Shutterfly's easy-to-use "Perfect Photo" Web guide gives you detailed advice on capturing better images.
Photo service Shutterfly has launched a Web-based, interactive photography guide designed to help you capture the best photos, regardless of the equipment you are using. Or, maybe you’re going on a rafting trip with your compact point-and-shoot camera, and you could use a few pointers.
Choose the camera and photo types, get some good advice, and take some interesting shots – it’s that simple.

You’ll be able to quickly navigate through the guide (as long as you know what camera and type of shot you want) and it offers a wealth of tips for many possible photo scenarios.
The photo guide will advise you to protect your camera, use a zoom lens to keep your distance, and to consider purchasing an underwater camera (if you frequently shoot near water). Of course, the tips are fairly rudimentary, as there are a lot more to taking great photos besides a few basic tips.
After making a camera selection on the menu, you then select the type of photo you’re interesting in shooting.

For example, you’re in a restaurant and just received a stunning entree – sounds like a great photo op. Photo type choices include portraits, selfies, bokeh, macro, action shots, close-up, wide-angle, food, candid, by the water, landscape, and panorama.

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