By David Camargo on September 24, 2014 Leave a Comment The Internet and mobile computing have changed people’s buying behavior all over the world, forcing most companies to provide online sales channels to their customers. Once the decision to enter into the eCommerce world has been made, the reasonable approach for an organisation is to start developing an eCommerce website, integrated with its  back office processes (inventory, sales, logistics, customer service) to provide the customers the same experience they would have on an existing store. After a heavily resource and time consuming project developing the company’s eCommerce website, the launch date arrives and all eyes are set on the new endeavour demanding good results as soon as possible.
All the elements outlined in the image below are highly important for the success of a company’s eCommerce plans. In addition to basic statistics, Google Analytics capabilities can also be used to track visitors’ behaviour.
Based on the above information a company’s eCommerce strategy’s tuning process is ready to kick off. Additional elements inside an eCommerce strategy and more detail about Google Analytics capabilities will be discussed in further posts.
With such a large inventory, the new tool enables personnel and customers to quickly keep track of available items from their mobile phones. Walmart wants to get a head start for the holidays and is therefore rolling back prices on more than 20,000 items.
Its digital shelves now include seven million items, which is one million more than last year’s holiday season. Department store Macy’s recently launched something similar to Walmart’s Search My Store feature that involves Google’s proximity marketing platform that was put in place to tell customers about its inventory and whether or not they have an item in stock. Coming in November, customers can search for an item and view images, price, size and color, directions to the store and a link to Macy’s Web site. The Search My Store tool allows customers to save a trip to their nearby store and check inventory online or via the Walmart app. Walmart’s Search My Store is available now on the Android app and will be coming later in November on iOS devices. Walmart’s intention to step up investment in digital and ecommerce initiatives is likely to include a heavy dose of mobile as the retailer builds on recent successes such as Savings Catcher and looks for new ways to transform the shopping experience for smartphone users.

Walmart Stores president and CEO Doug McMillion told attendees at the retailer’s annual investor meeting in October that it will invest more in building its ecommerce offerings going forward and less in new stores. In June, Walmart expanded its Savings Catcher online receipt comparison tool nationwide and included access via its mobile application to help in-store shoppers save more. Savings Catcher uses proprietary technology to compare competing retailer ads and reimburses shoppers via an eGift card if a competitor’s offering is priced lower than the price paid at Walmart. Walmart has been a leader in making its mobile offerings more valuable by integrating them with the in-store experience. If youa€™re a parent, you understand how much simpler shopping for the beginning of the school year is when you dona€™t have to fight the crowds. Beat the back-to-school blues with great online pricing and promote steady business growth throughout the school year.
When you know enough about your audience, you can use that knowledge to come up with a catchy name for your online store. 3dcart provides the best web based e-commerce solution for your online School Supplies store. These tables are made from FSC certified wood and come complete with 2 removable trays, a sieve, a rotating bucket, a spade and a fork. To facilitate this, small and medium size businesses invest considerable amounts of money and resources into their electronic commerce (eCommerce) strategies without taking into account all the key success factors related.
Product managers will have to deal with sales expectations from the first day the website goes live.
However, start with including analytics capabilities into an eCommerce website will generate the necessary information to be able to generate specific action plans to improve user experience, to define digital marketing plans and to start selling the company’s products and services.
If you want to receive additional information or to receive assistance launching a successful eCommerce strategy please contact the CAP Group here.
By streamlining access to important information that it can take several steps to retailers in other retailers’ apps, Walmart is hoping to answer customer feedback about wanting to be able to shop more self-sufficiently. The critical role of mobile is exemplified by this recent announcement of InstaWatch from Walmart, which enables smartphone users to scan a receipt using the Savings Cather app to stream the digital copy of the physical movie DVDs they purchase in-store or online (see story).

Nearly one million receipts have been processed using Savings Catcher since Walmart launched it in pilot in seven markets this spring, with the tool ranking first on the retailer’s list of concepts tested to date (see story). As a result, many retailers are seeing the advantage of learning how to sell school supplies online.
Even the summer is a great time to do business, with summer school students and parents looking to hop on deals. Work with a distributor that will give you good prices on bulk purchases so you can work on a strong profit margin when selling directly to the consumer. In reality, developing the website is just a small part of an electronic commerce strategy as there are many factors to take into account before and once the website is available. These items include a Sony TV, the Nintendo 2DS handheld video game system, a Barbie Dream House and a Nextbook tablet. If youa€™re an expert on school suppliesa€”a parent, teacher or administrator, for instancea€”you have a gigantic opportunity to take part in a multibillion-dollar market. Some examples include Dollar Days, Wholesale Central, Gramco School Supplies and Craft Hobby Wholesale.
For instance, does your software empower you with tools to easily launch promotions during a€?back to schoola€? months?
Find a reliable partner and open a communication channel with them to learn how to sell school supplies online the right way. If you plan to deal directly with schools, can you set up an easy discount portal for bulk purchases?

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