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There are dozens of tweaks and additions that substantially enhance Apple’s mobile OS -- some obvious, and some hidden. Simply pinch to zoom out, like you normally, and keep doing it until the map becomes a globe. Although the iPad 2 and third-generation iPad both have dual-core processors, Apple does not appear to have enabled Panorama mode in these tablets. Select Calendars from within the app and tap on the arrow to the right of the calendar you want to share.
You can also scroll down to the bottom of the Edit Calendar window to make the calendar public.
Mark as Unread has moved from the subject field to the flag that resides at the bottom of an e-mail. Android and Windows Phone users have had turn-by-turn directions for a while now, with voice commands keeping them on course so they don’t have to take their eyes off the road to glance at a map. On the iPhone, however, that default voice can be alarmingly loud, especially if connected to a car stereo. Photo Stream now offers a pretty easy way to share photos with groups of friends without posting them to the Internet for all the world to see. Unfortunately, the feature is not turned on by default, and scouring the Photos app ill yields zero help. Those who have varied schedules on different days of the week can go into the Edit Alarm or Add Alarm settings to make a particular alarm repeat only on specific days -- like for that Tuesday organic chemistry seminar or the Friday yoga class. But there’s one more thing you can do to make those first few moments in the morning less blaring and miserable.

Apple’s amazing iTunes Match grabs all the music you have on multiple devices and consolidates it in one place. Passbook is one of the most hyped features of iOS 6, but it will take a bit of time to come into its own. First off, not every ticketing or coupon app will be compatible with Passbook at the outset -- a detail that Apple didn’t mention at WWDC or the iPhone 5 launch.
Under the main Settings icon, Apple has provided clearer controls with regard to ad tracking and to granting apps access to your data. The new app has nifty features like turn-by-turn directions, Fly Over and, because it uses vector-based images, 3-D image renderings of many destinations. But what the company failed to mention was that Panorama mode actually works with any iOS device that has a dual-core processor.
Choose “Shared With:” to share with specific people and determine whether they can view only or have full editing privileges.
This is an excellent opportunity to replace the boring default “Sent from an iPhone.” To edit the signature for each e-mail account, navigate to Settings > Mail, Contacts, Calendars, and scroll down to Signature.
But now you can customize alarms for certain days of the week and set a song from your music library as your alarm tone. On the iPad (which did not used to have Clocks at all), this is laid out in a calendar-style grid, so you can see your alarms plotted over the course of the day and week. Under the Sound section of the Edit Alarm menu, you can now choose songs from your music library. The not so great part is when your Music app interface gets cluttered with music from a family member with horrible taste. One of the less helpful (but fun!) features is the ability to zoom out in Satellite mode to see the Earth as a glowing blue ball in space.
The view doesn’t show time zones, or where it’s day or night, or any other useful information, but now you’ve got a globe in the palm of your hand.

Regardless, the idea of holding up an iPad long enough to take a panoramic photo isn’t all that appealing. In portrait mode, tap on the right arrow to bring up the option to insert a photo or a video.
Tap on Signature and then on Per Account, and add the personalized signature you want for each account.
You also have the option to buy more tones from iTunes, including ones themed from movies like Star Wars. The new ability to delete both artists and individual tracks lets you remove these offending tracks.
Other apps should be updated to take advantage of Passbook in the coming weeks, though, so don’t fret.
From here you can also manage apps that access your Twitter or Facebook data through the OS, You can also switch the OS-wide integration of those social media services on or off. Tap and then slide on “Limit Ad Tracking.” Now you can keep marketers from bombarding you with targeted ads on your iOS device.
Yep, you can choose to wake up to C-3PO saying “We’re Doomed!” each morning, or Darth Vader breathing. Just pick a video in the Photos app and select Share, and the old YouTube app and icon will appear.

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