Whenever a new gadget is released, we tech writers have to figure out how to take screenshots of the device. There are two ways to grab screenshots of the Apple TV, though one is much better than the other. If you have an Apple developer account, you can download Xcode, the software needed to write and package apps for OS X or iOS. Once all this is connected, launch Xcode, choose Window > Devices, and then select your Apple TV. The disadvantage to this is the need for a TV, but with Xcode, all you need to do is click a button to get a screenshot.
Once youa€™ve done this, launch QuickTime Player, choose File > New Movie Recording, click the down-pointing arrow next to the Record button, and then choose Apple TV.
If you need screenshots from the Apple TV, either of these methods works; if you want screen recordings, only the latter does what you need. I would recommend that you do as you do not want your end users to have to think about finding and installing the appropriate version of JavaFX. This is exactly the same as including the JavaFX runtime and has all the same reasons for wanting to do it. You need to design a icon for application and make it in a number of different sizes and formats. For Java 1.6 Apple provides a tool for you called Jar Bundler that takes all your jar files and the jar and jnilib files from JavaFX and packages them into a single Application Bundle. Now that you have your Application Bundle you need to create a zip of DMG so that it can be stored and transmitted by non-macs and over the internet as a single archive. One thing I did learn by mistake is you should put your background image inside your application bundle on the disk image then choose it from there in the view settings dialog.
At the moment this is a little complicated process though using a commercial tool really helps. Nice idea for the fx tools package, build the native installer builder, then make a fx interface for it.
But, is Pack200 allowed by BCL license (redistribution of a modified binary, even if semantically identical [1])? Are all options of Pack200 allowed (like –strip-debug), because jfxrt.jar can be very reduced with these options? If someone wants to skip a lot of the hassle and not have to spend $2,000, take a look at JExpress. It is possible to develop website, but not JSP-style (component-base XHTML templating style, that transparently transferred into servlet). This is the only reason for me not to develop such kind of web application for the Internet. Apple is hooking up developers with the necessary tools to take advantage of the A7 chip’s 64-bit architecture, encouraging them to deploy their iOS 7-native apps on the iTunes App Store.
The A7 chip is currently only found in the iPhone 5s, but Apple will most likely include the spec with its upcoming iPads as well. In order to show off the processor’s power, Apple is equipping developers with new coding tools to take advantage of the 64-bit capabilities. Developers looking to continue to support iOS 6 will be able to do so by using new tools which Apple plans on seeding in the near future.
Since iOS 4.0, Apple has released a framework called UIAutomation, which can be used to perform automated tests on real devices and on the iPhone Simulator. Another framework to be mention is OCUnit, which is included in Xcode, and can be used to add unit tests to your app. Check that the Release configuration is associated with a Developper profile (and not an Ad-Hoc Distribution profile). Each UIKit control that can be accessed can be represented by a Javascript Object, UIAElement.
You can see now that accessibility properties are used by UIAutomation to target the different controls. The UIAElement hierarchy is really important and you’re going to deal with it constantly. Then, tap on the text field and check the name and value properties of the associated UIAElement (and also the NSObject accessibilityLabel and accessibilityValue equivalent properties). You will note that the only difference between the different version of Xcode is the emplacement of Automation.tracetemplate. Instead of typing your script, you can record the interaction directly on the device or in the simulator, to replay them later.
Now, you can play with your app; you will see the captured interactions appearing in the script window (even rotation event). This was a pretty long post but I hope that you see the power of UIAutomation and the potential burst in quality that your app can gained.
To conclude this trip to UIAutomation, I don’t resist to show you how we use UIAutomation with Meon in a little video. Unlike an iPhone or an iPad, it’s not as easy to take a screenshot on the Apple TV, but it can be done.
Screenshots will be deposited on your desktop, and will be named in a similar fashion as Mac screenshots. On the new Apple TV, Apple has made it possible to connect to HDMI and USB at the same time.
Apple TV screenshots are 1920×1080, regardless of your resolution settings on the actual device.
Do you guys know if you can use an adapter for USB C-USB to charge the remote of the Apple TV through Lightning?

I can’t say I recommend buying an adapter just to try this out though, as I have no idea if it will work. They need to come up with some remote key combo like on the iPhone, and just have the photo saved to iCloud or something.
You need to install this first because Xcode provides powerful tools to handle extra commands for installing Ruby. By default, your mac already has Ruby installed, try to execute ruby -v in terminal and you will see the version. If you restart your terminal, and type ruby -v, you will see that your old Ruby is still being referenced. Not the answer you're looking for?Browse other questions tagged ios xcode ipad xamarin or ask your own question.
Should I list people who are in competition with me as reviewers to exclude for "conflict of interest"?
Software development: Is it appropriate to tell my boss and coworkers that it is difficult for me to discuss specs verbally? When does operator<< refer to the insertion operator and when to the bitwise left shift?
Is it illegal for a private citizen of the US to own and operate an orbital kinetic weapons platform? But what if someone actually wants tableview back color to be a pattern, without having that pattern repeat for the cells?
Sign up for our newsletter and get our top new questions delivered to your inbox (see an example). Not the answer you're looking for?Browse other questions tagged iphone objective-c xcode uitableview or ask your own question. It is important that we are able to show readers what the display looks like when we are describing features.
You cana€™t take a screenshot on the device itself; at least no one has found that magic sequence of button-presses on the remote that captures the display and sends a photo to your iCloud Photo Library. The Apple TV has a USB-C port on the back; thata€™s the type of connector that the new MacBook uses. In this scenario, you connect the Apple TV to your Mac using a USB-C cable, as above, but you dona€™t need a TV. You can use the Apple TVa€™s remote to move around the interface and then take screenshots on your Mac of the QuickTime Player window. Just click the Record button; when youa€™re finished recording, however your mouse over the window and click the Stop button. We give you the scoop on what's new, what's best and how to make the most out of the products you love. Well this may not be the best way as I have not done this before for Mac and not for Windows for 6 years.
Also if you want to have an exact version that you have done all your testing on then this is the only way to guarantee it. Inside of it it contains the Application and a link to the Applications folder so all you have to do to install is Drag and drop. Otherwise it will create a link to it in its absolute location on your machine and will not show on other peoples computers. We would love to be able to provide a tool with JavaFX that makes this super simple but I am not sure when we will be able to commit to it. But what developers and clients really want, isn’t just for the installer to be native, but for the app itself to be native, where the JRE is completely invisible (embedded). It lets you create a professional installer, with your own customized JVM bundle, in 1 step for Windows, Mac and more. As far as I understand JavaFX can be used for internal intranet application – but anyway there is no difference with a standalone application in this case (JNLP can be used as a launcher). Next month we will be making changes that will allow you to create a single app binary that supports 32-bit on iOS 6, as well as 32-bit and 64-bit on iOS 7,” Apple says. It enables you to quickly track regressions and performance issues, and also develop new features without worrying to break your app.
The documentation on UIAutomation is quite small and there is not a lot of resources on the web. There is a strong relation between UIAutomation and accessibility, so you will use the accessibility labels and values to simulate and check the results of simulated UI interaction.
In fact, I recommend to use this option, instead of using the Instruments graphical user interface. Before anything else, be sure that Automation.tracetemplate is existing at the path you provide.
There is not a lot of documentation on UIAutomation, but I’ve listed a bunch of links that may help you. We use various test, and in this video, we test that the player can play from level 0 to level 120. On the iPhone, it’s just a matter of pressing the Home and Sleep button at the same time, but on the Apple TV, it requires a USB-C Cable, a Mac, and Xcode. You will need to be connected to HDMI as well in order for anything to be displayed on the screenshot, otherwise, the screenshot will just be a black rectangle. The difference with this new connector is that it may allow accessories to be supported in the future, such as a second (!) tv-out or a USB drive.
Unfortunately, it will get you in trouble in future if you need more than one Ruby version. My specialities are HTML, CSS, Javascript, PHP, Ruby on Rails, Node.js and Test Driven Development.

There is no phone pad available on this device … So the displayed keyboard layout with numbers is correct.
You may wish to do this too: you may want to capture a screen to share with a friend or you may need to take a screenshot for someone providing tech support. But you may still, even if youa€™re not a tech writer, need to capture images from the Apple TV, if you are, say, a teacher or trainer.
After youa€™ve downloaded and installed Xcodea€”ita€™s a 4GB download, and takes up 9.5GB on diska€”you can connect the Apple TV to your Mac and use Xcode to take screenshots. To do this, press Command-Option-4, then press the spacebar, hover your cursor over the window, and click your mouse or trackpad. So this is what I created for our FxExperience Tools application so it feels native for Mac users. Although a zip is good enough, a DMG gives you the chance to give your users a nicer experience which is what it is all about on the Mac. Last thing then is to size the window to fit your background image and position the window in the center of the screen. My experience tells me that different ruby’s project will probably need different ruby version.
Now i expect to see only cells' text on top of table's background image, however i see strange behaviour. Ita€™s not enough to connect an HDMI cable to the device and not connect the other end of it to anything.
For 1.6 it should be auto installed for you when needed and you can not redistribute it your self. Other than adding your files, all you need to do is drag and drop in your icon file and specify the main class.
So to create a DMG I used the standard Mac tool that comes with every Mac called Disk Utility. There are loads of open source projects that do parts of it but nothing that does it all in one simple ant task which is what most developers want. Launching UIAutomation tests on command line is fast, and your scripts will stop at the end of the test. Under this directory, you will find the Applications directory that contains a sandbox for each of the apps installed in the simulator. You can also use the -l option to give a time-out to your script: for instance -l 60000 will force to terminate the current script in 60s. How can you have two different Ruby version installed in same machine and switch between them? So, next to your Mac, youa€™ll have the Apple TV, an actual TV set (it doesna€™t matter what size), an HDMI cable to connect to the TV, and a USB-C cable to connect to the Mac. These are special icon file formats that take all the sizes and combine them into a single file. It has the nice ability to be able to generate installers for all platforms from all platforms. So anyone looking to start a open source project and really help out their fellow developers this would be a great project.
It used to be true that you could not redistribute JavaFX but that was fixed in 2.02 I think.
By returning true, you indicate UIAutomation that this alert must be considered as a part of your test and treated accordantly. I happen to have one, which I use on my headless Mac mini server to be able to change its screen resolution; I explain the device in this article. So on Windows you can create a Mac installer and on Mac you can create a Windows installer. We were depending on a 3rd party library that we were not aloud to allow people to redistrubute.
If you have any problem, logElementTree is your friend: it dumps all current visible elements that can be accessed. It is called Icon Composer and will take all your images and create both the Mac and Windows icon files for you. You can then copy your application bundle into it and also create a alias(mac form of linked file) to the applications folder so that your user has a convenient place to drag your application to. Then for a nicer experience it is recommended that you give the disk window a background picture and make it icon view with the tool bar and side bar turned off.
At $2000 though its a big investment, but if you’re are shipping a quality application I think it is well worth the investment for the level of polish it offers and the lack of time and hassle of doing your own thing.
I did not find a free tool that lets you create windows MSI installers on Mac or Linux but feel like someone must have made one. I used a old version 3 (the latest is 5) that I had a license for from back when I was running my own startup. I will have to see if I can convince them to gave us a OpenSource license for fxexperience tools project :-).
One of the things that it does so well is pack200 and LZMA compressing all the jars that go into the installer.

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