If you want to take your own passport photos, the State Department's web site has all the details on passport photo requirements. It's worth your time to review the State Department's helps because they actually are quite helpful. So we tried putting up some lights on each side of our child like the Secretary of State website suggests.
We had a bench set against a white (or maybe slightly off white) wall in between two windows. The wall is a bit textured and we were under the impression that the background had to be flat and white.
The person at the post office that was taking our application used a little template that looks just like the crop tool on the website to make sure our photos met the size guidelines. This entry was posted in Family, Money Saving Tips, Sunny and tagged passport, passport photos, U.S.
With the holidays right around the corner, lots of us are getting ready to travel so we can spend quality time with our family and friends. Especially when you're flying to another country, it's important not to let your passport get within six months of its expiry date (some countries refuse to allow entry after this point). How many times have you cringed when handing over your passport because the photo is less than flattering? My family and I travel while I run my company Purveyor of Geekery: the Marketplace for Creative Spirits. We’re going to take a clue from these slightly creepy images for babies and toddlers with better things to do than to sit still.
Position Baby. Bring baby in before you cover the helper so they can see who is behind the blanket.
For more details on how to edit your DIY passport photos online for free, see this article or for what to expect from the passport application process, see here.
Click here to find out details on Purveyor of Geekery and be sure to check out the awesome Seller's Program. Passport photo regulations have recently changed, making it much easier to take them yourself. Step 4: Once you have a photo that you like enough, do some light adjusting to the brightness.

This entry was posted in Travel and tagged easy photo tips, passport photo tips, passport photos, passports, photo editing, take your own passport photo, Travel on March 6, 2013 by Jen. It's not all that complicated, though if you want to avoid a hassle, you can pay $10.99 at someplace like Walgreen's to have it done for you. If, like mine, your family is spread out over a country or two, that usually means pulling out your passport and getting ready to hop on a plane. If you're coming up on that date, time to queue up at your local passport office and get that sucker renewed! Natural makeup -- Today is not the day to try deep plum lips, dark and smokey eyeshadow, or fuscia blush. You are going to end up with shadows unless you have a professional kit, but those can be removed in a photo editing software, or at least lightened.
For the older ones… you could use a tripod and a camera with a self timer while you stabilize. You can see user’s posts of pictures as well as whether they will pass official muster or not. If you are working with a helper, have them sit with their hands under the blanket and cradle the baby’s head. Try not to make too much of a game out of it or else you’ll have plenty of images of baby turned around playing peak-o and not many forward facing ones. When I got my passport back, I knew the image I had sent in was too dark, so I adjusted Adam’s a little further. There are additional guidelines for glasses, limitations on what you can wear (sorry Rachel Zoe, hats are not acceptable), and more information. If you've got a shy or unruly child (no names, please), it may be less hassle to take the time to set up your lights and white background at home. I suggest wearing neutral, natural, full coverage makeup as passport photos have a tendency to bring out the shadows and make you look washed out.
This means that you have the potential to look like the angriest, grumpiest person in the world for the next 5-10 years whenever you hand over your passport. We took ours with three light sources: the natural light from the sliding glass door, the overhead light and a floor lamp.
Don’t attempt this right before a nap and feel free to reschedule for a happier moment if you need to.

If I had thought about it, I would have had us both in Duke blue instead of something close to Carolina blue. Worst case you head to CVS anyway and you’ve only lost a few pieces of photo paper and some frustration in the process. A dash of colour on your lips and extra pump of your eyelash curler then you're good to go! But here's a little trick that I've gotten away with for my passport and driver's licence over the years -- smile the teeniest tiniest of smiles. You can see in the photos above there was still a lot of shadowing that needed lifted compared to teh finals below. If you are working by yourself, try positioning things so that you are in front of the television, so the baby can get distracted while you use the remote to trigger the camera. It can seem like a hassle to get to CVS and shell out $8 for a strip when you could just take it yourself with a little planning. My passport looks like I live in the Caribbean full time, while my original passport at 16 looks like the pale Nordic blonde that I am. I was a bit frantic waiting for mine to return, as it has visas from when I lived in New Zealand (a gorgeous visa BTW) and in China. Depending on the shape of your lips, some people are dispositioned so that their resting face is one with a natural pout. Take your white sheet or blanket and fold it so that it is thick enough that you can’t see through it and smooth out as many wrinkles as possible. My cousins might get the wrong idea and think that we’ve turned to the dark side cheered for UNC. Once you can compare the size of your image to the template on the passport form, you can decide if it needs to be bigger or smaller. I wish I had these tips a few months back when I went to renew my passport:(I cringe at my passport and drivers license picture all the time!
Then, I had to hurry up and get the next ones taken and that ended up being midnight one night (haha, oh college) and I look bedraggled.

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