But, just like any other manufacturer, Sony has its remarkable distinguished look and you can easily set it apart from other laptops on the market. From the Y series, we have the VPC-Y218FX, with wireless connectivity options, lightweight design, Bluetooth and a starting price of $799.
If you need a desktop replacement, a home-use laptop, then you need to get something bigger.
Laptops are highly customizable, so depending on the budget willing to invest, you can choose the one you want. IDK but I just wanted to say that I think it is a excellent idea to have the ac jack not soldered to the mobo but via a wire or something similar, that way it will be much more easy to replace it and you won't have to worry about the solder breaking off the mobo.
For anyone wondering, I removed the bottom of my CS this morning and noticed that the DC jack is the same way - not soldered to the board, and look like the ones in the picture. Sony just recently announced their first 3D laptop, the VAIO F Series, and as the laptop is just about to start becoming available on the market I was able to get a hold of a sample for a few days to do a quick review, so here you can read my first impressions. Before moving to the actual testing of the laptop I should mention one thing that I’m not too happy with, but that is becoming more of a trend lately in a lot of products.
The 16-inch 120Hz 3D-capable Full HD display that Sony uses in this laptop is their top model form the Premium line, meaning that it should offer very good performance and capabilities, such as wider viewing angles, good color reproduction, higher brightness etc. Doing a color calibration of the monitor, just to see if things can be further improved shows that a better color reproduction can be achieved, even without loosing too much of the maximum brightness level. With the black and white extreme test photos, the display of the Sony F Series 3D laptop starts showing how good it actually is in 3D mode as well.
Moving to the sailboats test 3D video, again results that are comparable to that seen on 3D HDTVs.
Moving to the native resolution for the display of 1080p (Full HD), the same games as above need to be scaled down a bit to low details level and with some that are not so demanding at medium in order to get a framerate for comfortable gaming in 2D (plain 3D mode). Also the Gigabyte laptop has an estimated launch price of $1200, which makes the Sony seem like a bit of a sting considering it’s less powerful yet so much more expensive. But given what you’ve said about the screen quality and the Sony 3D glasses I really feel torn now, I’d wanted the Sony but had resigned myself to the Gigabyte for the better specs and price!
Yes, this happens on the laptop as well, over 15-20 degrees to the side and you can start seeing ghosting (not a problem when in front a laptop as opposed to when watching TV). Being me a Samsung C8000 3d tv owner I can say that the Sony 3d effect is better than the sammy. If talking about stereoscopic 3D support only, the Sony is much-much better than the HP (the screen and the glasses make all the difference in S3D mode). No, you are not able to use it with a PS3 or anything else, that outputs 3D video as the laptops does not feature HDMI input, only output. I would take Sony at once and for sure if the design of new F line was not so ugly….
You must have JavaScript enabled in your browser to utilize the functionality of this website. An ultra light-weight stylish case made from neoprene designed to offer great protection for your device.This sleek neoprene pouch is designed to fit your 15" laptop and take the brunt of any impacts.
It is true that once you start customizing a Sony laptop and you choose even the color tone you like, it will result in a unexpected large amount of money. There are a lot of models of Sony laptop computers, so the company has classified them by series, the S series, C series, E series, F series, J series, Z series, Y series and Sony Vaio P series, which are actually smaller laptops that look like your colorful purse.

The processor used in this case is not the latest Intel I Core, but the Intel Pentium U5400, but there is enough memory on-board to keep the system running smooth, 4GB DDR3 SDRAM. Some gadgets come with a price and to see if they are really worth it, you should check them out before you purchase them; you never know if the commercials speak the truth and state the real value of the laptops.
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The laptop in the photo is from a Vaio S series laptop but am not sure whether this is the case for all models. As usual the review will focus mostly on the stereo 3D capabilities of the laptop and won’t cover every aspect or provide a lot of more general benchmarks, but you are welcome to ask about things that are not covered in the review as well. But hey, I said this is not a high-end gaming laptop, it is a mobile multimedia solution with 3D capabilities, still I did some tests with games, results of which you can find below.
These glasses are the same that are used with the company’s BRAVIA 3D HDTVs, so if you have such a television set already, then you would be able to use the pair of glasses that comes with the laptop with the TV and the glasses used for the TV also with the laptop.
I’m talking about the use of glossy plastic for most of the outer parts of the chassis of the laptops as well as multiple other products. You can see that the test photo with the white has absolutely no leakage from the image of the other eye, and with the black there is very little. Starting with 720p resolution all of the tested games provide more than comfortable framerate in 2D mode and even comfortably playable fps for stereo 3D mode. But even with the minimum level of details at 1080p resolution in stereo 3D mode most of the games can’t provide really good framerate (again listed is the fps per eye in stereo 3D mode) for comfortable gaming. I’ve only recently discovered your blog but I’d like to say thank you for it, you put a lot of energy into everything on this site and the information is very useful!
But the performance of the display in the Sony sounds excellent and I’d rather not be stuck with an average looking display if I went for the cheaper Gigabyte.
When you rotates your head even slightly, you will have serious crosstalk and colormetric problem.
But this is an issue due to the polarizing filters used in LCD panels, with 3D Vision you start seeing the image darker when you rotate the glasses. The hard drive is pretty spacious, 500GB, Intel GMA HD graphics installed and Windows 7 Home Premium as your operating system.
There are 4GB of memory installed and the hard drive has 320GB, enough space to store your personal files. Some people may say that Sony is a bit late, considering that the company is pushing for strong 3D support with their different product lines, and although they may be right, Sony did a great job with the 3D capabilities of the VAIO F Series laptop, so that can fully compensate for the delay. Controlling the level of depth in games needs to e done with the use of the CTRL + F3 and CTRL + F4 as you don’t have a scroll wheel to rotate like when using an external 3D Vision IR emitter. I know that the glossy surface looks much more attractive and nice and it is usually Ok if you don’t have to touch it, but it is also like a magnet for fingerprints and dust and unless you constantly wipe them out, the surface may look ugly. And even better color reproduction can be achieved if we sacrifice some of the brightness, going below delta of 1.0 is possible, meaning that we really have a good display in this laptop. Again similar great performance as a 3D HDTV such as BRAVIA 3D offer, but packed in the form of a 16-inch laptop screen.
Of course we are talking about the games running at 1280×720 resolution with medium and some on high level of details, so not pushing it too much and of course not with the most demanding games like Metro 2033 for example that will hardly be playable on this laptop. This of course is due to the presence of a great GPU for multimedia use, but not the most powerful mobile gaming video card that can really offer you the top performance you would need to play games in stereo 3D mode at Full HD resolution and with the maximum level of details.

And we are not going to be seeing 3D plasma displays on laptops anytime soon, because these do not use light polarizing filters like the LCDs.
Because of its small size, the laptop can easily be used by travelers, students and mainly everyone needing a compact system to meet their expectations. You can even connect an additional 3D Vision infrared emitter and make the laptop work with the 3D Vision shutter glasses, with some limitations however. Most of top parts of the chassis of the Sony laptop are made using this glossy black plastic that really makes the laptop look nice, everything apart from the palm rest area, the touchpad and the keyboard keys. Further confirming how good the display is are the rest of the tests that are related to the performance in stereo 3D mode. Just a note, the fps results in stereo 3D mode are showing the framerate per eye with only Civilization V slightly on the edge with high settings for details, but lowering just a bit of the extra effects things can get into 25 plus fps per eye as well. The laptop can also be used for gaming in stereo 3D mode, but as it is not a gaming laptop, you should not want to play the most demanding games with maximum details, Full HD resolution and in stereo 3D mode, because the GPU is not the fastest mobile solution that is able to provide the adequate enough performance for that. If we are at the small and light category, then we can take a closer look at the Sony Vaio P series of laptops, being available in such vibrant colors. However when you start using the laptop you cannot go without touching it and that may leave nasty looking marks that need to be later cleaned, the good thing is that the pouch for the shutter glasses doubles as a microfiber cleaning cloth, besides working as a protective case. And this kind of reminded me of the time when Sony was still making LCD monitors, as providing the same technology and level of performance in a desktop 3D LCD monitor would beat all the competition at the moment, although it would for sure be more expensive than the currently available 3D solutions. The game Civilization V is also the only one that does not support 720p resolution, so the test was performed in the 1280×768 which is just a bit higher, but also a bit more demanding for the GPU as well. Still a reminder, the Sony VAIO F Series 3D laptop is a multimedia solution and not a high-end gaming laptop and as such the level of gaming performance that it offers is more than decent enough.
But then again this laptop is not being advertised as a high-end gaming solution, so you should not expect things from it that it wasn’t mean for, although still at the moment gaming in stereo 3D mode is among the things that are preferred by most 3D users.
Design is definitely eye-catching, but the price is set high and the battery life is not up to expectations. A bit more expensive of course, however for everyone wanting to get the best 3D experience, the bit higher price of the Sony VAIO is well worth as compared to the other mobile 3D solutions offered by other laptop makers that may be slightly more affordable. The good thing however is that the screen is not glossy as well, meaning much better handling of reflections, something that seems to be a kind of an issue for most other 3D laptops available on the market that come with glossy screens. And not only the small size and the colors come out in the crowd, but also the shape of the laptops, resembling more to a wallet or a purse, actually you can easily fit this Sony laptop in your purse.
So a high-gaming laptop with a faster GPU with the same other hardware and at a bit higher price from Sony would be something really worth buying as well, although even this F Series 3D laptop is really great for multimedia 3D use. The screen size is just 8”, so no wonder the compact design, but the keyboard is very comfortable and almost full, so small things are sometimes spacious in the same time. I was really pleasantly surprised from the laptop and its capabilities and performance, and although there are a few minor things that can be further improved, the general impression is very positive and I really liked the product and especially the 3D capabilities and 3D experience it provides.

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