The Sun and bodies revolving around it, which includes 8 planets, satellites, comets, meteors and asteroids, together constitute the solar system. Saturn : Its most spectacular and mysterious characteristic is the presence of fully developed rings around it. Pluto: It was discovered in 1930 by Clyde Tombagh and was considered as the ninth and the smallest planet of our solar system. These are the celestial bodies which revolve their respective planets and around the sun as well. There are the bodies composed of dust, ice and gases, which come from the colder and darker areas, away from the sun.
Society tends to cut kids a lot of slack, but when all is said and done these pint-sized people are pretty much idiots.
Ok, I don’t know about the kid who fell in the toilet, or the one who missed kicking the ball, which smashed his face. If we just let them stick knives into sockets, or squeeze an angry cat with sharp claws and a vicious disposition, kids might learn TO STOP DOING THESE THINGS.
One fateful day in 1971, a young hacker named John Draper opened a box of Captain Crunch cereal.
Around the same time, two hackers at Bell Laboratories re wrote an operating system made a couple of years before, called UNICS. In the beginning of your blog, I was a little lost as to where you were going with this post. The source of energy for the sun is the nuclear fusion reaction in which Hydrogen changes into Helium.
The outer most part of the sun, which is visible only at the time of a solar eclipse, is known as corona. It has 28 natural satellites going around it wherein Ganymede is the largest satellite of the planet as well as of the solar system.
These rings are composed of Small particles, which go around this planet collectively, due to its gravitational force.
But at the summit of International Astronomical Union (IAU) held in Prague (Czech Republic) on 24 August 2006, scientists withdrew the status of planet form it. These are celestial bodies with sizes ranging from a few meters to hundreds of the kilometres of diameter, revolving around the sun. After coming under the influence of earth’s gravity, they move with a great velocity towards the earth.
This is the kind of manual that needs to be given and not the accidental misinformation that is at the other blogs. It is hard to imagine how this led to a major event in the history of anything, but the detail is that the box came with a toy whistle.

They called their new version UNIX, and it turned into one of the most well-known operating systems in computer history. Well, now you have a growing number of personal computers, an operating system easily attained and used, and eager young people waiting to get their hands on the tech. It’s amazing how vulnerable technology is to exploitation when people are thoughtful enough to find the cracks, as you demonstrated with the whistle example. A storm of hot atoms which dissipates from the photosphere of the Sun, overcomes its gravity and goes into the outer space, is known as Solar Flares. Being almost similar to the Earth in size and mass it is also called the sister planet of the Earth. But, due to collision with the particles of the atmosphere they burn and get converted into ash.
While moving in their orbits, when they come very close to the sun, they start glowing with a bright gaseous tail always pointing away from the sun. Draper didn’t take long to realize he could use this toy whistle to simulate the exact tones required to make free calls.
Like any software or operating system, human institutions have points of vulnerability and loop-holes. My interest really peaked when you continued the story to say that Draper met with and inspired Jobs and Wozniak (I had no idea!). When Solar Flares reach the Earth’s atmosphere, after colliding with the air and dust particles, it produces a spectacular colourful effect. It has two natural staellites-Phobos and Domos, the smallest satellites of the solar system. Meteors which are large in size and do not burn completely and reach the surface of the earth are called meteorites. I set myself on fire, fell off plenty of bicycles without pads or a helmet, had my fingers bitten by various small caged rodents and burned myself on the stove. Here’s few easy recipes: Nutty Fruit Breakfast Wrap -1 whole wheat tortilla, ? cup low fat vanilla yogurt, ? cup fresh or frozen fruit like blueberries, ? tablespoon of toasted wheat germ (high in folic acid and vitamin E) and 1 tablespoon chopped nuts like walnuts.
This stunt earned him the nick name Cap’n Crunch, and it also led him to create something called the blue box. The phone hacking ventures mentioned at the start of this post are important to know about for a completely different purpose. I’m excited for what’s to come on your blog, especially as you approach the world of modern day hacking! In the North-Pole region, this effect can be seen as Aurora Borealis and in the South-Pole region as Aurora Australis.
All learning experiences because simply being told not to do these things was not enough to satiate my curiosity.

The blue box was a device designed to mimic the tones used by phone companies to make free calls anywhere. When Draper arrived, Wozniak was repulsed by his appearance and odor, but the young hacker also taught them how to make a blue box.  Jobs and Wozniak soon embarked on their first venture together as they turned their new gained knowledge into a small business. There is machine language, which is basically the zeroes and ones most people associate with computers, and there is high level language, which is code more easily written and understood by humans and which is then turned into machine language by compilers. The reason Cap’n Crunch is of any significance is that he and the other phone phreakers of his day planted the seeds for a deviation in the ways of hacking.
Since hacking took off after accessibility increased, maybe we as humans have a natural tendency to gain more for less. The regions from where the solar flares originate, some dark spots are seen, these are called Sun Sport. Its most distinguish feature is the great red spot, which is believed to be a complex storm in the atmosphere of the planet. 1 serving = 314 calories, 10 grams of protein, 39 grams of carbohydrate, 14 grams of fat, 4 grams of fiber.
Draper may sound like a good for nothing phone phreak, but he was also out to explore the complex system behind phones of his time.
UNIX was the first operating system to be written completely in a high level language (in this case C, the predecessor to C++).
And then I got to the final paragraph; you did a really good job wrapping up and connecting all of the information you gave beforehand, and it all made sense! ISRO (Indian Space Reserch Organisation) is planning to launch a satellite called Aditya to study the sun. The question to be asked is if these kids will still be doing these things when they are old enough to have learned better? Crunchy Fruited Yogurt- 1 tablespoon low fat granola, 8 ounces low fat vanilla yogurt, 1 tablespoon nuts like walnuts, ? cup of fresh or frozen fruit like strawberries. This quality made it extremely portable and gained it huge popularity among universities and other places, where smaller personal computers started to become the reality. As the great boom of accessible computers and the ensuing creation of massive networks began to take off, the idea was conceived that hacking could be about anything…exploration…money…destruction. After reading the last paragraph, I had a really good image of what your post was about and where your blog is going as a whole.
1 serving = 289 calories, 13 grams of protein, 43 grams of carbohydrate, 8 grams of fat, 3 grams of fiber.

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