Space Needle has a place which is called the observation floor which is located at the height of 160 meters where people come and see the view from the building. From the observation hall the places which can be viewed are not only the city center area of Seattle but also the, Olympic and cascade mountains, A┬ámount rainier, mount baker, Elliott bay, and nearby islands and beaches. Busan is on the Southeastern tip of the Korean peninsula and only a short ride by ferry from Japan. It takes much more than a bunch of superlatives for a city to capture the minds and hearts of travelers. From bold to brash, blissful to beautiful, Busan photographer Ju-seok Oh shows us his home town as you’ve never seen it before. A visit to Sam Kwang Temple during Buddha's birthday when the monks hang hundreds of lanterns is a must.
Busan, formerly spelled Pusan, is the second largest city in Korea with over 3.6 million people. If all goes according to plan, Busan will be home to the third tallest building in the world. Around 1.5 million people show up from around Korea and Asia for the Busan Fireworks Festival every year in October.

By train, Korea’s high-speed KTX makes the trip from Seoul Station to Busan Station in just under 3 hours for about 50,000 Won one way. Westin Chosun Busan (051-749-7000): What could be better than looking down on Haeundae beach from your hotel room? Want to know where to find the best beach (it’s not Haeundae), best beer, or best bargain shopping is? It has several other attracted places; it has also a gift shop and a unique restaurant which keeps revolving at the height of 150 meters. Seattle photographs which are available on the internet in which Space Needle view is very prominent. Space Needle has the honor of being the most popular and historic attraction in the whole area. By day, Busan looks like any other big Korean city: block after block of apartment and office towers covered in signs. Meditate under the stars at Haedong Yonggeung Temple, arguably Korea's most beautiful temple by the sea. Although he does not actively promote his work, he has been published in international travel magazines, newspapers, and more.

The elevators view is very popular among the visitors that sometime visitors have to wait in a long queue to take the tour.
I also love traveling, like to explore new places, do photography and write reviews of travel destinations. Once the sun begins to set though, the city takes on a dreamy quality that is distinctly Busan. He is about to graduate from Inje University with a major in System Management Engineering.
It attracted about 23 lac visitors yearly and it makes 20,000 people on daily basis who visit the space Needle.

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