The Sigma Corporation is pleased to announce the acquisition of Foveon Inc and Foveon is now a Sigma company. Foveon made history when it developed and patented the world’s first three-layer image capture technology, placing a stack of RGB pixels in each pixel location.
Since Sigma first worked with Foveon in 2000, both companies have enjoyed a cooperative working relationship directed toward developing highly-efficient DSLR cameras and compact digital cameras which take the best advantage of the X3 sensor technology.
The acquisition of Foveon will not only enhance the development of new types of image sensors for high quality digital cameras, but will also create a synergistic effect with Sigma’s camera and lens business by improving the integration between the camera and sensor. As the digital camera market continues to expand, Foveon and Sigma will continuously evolve and improve the X3 sensor technology, thus expanding the company’s photography-related business.

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No longer do you have to carry the weight of a substantial DSLR kit on your neck, the Q strap distributes the weight comfortably on your shoulders and hangs the camera(s) just off your trigger hand(s) giving you constant quick and easy access to take snapshots anytime. Sigma has acquired 100% of the stock of the company that developed the original three-layer image sensor. As a result, Foveon sensors detect all three primary colours in every pixel location, producing images that are sharper and have significantly reduced image artifacts compared to competing image sensor technologies. Sigma Corporation has employed Foveon’s technology in its entire digital camera line, producing images which are acclaimed by both amateur and professional photographers all over the world for their high resolution and for their three-dimensional look.

This will result in camera products which will uniquely meet the widely ranging functional and image quality needs of demanding photographers.
In addition, Sigma remains firmly committed to preserving and nurturing the culture of photography.
Two additional Sigma camera products based on Foveon’s image sensor technology have been announced for 2009.

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