Bulgaria have now adopted EU passport and Visa standards which means that Bulgarian Visa and Passports Photos must conform to the internationally agreed Biometric Standard for passports.
In our state of the art digital photo studios in London we have professional photographers, professional lighting equipment and state of the art digital photographic printers. Walk into our studio, let us take your photos and within minutes your Bulgarian Passport or Visa photo will be in your hands. If you can't make it into our professional passport photo studios you can email us a suitable photo and we will format it to the correct specifications and either post or email it back to you, according to your preference. Please note that you should only order a digital copy if your country supports online passport and visa applications. Citizens of the UK and USA citizens with valid passports can stay in Bulgaria without visas for 90 days within a 6 month period.
We also produce passport and visa photos for all countries adjacent to Bulgaria including Serbia, Romania, Turkey, Macedonia and Greece. We guarantee to get your photos right first time which means that your application will not be rejected on the grounds of an incorrect photos. If you are concerned about your appearance and need to look your very best in your passport and visa photos then consider having a passport makeover in our studios.
We are one of a handful of professional passport studios in Europe who have the expertise and equipment to produce a set of Brazilian passport to the correct requirements. You can walk in to our studios and within minutes walk out again with you Brazilian passport or visa pictures.

Tough new anti fraud measures and the introduction of globally agreed biometric standards means Kenyan passport and visa photos must be taken by professional photographers to avoid your application being rejected. We also produce passports and visa photos for countries surrounding Kenya including Tanzania, Ethiopia, Sudan, Uganda and Somalia. We produce stunning high quality Russian visa and passport photos that satisfy all the internationally agreed biometric standards and the new strict anti fraud and security requirements that Russia now requires.
Few professional studios in the UK are as well equipped as we are to produce Russian passport photos. We produce high quality Russian passport and visa photos to the exacting criteria demanded by the Russian Government.
At the time of writing the only information available on Russian Visa Photos is that ' standard size' passport photos are required with your Visa application.
As well as Russian passport and Visa photos we produce passport pictures for all countries close to Russia including Mongolia, China, Finland, Sweden, Uzbekistan, Belarus, Ukraine, Georgia, Armenia and Kazakhstan.
Few passport and visa photo photo studios in Europe are equipped to do properly. Bulgaria has adopted EU standards which means that citizens of Northern Ireland, Canada, Australia Mexico do not need Bulgarian Visas.
If the submitted photos are incorrect your application will be refused causing stressful delays and even unforeseen expense. You can pop into our professional passport studios 6 days a week and you don't even need an appointment.

Our professional studios produce sets of superb quality Kenyan passport and Visa photos that conform to all the necessary regulations. We have professional flash lighting, knowledgable photographers to take the passport photos and technologically advanced photographic printers.
Our helpful photographers know the requirements for Russian passport and visa photos and will ensure your photos are correctly sized, and all other current specifications are met.
Note that the head size in Russian passport pictures is a lot smaller than the EU standard. Babies must have their eyes open, there must be no visible means of support such as parent's hands. Citizens of Honduras, Panama, Nicaragua, Costa Rica, Salvador, New Zealand, and Guatemala, need only a valid passport.
Because we're open 7 days a week you can have your photos taken any time that's convenient.

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