Here is a detailed video that explains techniques and equipment you can use to take pictures of a lightning storm. I think you should remove your neckstrap as its catching a lot of wind.But other than that a good tut! Both features almost same size sensor, megapixel, and expeed 3 image processor, so no difference here. Optical low pass filter (OLPF) is no longer used in D7100, on the other hand Nikon D5200 uses Optical low pass filter, so with D7100 you get more more clarity and detail from 24 Mp Sensor. The D7100 features Nikon’s professionally proven and lightning-fast 51-point AF system, with a new Multi-CAM 3500DX AF module of Nikon D300. Nikon D5200 uses Multi-CAM 4800 DX AF module of Nikon D7000, less AF points and less AF detection range compared to D7100. With Nikon D7100 you get ISO 50 to 25600, so without OPLF the images explode with more clarity and detail to take full advantage of the 24.1-megapixel resolution sensor.
Rapid Response and Operation shutter lag is nearly imperceptible with a release time lag of 0.052 second (CIPA).
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Disclaimer: We have attempted to select useful information to include on New Camera, and to ensure that the resources we have included on the site -- as well as the way we have described them -- are accurate, fair, and balanced. Nikon D3200 – Learn Photography Everything a budding photographer should learn to make the basics right. 2.Prepare Your Gear If you want a very good picture of lightning, a DSLR with a tripod is almost a must. 3.Slow Shutter Speeds Although lightning is unpredictable, it is extremely difficult to capture a decent shutter release when you see a flash.

6.But Include Something Interesting While the action will be in the sky, don’t forget to keep something in the frame to give relevance and perspective to the shot.
7.Be Patient I typically take many shots (shot after shot), pointing my lens at the same location.
Combining sketches for an analog trigger for a Canon camera and a Nikon time-lapse infrared trigger, I created this simple PCB and sketch for triggering my Nikon D40 to take a picture upon a change in light (ie: Lightning strike). The purpose of this sketch is to remotely trigger my camera using an infrared signal in order to capture a lightning bolt.
Fritzing was initiated at the FH Potsdam, and is now developed by the Friends-of-Fritzing foundation.
In addition, the trigger set can also respond to movement by means of the infra-red signal that is responsive to heat.
What most people do not understand, is that lightnings are unpredictable and they could strike down any time, anywhere. Use a Steady Surface While a tripod typically works best, in reality any steady surface will work. If you have a point and shoot, make sure that the camera can be configured for manual control of shutter speed and aperture. There are some fancy remote controls that have the ability to travel when the flash is felt, but I’m guessing you do not want to invest in these types of gadgets. I know it’s obvious, but it needs to be stated that your field of view will be skewed toward the sky then. Buildings are a favorite, but really, anything that can give an idea of the size of the storm works well. You will definitely need a tripod to take a photograph with a long exposure and a plastic bag to protect your camera from the rain.
At the same time, taking a picture of a lightning storm can be very rewarding, especially if the lightning pattern is unique or the picture is taken at an extraordinary location. Some people are lucky to have a good image of a thunderbolt in hand, but I strongly advice to use a tripod instead.

Depending on your ability to manage cameras noise at slow speeds, using a 30 seconds time can work well. I would not trust the camera’s metering system, simply because periodic lightnings will brighten up the area and your camera might give an incorrect exposure. Depending on how close the lightning is, you’ll be including more blank looking sky than normal. At the same time it controls the camera to take a photo Due to its fast response time of at least 0.1 ms after a flash of lightning you get stunning pictures. Telephoto lenses allow you to keep a safe distance and avoid switching lenses during a lightning storm. Depending on the amount of ambient light, you have to use a shutter speed between 30 to 30 seconds and shake any potential negative impact on image sharpness. The configuration of the bulb can also be useful if you have a way to keep the shutter open.
Get familiar with your gear and settings so when there is a lightning storm you can set up the camera and then let it do its thing while you enjoy the show. Further, it is also possible to let the trigger set respond to any sound above -38 db it detects on a maximum distance of 2 meters. Either lens would work, but wide angle and zoom lenses work best because you can put more while having the flexibility to change the focal length and target a specific area. The buildin sound sensor can be tuned in sensitivity by turning the sound sensitivity dial on the side of the trigger set. A remote cable release or an infrared remote (depending on your camera) is strongly recommended if you want to avoid camera shake, even on a tripod. If the lightning is far away, having a flashlight with you might be useful, since you can “paint” your foreground subject to make the whole scene look more dramatic.

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