A year ago it was easier to tell many shoppers to pick the iPhone over the latest Samsung Galaxy S smartphone.
If you already own an iPhone or an Android device, it’s important to consider the cost of switching to the iPhone or Android.
The larger display on the Galaxy S3 is better suited for watching movies and mobile gaming, providing a more immersive experience than the iPhone 5. The Galaxy S3 will also soon be able to use a multi-window mode that places two apps on the screen at once, so it’s possible to watch a video and check email at the same time without switching between apps. Display quality is too close to pick a winner, but users that plan to watch a lot of video content and want a larger canvas to compose and view photos should lean towards the Galaxy S3. Apple designed the iPhone 5 with anodized aluminum and glass, focusing on beveled edges and straight edges while Samsung opted for a plastic design with curves and flowing lines.
The Galaxy S3 is not a unibody smartphone, which means users can take the plastic back off to access the battery and a Micro SD card slot. The iPhone 5 features a home button to control multiple features with a tap, hold or double press. The video below shows the iPhone 5 and Galaxy S3 in a drop test to illustrate the phone’s ability to survive drops from multiple heights.
The winner here comes down to personal preference, so head to a local store and hold each phone, but keep in mind the inability to swap batteries and add extra memory to the iPhone. The iPhone 5 and Galaxy S3 are well matched on features, but each phone handles some tasks better than others. The Galaxy S3 offers many more shooting modes than the iPhone 5, including Burst Shot and Best Photo, which can take multiple photos at once, and can select the best out of a group of photos.
The Galaxy S3 allows users to control the phone with smart gestures, so that it’s possible to control the phone without touching it. The iPhone 5 and the Galaxy S3 can last a full day of use, even with 4G LTE, for most users. The selection of apps on Android is vastly improved over a year ago, but many apps still come to the iPhone first, and Android app piracy may limit the release and update speed for paid apps on the Galaxy S3 and other Android smartphones.
Because the Galaxy S3 features NFC (Near Field Communication), owners can use Google Wallet to pay at many stores and can share files with other NFC-enabled devices.
The best iPhone 5 deals are available from retailers like Best Buy with a price of $150 for a limited time. The Galaxy S3 is available for as low as $49 from Amazon Wireless for Verizon, Sprint and AT&T, with the specific prices listed below.
If you want access to more accessories, first crack at apps, Siri and a better camera, the iPhone 5 is likely a better fit. If a larger screen, advanced camera options, the customization of Android, smart gestures and sharing through NFC, the Galaxy S3 is a better pick.

No I did have an i crap aka iPhone I had the ip 5 I got rid of it the first few days owning it, I had android for years and tried something different and it took only 4 days and the ip 5 was so glitchy I smashed it!!
Oh one more thing there Cody I respect ur post but don’t assume people never own an iPhone we both are just as guilty bashing here but it is what it is!! And yes the idea to put and change mini sd cards and battery’s I like too from my old droid razr and you would think apple would have the technology to have that feature??
Got to be honest, the samsungs display is way to big, I want a phone and not a mini tablet! September 24, 2013 by James Horton The iPhone 5C, plastic, durable, affordable and comes in a multiple of colors. Now you’ve heard from us and our discoveries in using the new iPhone 5C, comment below with any findings you come across on your new smartphone from Apple.
Whether you are looking for iPhone app reviews, iPad app reviews, Android app reviews, Android Tablet app reviews, Windows Phone app reviews or Mac app reviews, we have you covered. You will find our best app reviews and app demos in the Featured App Banner Section above and the Featured App Section below. In addition to panoramas, the FaceTime HD camera supports slow motion video recording, and features a front-facing flash.
Apps and accessories are not normally compatible with each system, so many current smartphone owners may want to just stick with the type of phone they already own. Despite the larger display, the Galaxy S3 itself is not significantly larger than the iPhone 5. This design choice limits expandability, but delivers a solid phone that feels more high-end than the Galaxy S3. Some shoppers will appreciate the ability to carry a spare battery or a larger battery and to expand the storage with an affordable Micro SD card later. The Galaxy S3 includes a physical home button as well as two capacitive buttons to control the Android operating system. The new Lightning adapter means it is difficult to find a charger at a friend’s house or in an airport, but this should improve shortly.
The Galaxy S3 offers more software control of the camera and allows users to customize Android with new launchers, widgets and themes. The Best Face feature should arrive in 2013, which will allow users to pick the best face for each person in a group photo. The iPhone 5 can take panoramic photos and regular photos, but without a third-party app it does not offer the same number of features as the Galaxy S3. Both of these apps are accessible with a button shortcut and can perform similar tasks, but Siri is the winner in terms of usability and reliability.
One of the best smart features is the phone’s ability to keep the screen active when you are looking at it.

During our time with both devices, battery life was close enough that there was no definitive winner, but it’s important to remember that the Galaxy S3 battery is replaceable and there are larger battery options.
These accessories connect to the iPhone via Bluetooth to share information and extend the use of the iPhone.
We talk about price last because it’s not worth saving $50 to $100 on a phone on day one, when the total cost of a contract over two years is over $2,000. Both of these devices are a solid pick for your next smartphone, so the choice comes down to what’s most important to you and the personal preference about which phone looks and feels best in your hand.
And in glad to use my Samsung G3 and what a bigger better running phone an iPhone ur limited to what u can do an android u don’t apple has to many restrictions no 3 rd party apps etc.
And it least I DON’T own a ip now so now ur correct as for now but I did sadly had a ip, also us android people don’t cry and wait for the next jail break to come out so we can do more with an ip, so you and apple, and owner Tim cook are going down, ya bigger screen and ip improvements but apple had to constantly update after update to improve there glitchy devices to keep up, android was always fast from day one not apple!!
Unlike every other apple fanboy out there, you show respect and don’t act like a colossal asshat. My old droid razr LTE and i 5 not right next to each other so that’s not a network issue!! You most likely have many questions on the new features of your phone along with how to get the most of out of your iOS 7. The video below compares it to several screens, though not to the iPhone 5, as it was not released at the time of filming. The Galaxy S3’s headphone jack is at the top, and a Micro USB port sits at the bottom for charging and syncing. It is true that it does not have all of the bells and whistles, but it is still the better device for me. The iphone 5 is a faster phone and yet has a slower cpu…thats how badly optimised Android is.
Also the phone may be better on certain carriers than others as well But good luck with whom you have as your wireless carrier !! They take existing technology, slap on their name brand, and then release it to their ignorant loyalists opportunistically.
Android gets better every time apple every two the $$ apple make and can’t keep up and half ass iPad mini haaa!!!
The iPhone 5 is simply every other phone Apple has released, just more slicker looking and smaller in dimensions. I’ll be sticking to innovation and having a phone that can do anything I want it to do without jailbreaking and possibly ruining your phone.

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