Having released the first gameplay footage, and having announced that the game is coming to E3 2015, Capcom has also dropped a batch of hot screens for Resident Evil 0 HD Remaster. HD Wallpaper and background images in the Lindsey Stirling club tagged: lindsey stirling dubstep violin music. And yet earlier this year I named their blog community as one of the Top 10 in the world for the remarkable connection they are creating with their customers.I was fortunate to be able to interview Brian R. Did the culture of Caterpillar enable this transition to new media, or did new media influence the culture of Caterpillar?Brian:  It is true that Caterpillar is well-known for having a conservative culture, but the management here has also keenly recognized the sociological changes that have come with new media technologies. Our CEO, Doug Oberhelman, always has his iPad in-hand, and promotes the idea that we need to use technology to make Caterpillar better.The company also recognized the potential value in social media to connect with our customers.
I’m not sure the experimental nature of social media would have been embraced 10 or 15 years ago. We are aggressively using more of the technologies before they become main-stream.  In the past, we would avoid leveraging new marketing technologies until everyone else in the world had demonstrated how to use the tools.
While those are valued external social media platforms, we have also proven the value from the industry blogs and forums that are managed and hosted by Caterpillar.I’m amazed at the level of engagement you routinely attract on your blogs. How do you keep company blogs human enough to attract attention like this?I think the key to our success is putting a face to a name makes a lot of sense in our industries, especially the highly technical and complex industries Caterpillar supports. The Caterpillar organization is filled with the smartest engineers and industry experts in the world. It is our directive to consider the objectives of our business and decide how each communication channel should be leveraged to reach the correct audience in the optimal way.Speaking of organization, how have you had to change the org chart to meet the needs of social media marketing?Our organization has been massaged a bit to help accommodate the needs being presented in social media. My position is new and completely dedicated to the strategy and implementation of Caterpillar’s social media presence.

We have to make sure the right people are involved from the business unit to ensure the social media presence is properly managed, maintained, and ultimately feels like a true extension of our web presence and brand.
I’m guessing many of your customers are in an industrial, construction, or farming environment.
For example, a customer in the construction industry might spend most of their time on various job sites running their business or operating machinery. This customer might rely on social media channels such as Forums much more so than a Facebook page, because the majority of the time when they are connected, it is out of necessity to ensure their equipment continues working so their business keeps moving. Our paths cross often, but one benefit of leveraging external social media channels is that these tools already have a heavy focus of ensuring the mobile experience is well executed. These are gathered to ensure we are keeping our channels fresh and maintainedLooking out to the next 12-18 months what changes out there excite you the most about the social web?I am excited about the location based social media tools (Foursquare, Facebook Places, Gowalla, etc…). We are still figuring out how to best leverage these types of tools for Caterpillar and the Cat Dealer network, but the potential is high as the concepts become more mainstream. We are also excited about the growth and use of social media technologies emerging from a global perspective. As the social media technologies mature and become widely used, we are ensuring that Caterpillar’s presence is strong everywhere.Take the Mystery Out of Twitter!Become a Twitter Ninja in just 90 minutes with the The Tao of Twitter, the best-selling Twitter book in the world!
When companies like Cat can find a real use for social media, it helps smaller companies consider the platform as well. Caterpillar are a reminder that Social Media can be used by most businesses, if used in the right way. It wouldn’t have been long ago that an industrial giant like this would have sneered at the thought of doing a web site.

To see them embrace the social space is a lesson for many.I am sure I will be referring to this case study in the future, thanks Mark. Schaefer  I have been really inspired by the CAT blogs.  They have become a great outreach program for the company and are really a best practice in building an engaged community.
A great reflection of the company culture, too.  Thanks for taking the time to comment Margie! Schaefer  I think that is a great reminder Dave.  Companies were resistant about websites too.
I am also printing it out to refer to later.The best thing about this is that Cat is creating such a great community. What a fantastic example for those who insist blogging cannot work for their business.So glad I saw this Mark! I’ve always wondered how B2B companies can effectively integrate social media (particularly the industrial sector) and Caterpillar is a fine example. The platform selection took place before I became directly involved with our social media efforts, so I had to get some help on this question.
Being involved in the industrial market as well, it’s very interesting to see how Caterpillar has leveraged the available tools for their specific use and turned them into quantifiable results.
For example, my client who fabricates tube and pipe needs to get in front of engineers and industrial designers, so we use the ThomasNet directory.

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