You know Tregaye Fraser as the newest member of the Food Network family, and you're surely familiar with her work as the self-described "queen of food fusion on fleek." But did you know that her favorite TV show is Power and that she likes to munch on hot wings late at night? There's no doubt that all three of the top Food Network Star finalists brought their everything to the months-long competition, but ultimately Tregaye Fraser, a chef and a mom of two, earned the coveted title of Food Network Star in an emotional (and appropriately on-fleek) reveal. We were on the set of the finale and caught up with Tregaye just moments after her victory.

Read on below to learn 10 pieces of top trivia, then click here to find out six more fun facts about Tregaye.
Read on below for an exclusive interview with her, then click the play button on the video above to go on set with her and the mentors.

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