As you can see above, the new iPhone and the previous generation are almost physically identical.
We swapped the digitizer and LCD from the new 3G S and the 3G and they are not interchangeable.
Also, the new digitizer on the 3G S is less opaque and should provide a clearer image than the 3G. You must have JavaScript enabled in your browser to utilize the functionality of this website.
The iPhone 5 isn't just one of the most advanced pieces of consumer electronics ever made, Apple has taken the design and manufacturing itself well beyond the next level.
So lets take a moment to appreciate the iPhone 5 as object, as a piece of industrial design, as the craftsman of Apple and Jonathan Ive and Bob Mansfield and their teams, as a thing of beauty.

Apple just released a statement that White iPhone 4 won't be available for a few more weeks.
Apple has already sold more than 600,000 iPhone 4 models on the launch day and many customers have already received their orders a day earlier also even though official launch is supposed to be on June 24th. Its destiny that Verizon will also gets its CDMA version of iPhone but we don't see it happening anytime within next 3 months. Basically it is a mirror that is attached to the body of the iPhone through two suction cups. Measured now in microns, the precision is as impressive as it is ephemeral -- easily seen in the fit and finish of every part up close, but disappearing instantly when you start using it, when it just becomes the phone, internet communicator, or widescreen iPod in your hand. Rumor Mill has been on the full swing about iPhone 4 White going to Verizon but we don't believe that is the case for now.

Don't be surprised though if Apple decides to announce Verizon iPhone in September 2010 for official launch in December 2010 so they can have your Christmas dollars also. So all of you bidding on white iPhone 4 on eBay and other sources, you might want to take this announcement in account and keep your money in your pockets for now. Make sure you adopt junior a puppy if you are going to spend his Christmas gift money on the new iPhone for yourself.

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