You know Tregaye Fraser as the newest member of the Food Network family, and you're surely familiar with her work as the self-described "queen of food fusion on fleek." But did you know that her favorite TV show is Power and that she likes to munch on hot wings late at night? There's no doubt that all three of the top Food Network Star finalists brought their everything to the months-long competition, but ultimately Tregaye Fraser, a chef and a mom of two, earned the coveted title of Food Network Star in an emotional (and appropriately on-fleek) reveal. In just a few short weeks, eager Comeback Kitchen finalists will enter the hallowed arena that is Food Star Kitchen — again. Just yesterday we brought you the first exclusive interview with Bobby Flay, one half of the mentoring duo that will make up the judges' panel on Food Network Star, Season 12. Recipe of the Day: Blueberry Cheesecake Galette Mash up two sweet classics — blueberry pie and cheesecake — for a rustic confection bursting with berry goodness.
Recipe of the Day: Stuffed Summer Veggies Stuff seasonal beauties like zucchini, bell peppers and tomatoes with a super-hearty mix of bulgur, mushrooms and chopped peppers for a filling dish that'll make a veggie-lover out of anyone. Gibraltar is an overseas territory, which is as a crown colony belongs to the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland. It is located in southwestern Europe on the southern end of the Iberian Peninsula and has a great strategic importance, as strait of Gibraltar is linking the North Atlantic Ocean and the Mediterranean Sea and furthermore also Europe and Africa. Gibraltar is located on the north side of the strait of Gibraltar; this is also the place where Europe is closest to Africa, the most southern point of Europe.
It’s amazing for two things; firstly because of the two totally different cultures and secondly it’s quote unbelievable, that Africa from this point is so close. And believe me, this is something totally different that you are use to, while visiting places in Europe.
It’s something like, when people visit India for the first time, and they say, it’s a Big culture shock. Gibraltar history In year 711 Gibraltar was conquer by the Muslims Arabs and the Berber people.
It is named after Tariq ibn Sijadu, the Moors general who knew and was familiar with the strategic importance of Gibraltar, and has commanded to place the fortress there, around Gibraltar.
This attack was a total surprise for Spaniards, because they weren’t attacked at dawn, the morning as usually, but they were attacked during the afternoon siesta. From year 1730 onwards, Gibraltar was confirmed with a peace agreement in Utrecht, as a British colony.

There is a still tension, which goes long back, between Great Britain and Spain, as Spain wants to acquire Gibraltar back. Gibraltar and the famous monkeys Gibraltar is the only place in Europe where monkeys live in liberty. These are the barbers, also named Magoti monkeys (scientific Latin name is Macaca silvanus). Gibraltar’s strait which is connecting the Atlantic and Mediterranean Sea is of great strategic importance for the armed forces, therefore the United Kingdom has a fleet of Royal navy base in Gibraltar. From the east side we could see from far away a steep cliff, named Upper Rock, which is located above the bay of Algeciras. I also shouldn’t forget to tell you, that Gibraltar is a free tax zone, therefore a lot of tourists decided to visit it (while there are in south part of Spain). While you are there is also worth visiting museums, where you will find out a lot of interesting things about Gibraltar’s history.
When visiting Kuwait City make sure you pay a visit to Souk Al-Mubarakiya Market, the city’s famous Old Souk.
This old market place in Kuwait can be found between the streets of Mubarak al-Kabir, Ahmad al-Jaber and Ali al-Salem. For over 200 years the Old Souk has been a popular market and continues to offer its visitors traditional style of shopping in Kuwait. Get a taste for Kuwait’s culture as you browse the stalls selling Arab antiques, traditional costumes and Persian carpets. Be on the lookout for identical items that are sold at different stalls for varying prices.
The market place also houses two small museums with free admission, and a great range of restaurants and cafes. Make sure you are dressed properly for a trip to the Souk, in line with the local Kuwait customs. Visiting Souk Al-Mubarakiya is an enjoyable experience for tourist who wants to explore an authentic old market in Kuwait. We were on the set of the finale and caught up with Tregaye just moments after her victory.
These seven hopefuls have competed on Food Network Star before but were eliminated before they reached full Star power.

Layer sweetened cream cheese and a quick blueberry filling in buttery dough, then bake until golden for a summertime treat for slicing and serving to a crowd. In the past, barbarian monkeys lived also in the southern and central Europe, and so far, Gibraltar monkeys could be their descendants. Just 15 minutes’ drive from the Radisson Blu Hotel, Kuwait you will find the Old Souk, filled with Arabic handcrafts and other specialities. There are lots of beautiful items to buy, ideal to take back home as gifts, such as perfumes, handmade local crafts, scarf, jewellery, and clothes. It’s also worth checking the quality of textiles before you buy in some of the cheaper clothing shops. Try some traditional tea or Arabic coffee while you eat lunch and contemplate your next haggling target. It’s essential for men and women to wear conservative, respectful clothing, and you will also make a better impression with the locals. This is where you find the best Arabic atmosphere, with spices and scents from the restaurants filling the air.
Read on below to learn 10 pieces of top trivia, then click here to find out six more fun facts about Tregaye.
Read on below for an exclusive interview with her, then click the play button on the video above to go on set with her and the mentors. You’ll also find dates, spices, honey and scented oils to choose from, as well as shops specialising in eye-catching gold and silver. Before you start discussing, make sure you actually want the item that you are going to barter for. Remember that you need to carry your passport at all times in Kuwait, so ensure you carry it.
Be firm but pleasant, in line with local customs, and don’t show how much you want the item.

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