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Even if you don’t have Photoshop, you’ll be surprised at how easy it can be to take some good shots, merge them, and get a convincing panorama. The most difficult part of creating a panoramic image with a non-panoramic camera is simply shooting the images—properly.
The first part of the process involves getting a tripod that your camera can mount on and find a relatively level place to shoot your image.
If you aren’t using a DSLR, you may have to refer to your camera’s manual to see if you can disable the auto focus, or simply shoot around it.
If your camera doesn’t have a full on manual mode, you can use program mode to control as many of the elements of exposure as possible. As long as you bracket your images, you’ll probably end up with a set of good, usable pics to make a panorama from. Make sure all of your images are open in Photoshop, as shown here, all open in multiple tabs.
While you can use any of the various “layout” settings to get a panorama, we used “reposition” in this case. Photoshop has aligned the images in a single file and created image masks to stitch them together nearly seamlessly. Even though Photomerge makes making a panorama ludicrously easy, it’s not terribly difficult to manually align and mask images in Photoshop or even GIMP. Start by using the move tool and nudge the images until they more or less fit together as shown. Find these areas that appear incongruous in your image, create masks and use soft edged paintbrushes to gently blend them together.
You can tweak your image and spend all manner of time fixing it, just like any photograph, but you’ll probably be pleasantly surprised when you put your images together just how easy it can be, providing you take the proper precautions when you take your images. Image Credits: All images by the author, protected under Creative Commons, attribution to Eric Z Goodnight. The only application I wouldn't categorically suggest ICE for is if you're a professional (non-commercial license), or on rare occasions, the automated seam selection isn't quite right and there's no way to manually adjust seams. Eric Z Goodnight is an Illustrator and Graphics Geek who hopes to make Photoshop more accessible to How-To Geek readers. Disclaimer: Most of the pages on the internet include affiliate links, including some on this site. By the end of November, Verizon may have the three best Android smartphones ever created all to itself.
Camera: Seeing an 8MP rear shooter with a 28mm wide angle lens on a smartphone is a thing of beauty. Beats:  We know that not everyone is a fan of Beats by Dre headphones, but the addition of special Beats software and a pair of ear buds with the Rezound is welcomed in a time when device features seem to be evolving so slowly. Battery Life (sort of):  We should almost create an in-between category for these reviews, because things like Battery Life would fall right into it. Beats Enhancements are Limited:  The Beats experience on the Rezound is for the most part, enjoyable. Phone Thickness: With the DROID RAZR in stores as the thinnest smartphone on the planet, the thickness of the Rezound is a bit of a turnoff.
Battery Life:  The Rezound performs better than a lot of the 4G LTE phones on the market today, but we would still like to see it last for more than 16 hours on a single charge. As time went on, I dropped the phone from heights that were not very high, less than waist high, and the screen has two giant cracks across it diagonally now. Once the most recent software update for the OS of Icecream Sandwich (?right?), the whole phone went to crap. Another annoying thing is that when the battery gets low the screen dims, and doesn’t brighten again when you plug it in to charge- you have to go into settings and bring up the brightness manually. Having owned this phone since launch, I have to say this is what should have been named the incredible 2.
Still no lag there, but measuring lag that’s almost under a millisecond is getting nitpicky, as I also have an iPhone 4 on standby that lags more switching from one app screen (drawer) to the next than the Rezound. ICS is much better optimized for dual cores and uses resources much better, and bloatware well..
Just bought the Rezound yesterday.  I also liked the Razr but will not buy another Motorola phone (previous phone was the Droid X and Moto found it necessary to cripple it with a software update). The good is … the camera is awesome (perhaps a bit overstated in the review but very good nonetheless), video camera is excellent, its fast (like a race car compared to the Droid X), beautiful screen, feels well built, bluetooth works perfectly, call quality is excellent, setup is very flexible (just stay away from the HTC widgets), and overall its a great smartphone. Rezound is on sale at Costco (online only) for only $49 and you don’t have to change data plans!!! Well if your going to be listening to music with the earbuds, they are a great sounding set. Compared to the article and the video, it looks as if there isn’t a single point where the device lags or is slow to the touch. I picked up the phone 2 days ago and love it, my battery life is amazing actually, it seems better than my bionic. I hope the people that buy this phone are looking forward to their ICS update in December…of 2012. Google Street View is a really cool feature that allows people to check out places and spaces they can’t get to right away.

GigaPan has introduced their latest revolutionary robotic camera mount designed for DSLR(Digital Single Lens Reflex) camera.
Today, we’ll put one together in seconds that we shot with a regular digital camera and a tripod. With our simple tips, you’ll have a much easier time shooting the right kind of images, and splicing them together to make the perfect panorama.
Assuming some general guidelines are followed, it can be very easy to put together a great panorama. If you use an inferior second-hand tripod (like your author) pennies can make a great, cheap fix to level a wobbly mount.
Take a test picture with fully auto focus, then switch to fully manual to keep the lens from adjusting as you rotate on your axis. Use your own manual settings, or take a test automatic shot, and copy those shutter speed and aperture settings. Pick your best set of four or more (although you can merge as few as two!) and pop them into Photoshop.
You can make adjustments at this stage if you want to develop the Raw images—since you can adjust all the images at once, you can ensure they stay as consistent as possible.
This is a feature for newer versions of Photoshop, but don’t dismay if you’re using an older version or even the GIMP, we’ll address that later. Join the discussion, and address questions on the process or tell us about your own tricks and methods for making panoramas in the comments section below. When he’s not headbanging to heavy metal or geeking out over manga, he’s often off screen printing T-Shirts.
The HTC Rezound is one of those three, boasting next-gen specs, Beats by Dre audio enhancements, 4G LTE connectivity, and one of the first 720p HD screens even seen on a mobile device.
If you were looking for a phone that could come close to replacing your high-end DSLR in a pinch, this would be it. The Rezound looks like a modern day DROID Incredible, but with some added red accents to make it really pop.
If there is a way to differentiate yourself from the Android pack, adding in high-end audio is a way to do it. What I mean by that, is that the Rezound held up pretty well in my battery tests – for a 4G LTE phone that is. My LTE connection is pretty strong here in Portland and did not notice any hand-off issues or other problems that we experienced with say, the HTC Thunderbolt.
At some point we will probably be used to $299 just like we were with $199, however, I’m not ready to get there just yet.
With that said, the fact that it only works through the native music app on the phone and with head phones plugged in, is disappointing.
Some people love a little bit of weight to a smartphone, but when you get your hands on the ultra-light players in the game like the Galaxy S2 series and throw them in your pocket, it’s tough to imagine life again with saggy jeans. Since HTC did their best to keep this phone sleek and without sharp edges, they also made these physical buttons almost impossible to toggle. We know that current LTE technology will not allow for that, so we have to at least flag it something that could be improved. The design is almost flawless, looks beautiful on display or in your hand, feels great while using, and has the specs to compete with phones for years to come.
I had little to no complaints about it, other than the bloatware that you can’t remove. I am not completely sure if it affects the touch screen abilities or not but it doesn’t seem to. The keyboard is constantly making typos and moving the cursor to a random part of the sentence. I used to have it on auto brightness but I found that the screen was always too dim when I was outside. This used to be a great phone, and it seems that since the software update it’s fallen apart.
For example, its Contacts widgets are fairly useless due to size and they don’t give you much to choose from.
I really like this phones hardware, but sense just seems to really slow it down and I’d love to see what it could do without that sense covering. Barely got nine hours out of it with minimal texting, recieving a few emails, checking Facebook moderately and checking like five or ten web sites.
Network speed over 4G is Blazing fast zero load times , the beats audio is great , the screen is beautiful (sharp and bright ), the phone isn’t as large and bulky as you may think . I saw it yesterday and this device may have the best front facing camera and back camera in any smartphone today.
Google has documented areas from New York City’s Central Park to the Burjj Khalifa in Dubai. The Royal Caribbean Allure of the Seas can be seen via Google Street and allows perspective passengers to see what the ship is really all about.
This new technology is base on the same technology with NASA’s Mars Rover, and the GigaPan EPIC Pro is the newest designed in its series. If you’re unfamiliar with how to use manual settings, you may want to start by reading HTG’s guide to the elements of exposure. All manner of things could cause problems—your lens could be distorting the image, your tripod could have moved, etc.

Simply paint weird organic shapes like the ones shown here in the selection to smoothly and invisibly mask out the parts of your panorama that don’t fit together perfectly. On paper, this phone might be better than the DROID RAZR and Galaxy Nexus, the two phones it will compete directly with. I have yet to see what the pixel density is on it, but I would assume it’s as high as any phone out there aside from maybe the iPhone and Galaxy Nexus. The black and red theme fit nicely with the phone’s Beats integration and really give it an identity that other Android phones can lack at times. If you follow me on Google+, then you probably saw my 4-day battery testing results which show that the phone, with my use, was easily getting me through 10-12 hours before having to charge it again. If you load up Google Music or Amazon or Winamp, you do not get the extra Beats audio enhancements activated. Not necessarily, but with Motorola and Samsung continually finding ways to thin out their products, we would have hoped that HTC had found a way to do the same. This shouldn’t sway your interest in the phone, but it definitely will take some getting used to. The camera is AMAZING, and as a photographer and videographer this makes my life much easier, as I don’t need to carry around a bulky camera as often as I used to.
Closing my messages to get to the home screen takes about 10 seconds to load, and most other functions also take a while to load as well. The phone looks like the successor to the Incredible and feels like an upgraded version of the Incredible. I also liked Moto calendar widget much better than the Sense.  I was really taken back by this.
Now the phone is great, so far a lot better than my tbolt, in which I still love, but the rezound is much better.
I actually got an otterbox case for mine and it’s not really any more bulky than the incredible 2 was.
Google Street images are taken with a basic DSLR camera, fisheye lens and panoramic head which rests on a tripod.
But when taking your pictures, remember you want to keep them consistent, so it is important to use the same focus, shutter speed, and aperture settings, so automatic shooting will make your life more difficult. In real life use though, can it use its sound-inspired name, HTC Sense skin, red accents, and spectacular design to come out on top of this epic end of the year battle? If someone saw your Rezound and follows any sort of technology information site, they would know exactly what it was. I know in the past that HTC phones have been so-so in this department, but nothing stood out to me as being poor during my tests. As our world becomes more and more dependent on the cloud, this seems like a giant oversight from HTC. I love the Beats audio integration, the included ear buds, the 4G LTE speeds, the stunning HD display, and of course the camera. I just wish HTC would’ve stuck with the micro USB charger, cause if you buy the phone you got to buy all new car charger. It’s going to be tough, but we have spent enough time with it over the last week to at least provide our opinion on that matter. We would have liked to see NFC tossed in there, just like HTC did with the Amaze 4G, but there seems to always be something left out these days that would make a device almost near perfect. And maybe it’s impossible to enhance streamed music the way they want, but it still needs to be pointed out as a flaw.
I also frequently connect my phone via usb to the computer to transfer my images and other files- now I can’t access my most recent photos past a certain date when I look through the files on my computer (macbook pro). If you want crisp clean lines, correct colors, and none of that ghosting non-sense that we have seen from some of the other higher end phones over the last few months, this is the screen for you.
We have some photo samples below that have only been resized and not touched in any other way. This is a huge problem since I use my phone to take most of my casual pictures as well as pictures for my blogs. Thats fine the phone is amazing as it is, and if it could get better than hell yea, otherwise waiting for the official full root to come out to get rid of bloat :P. Rather than selling this at Beats-enabled phone, HTC should have spent more time telling everyone how amazing the display is.
The gallery app is incredibly slow to the touch, simple sliders lag behind your dragging finger, various keyboards all struggle to keep up with quick typing, and something as simple as having a WiFi toggle in the notifications menu is missing.
That may sound harsh, but this really is the one downer that makes this phone somewhat of a question mark for me. On the other hand, the Samsung Galaxy S2 on T-Mobile that runs this same processor, is one of the most impressive phones we have ever tested, performance-wise.
With that said, you can always toss on a custom launcher and make enough tweaks through apps and skins to get this phone almost Sense-less.
Sense is supposed to be an evolving and highly-polished skin, but all I’m noticing is its growing negative imprint on Android. So by no means is this a killer, but it is something that has made us all focus so much of our time on the stock Galaxy Nexus.

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