This GoPro selfie stick makes it easier for you to capture every special moments by yourself or with friends or families just using your GoPro. Looking for more top-rated selfie sticks for smartphones, digital cameras, or GoPro cameras? Buying your first selfie stick, and not sure how much use you’ll get out of your new toy? A selfie stick is handy in certain situations, but there are times when you need a slightly different accessory to take that perfect photo. If you need a rugged selfie stick that can stand up to all kinds of harsh elements, this might be the best GoPro selfie stick for you.
One unique feature of this selfie stick is the dual buckle mount head, which enables you to hold two cameras at once.
What’s the Best Waterproof Digital Camera?Looking for a digital camera that's also waterproof?
Find more GoRad Gear Waterproof Telescoping Extension Pole for GoPro Hero information and reviews here.
Other sticks on this list can float, but the GoPole GPE-10 has some bright yellow coloring on the end of the pole. This selfie stick extends from 14 inches to 24 inches, making this an appealing option for those who want a more compact selfie stick.
It can then be screwed tightly to the equally high quality aluminium alloy adjustable pole. Christian LeBlanc was feeding elephants in Thailand when an elephant took his GoPro and took an ‘elfie’ – an elephant selfie.
LeBlanc, 22, a UBC student who has been documenting his travels in Asia on Instagram using his GoPro camera, recently shared an elephant selfie, featuring himself smiling next to a large elephant, that he claims was taken by the elephant itself. The elephant grabbed the GoPro in its trunk and waved it around in the air, by chance taking a selfie photo with LeBlanc. Though the incident occurred about two months ago, LeBlanc only recently posted the selfie, which he called an ‘elfie,’ on his Instagram account and the photo quickly went viral.
While LeBlanc continues on his travels, he is also trying to spark a campaign to get his unique photo on The Ellen Show. Yo Ellen, I’m really happy for you, Imma let you finish, but this is the best selfie of all time. Olivia Truffaut-Wong was born and raised in Berkeley, California, where she developed her love of all things entertainment.

Join the uInterview community by following us on social media and downloading our mobile apps. You don’t need to ask a stranger or one of the people in the group to take a picture for you anymore. GOPRO, HERO, the GOPRO logo, and the GoPro Be a Hero logo are trademarks or registered trademarks of GoPro, Inc. The average selfie stick just can’t keep up with the demands of the average GoPro user. Check out our guide to the best selfie sticks, review our list of the best Bluetooth selfie sticks, or see our favorite iPhone selfie sticks. You might want to buy a relatively inexpensive stick at first, and then upgrade to a more premium option if you feel the need. Some users have experienced rusting, likely due to overexposure to water or improper storage in humid conditions. An adjustable neoprene wrist strap makes this selfie stick easy to hang on to, even when your hands are wet. The longer you can extend the stick, the more of the background you can get into your shot. It can be safely used underwater, and comes with a nylon carrying sack to make it easier to transport. We compare all of the Fitbit models to help you figure out which fitness tracker is best for your needs.
She's obsessed with finding the best deals, and firmly believes that paying full price is for suckers. Not only did his original caption mention getting the ‘elfie’ on Ellen, on Tuesday LeBlanc posted a re-imagining of Ellen DeGeneres’ epic Oscar selfie, this time featuring himself and the elephant. After moving to New York City to earn her degree in Film Studies, she stayed on the East Coast to follow her passion and become an entertainment writer. The GoPro connector for this selfie stick consists of 2 pieces, which is the main attachment and the screw.
Perfect for friends, families, couples, travellers, sport enthusiasts, journalists, students, basically anyone who owns a GoPro camera. When you are shopping for a GoPro-friendly selfie stick, you should look for a stick that is built tough, with a sturdy pole and helpful accessories like a wrist strap. You might also want to check out our post on the best iPhone 6 camera accessories, which includes selfie sticks, lens kits, tripods, and other cool gadgets.

This is a selfie stick that can tolerate light rain or a few splashes of water, but not much more than that.
The elephant loves the bananas, so it kind of gets a bit nosy – it grabs at your hands, it tries to take all the bananas. Some other stores only sell the main piece and not the screw so you need to be aware of this. Don’t let those special moments in your life just fade away because you have not bought your selfie stick! For longevity reasons, avoid submerging this selfie stick in water, and ensure that you dry it thoroughly after it gets wet.
The GoScope BOOST has a slightly improved handle grip, as well as a slightly smaller form factor, which may appeal to some. There’s a twist locking system that makes it easy to securely extend the selfie stick. And once we ran out, next thing I knew it was grabbing the GoPro,” LeBlanc recalled in an interview with CBC news. A grippy handle and bonus wrist strap will help you hang on to your camera, even in wet conditions. You might also want to check out our post on the best monopods for cameras, which includes numerous GoPro-friendly options.
This will enable you to use the selfie stick with your GoPro while engaging in watersports and underwater activities.
Either option is good for people who need a waterproof selfie stick, so it’s really just a matter of your budget.
To make things easy for GoPro fanatics, we’ve rounded up five different selfie stick options that will work for a variety of situations. For people on a budget, or those who are new to selfie sticks, this is a good introductory monopod.

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