Multipurpose HD 1080P action sports camera WIFI is an excellent camera, which has been highly recommended by many people due to its amazing designs and excellent performance. This multipurpose 1080P action HD sports camera WIFI features WIFI function, and you are allowed to download software from App Store, Google play or CDROM.
Moreover, this camera has a waterproof case, making it albe to be used underwater 50 meters or in rainy weather.
The above mentioned amazing designs and excellent performance of this multipurpose HD 1080P action sports camera WIFI are really attractive and appealing, m, making this camera functional and practical for use.
This smartphone will possess a razor thin design with a 4.5 inch Super AMOLED Plus touch screen display.
Nokia X7 is considered as the company’s one of the first smartphone to run on Symbian Anna OS.
This smartphone is the first device to run on Android 2.3 OS along with the slide – out QWERTY keyboard.
Overall, I believe that this article will help you to take the right selection in deciding a best 8.0 MP camera smartphone.

Features Exceptionally Lightweight and Slim Enjoy greater flexibility than ever before with the Galaxy Tab S2.
Fingerprint Security Get greater security with convenient and accurate fingerprint functionality.
It has a built-in WIFI, wireless video steaming to smart phone and tablet, with WIFI range within 15 meters. Thanks to its well designs and excellent performance, this camera can be used as helmet camera, motorcycle and bike camera, car DVR and so on, suitable for many activities such as driving, riding, skiing, water sports, and some others.
With the LED flash, image stabilization, Smile detection, and more camera features, you can capture brilliant images and videos. It is the world’s first smartphone to be powered by 1.0 GHz Nvidia Tegra 2 Dual Core Processor. Remarkably slim and ultra-lightweight, use this device to take your e-books, photos, videos and work-related files with you wherever you need to go. You can also control and play it by phone or tablet, and transfer images or videos to phone or tablet via WIFI.

It will bring you a large 4.0 inches touch screen display, 8 GB inbuilt memory, Bluetooth, and Wi-Fi. Other attractive features includes Wi-Fi, 16 GB internal memory, HSPA+ network, and Bluetooth. It can support Micro SD cards up to 32GB, capable of being used to take and store many photos and videos.
In addition, you can take  pictures with the help of 8MP rear-facing camera and make video calls using the 1.3MP front-facing camera. Watch HD movies while you are flicking through a digital magazine or an e-book, or surfing the net.

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