Curiosity is inside Gale Crater far to the east of the planet’s most prominent telescopic feature Syrtis Major.
Now that Curiosity’s safe and secure on the Red Planet and snapping photos of everything in sight, I hope it focuses its cameras on Earth sometime soon. It didn’t take long to find Earth, low in the northeastern sky in morning twilight not far from the planet Venus.
According to my calculation, the moon would be slightly less than one arc minute from Earth and probably not visible as a separate point of light with the naked eye.
The moon is much darker than Earth and would only shine at magnitude 2.5, about the same brightness as one of the Big Dipper stars. Mars’ moon Phobos joins Earth and Venus shortly before sunrise on the morning of August 12.
The smaller moon Deimos┬áis about 7 miles wide and orbits far enough from the planet to rise in the east and set in the west like our moon does. Mars’ north polar axis points toward Deneb and the Northern Cross which are part of the larger Summer Triangle. Curiosity Snaps First Color Panorama Of MarsCuriosity Captures Rocket Stage Crash; Perseid Meteors Peak Tonight! Take a picture of a guy holding a small blue hued flashlight about a mile away on a dark night and there you go.
At Mars current distance from Earth, the two are close enough together in Mars’ sky to need binoculars to separate.
Yes, that fake image purported to be an actual photo from Mars has been going around the Internet. I would like to see a high resolution view of martian moons as viewed from the surface of Mars. Many thanks Astrobob for your reply, I hope to see more Martian night sky pictures from Curiosity, particularly the familiar constellations like Orion etc, it would be interesting to see the view from Mars. Urban SamuraiThis blog chronicles the journey from normal man to modern day samurai warrior in the heart of New York City. The largest and highest pool in the world is located on the 57th floor of Marina Bay Sands and offers a 360┬░ panoramic views of Singapore and Marina Bay.

David enjoys research and writing about cutting edge technologies that hold the promise of improving conditions for all life on planet earth. I was curious what the sky looks from Curiosity’s location and fired up Stellarium to see.
Those cameras looks pretty good on Curiosity though I wonder how well it would register the color. It’s interesting to see that most of the night sky on Mars looks pretty similar to our view, except for some decisive new specks. It was fun for me to see what was up on Mars and especially to watch how Phobos moved through the sky.
Remember, it’s only 17 miles long and a few thousand miles away, so it would only appear as a very bright dot in the sky.
It would be unusual to see both Earth and Moon in the same high-power telescope field of view. The closer something is, in general brighter or bigger it looks in the sky, but not always.
Venus is generally brighter than Earth from Mars because its perpetual cloud cover makes it an excellent reflector of light. The constellations are no different on Mars than seen from Earth because the stars in all of them are at vast distances compared to planets’ distances from the sun. Racing through the sky at some incredible speed, could you bask in the glow of a sunset for some extraordinary amount of time? It’s a 2,561 room hotel and casino that includes restaurants, bars, upscale shopping malls, a museum and a SkyPark with a 492 foot (150 m) swimming pool.
At Mars current distance from Earth of 154 million miles, our planet shines at magnitude -1.4 or nearly same as Sirius, the brightest star in the sky. Instead of rising in the east and setting in the west, Phobos rises in the west and sets in the east.
That’s when Earth, Venus, Phobos and Deimos are all together in the eastern sky before sunrise.
Helped with my research project an awful lot, finally I have found an accurate and interesting, reliable source!

Once in a blue moon however, or blue Deimos, the Moon would pass directly in front of the Earth, in fact, when we on Earth experience an occultation of Mars by the Moon.
Venus is still brighter than Earth from Mars because it’s completely cloud covered and so reflects more sunlight than our planet does. However, Earth around greatest brilliancy can be brighter than Venus if Venus is a very thin crescent at the same time. Consider that Mars’ average distance from the sun is 141 million miles or about 48 million miles farther away than Earth. This is a mere pittance when compared with the Grand Resort Lagonissi in Athens at $47,000, a night or the Palms Casino Resort Hotel in Las Vegas at $38,000, or a night, or the Four Seasons Hotel in Manhattan at $32,000 per night. Wouldn’t it be cool if NASA pointed one of the high-resolution cameras for an awesome family portrait? Despite similar inclinations, Mars’ axis points to a different direction in the Martian sky.
Your comment reminded me I’d forgotten to include a shot of Earth made by the Spirit Rover. 48 million miles is only 0.18% of 26 trillion, which translates to to a tiny fraction of a degree change in position in the sky seen from Mars vs. If you could be there in person, you’d see it move in real time like a very slow satellite. Three arc minutes is still a small enough separation to easily fit inside a high-power eyepiece field of view. You are correct that when the moon lies up exactly between Earth and Mars some areas of Earth will experience a Mars occultation.

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