use it.
No one would even be having this debate if Apple hadn’t made the smart phone as we know it FIRST. I wonder why Apple are so intent on closing the JB exploits as it seems they get their best ideas from other people’s work. It makes little sense as a jailbreakable iOS7 surely means more ideas to “discover” making for a better iOS8?
Just because some programmer out in the world thinks of a cool tweak, no one at apple would notice until someone actually develops it and it becomes popular. You’ll notice that these iOS versions always seem to have an exploit or two in the beginning. Apparently Android users underestimate it too since 67% of them can’t be bothered to upgrade. This has been on android for years, so I’m not really sure how this is a game changer. Single-clicking is done by a single tap, double-clicking will take two taps (duh), right-clicking is performed by tap + holding, panning is as simple as swiping left, right, up or down. By the way, for the sake of consistency Apple should let us set any image in any app as wallpaper, via the standard Share menu.
The panning panorama shot effectively replaces the subtle parallax UI shift where the static background moves only slightly based on the handset’s position in space.
It’s annoying watching the blatantly copy other companies, then end up suing them for it.
Im sure people at Apple thought about having similar settings on the phone but chose against it on other versions for whatever reason. Are you trying to say that even if a Cydia developer made something original they didn’t invent it? People will vote your comment down just like they did mine, because they don’t like to hear the truth.

People seem to confuse Apple announcing a new version of iOS with new features like x, y and z with Apple just announcing features to the world. Exactly how Apple said none of the older models devices could handle the poor excuse for multitasking. Then Steve Jobs, Jeff Raskin, and many more who worked for Xerox at the time, commercialized it with Apple and Macintosh.
They are about making products that are easy for consumers, not just power users, that just work. Of course copy and paste, dynamic wallpapers and multitasking with cards have been done before, but not just like this. Reproduction in whole or in part in any form or medium without express written permission of Ziff Davis, LLC. If no one ever used or built on an idea of someone else we would all be in the dark as the lineage of the man who discovered fire warms himself.
Before I get flamed, lets remember that the new multitasking actually thinks about what apps you use most and pushes updates around the intervals that you usually use them. According to PC Mag, it sounds like Verizon users will be able to switch out their micro-SIM for another — and Sprint customers might be able to as well. Simon Walker 13 November, 20109 Comments WOW, I wish I had that much spare cash to burn…LOL. If that was the case then most cars and houses would be rip offs because the outside of them may look similar to other cars and houses, right? The setup process is easy enough, but the first synchronization will take some time if you’ve taken a lot of photos and movies on your iDevice.
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