Share3 Tweet4 Buffer3 Reddit1 Share1 Pin +1Shares 12Silver Dollar City’s White Water extends operating hours for nine consecutive nights, adding three hours of fun each day. Night Water begins on Saturday, July 30, 2016, and continues through Sunday, August 7, 2016. The extended hours of Night Water are included in a single admission ticket and open for season passholders. Getting through the night without an accident can take a little longer to master than daytime incontinence. White Water transforms into Night Water, as guests get the opportunity to enjoy all of the water attractions in the dark. White Water Operations Director Nick Guevel mentions that “all of White Water’s 13 acres of rides and slides are a different experience at night and the addition of moving lights on KaPau Plummet enhances the experience for nighttime rides. Not looking to spend the entire day at the water park but looking to enjoy the nighttime experiences? It’s more common for children to wet the bed after age five than it is for them to have accidents during the day. If both parents experienced bedwetting, a child has an 80 percent chance of having problems staying dry at night. Your child’s bladder may simply be smaller than other children her age, which makes it easier for the bladder to become full and spill over. Antidiuretic hormone is released at night to slow down the production of urine, but some children may not be producing enough of the hormone to stay dry while they sleep. Anxiety and stressful events, such as a new baby sibling, can cause a child to take a longer time to potty train at night or cause a child who’s already potty trained to start having bladder problems.
If she’s having trouble breathing at night due to inflammation or an enlargement of her tonsils or adenoids, it could be causing nighttime incontinence.

For only a small number of children, the cause of nighttime incontinence may be a blockage in the bladder or the urethra.
If your child is suppressing the urge to go during the day, Atala recommends taking your child to the bathroom about every two hours. If your child has an overactive bladder, a doctor can prescribe medication that will help get the bladder back on schedule. Extending operations until 10pm allows guests to take a drop into darkness on the 245 feet long KaPau Plummet drop capsule slides! For children with spina bifida, a birth defect of the spinal cord, nerve damage can also result in bedwetting. To prevent bedwetting, have your child lie down to read a book to help mobilize the fluid, and then have her get up to use the bathroom before going to sleep. Wet alarms work best for children who are already waking up dry a couple of nights a week and who aren’t deep sleepers, Atala says. While a daytime drop on KaPau is one that will take your breath away, these unique opportunities to ride at night bring a completely different ride experience. But when you lie down, your heart doesn’t need to work as hard and your body gets rid of the extra fluid. Children who are more active during the day retain more fluid than children who aren’t as active.

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